[Music] let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm a soldier how you always felt like when everybody [Music] for [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm coming [Music] right y'all better watch out and we could just fade away into each others [Music] officer thought would fly

with the halos don't know my worth but I figured I'll help tangos treated as a cursor reverse it okay go back to a time when I didn't make choices back to a time when my parents were my voices back to a time when I used to take classes

back to a time when I couldn't really – it it happens try to figure out fade up I try to figure out hey oh yeah on the beach in San Diego yeah feet in the sand astray yo moon up in the sky so high so bright the only

thing at night that can really shed light and I wish I didn't fight with my thoughts at night I think that I'm alright but it burns inside each other's away until where Weejun others away [Music] thoughts that I'd read opinions from my friends but it never ends I'm

sick of all these trans I'm sick of paying rent I'm sick of growing up and not just knowing I wait and so I plan with intent today I make a dad I'm gonna make it happen everything that I have dreamed and a hand I extend out like a

fan to anyone who's ever felt lost in the Sangha let's both we can forgive and forget and keep on moving forward till we do what we're saying yeah we feast on the bread we eat then we're fed and we need to go share it all this town in

our head all this cloud that I tread is now where I had but I found out instead that my voice it can spare it got a choice to take a breath make a noise and forget about any [Music] each other to each others to world [Music] always do

it on my own so I gotta get through it and the only thing I know is to love what I'm doing never give up never slow till I finally prove it never listen to the nose I just wanna keep my head up never looking back I don't know

what I'm doing never give up never slow till a final approval never listen to the nose I just wanted to yeah I put out how to start it's my homie nightosphere everything I do I'm just be and turn you away I'm sick of being screwed til my own

the gentleman yeah do just what I do and I hope you let me get let me in yeah [Music] I'm break-off I'm stable no babe all yes and no me from the name of going [Music] I'll be number one I'm doing never give up never listen to the

nose yeah everything I do yeah [Music] [Music] I want the real stuff everybody listen up cuz I'll only say I wanna show you all the path if you want it bad I'm gonna show you every side yeah how you can get it back there cuz I need never

done I'll be number one what can never hard until I just wanna walk like the song yeah fada life is done shooters gonna shoot in I'm gonna shoot until the Fonda and the only thing I know is to love what I'm doing never give up never stop till

I finally prove it never listen to the nose I just wanna keep moving yeah put out all the stars follow me better I'm beat this one was hard and last so you see the workout video I did with me in the red pants this is a lot harder

because these are one-minute exercises and it's only ten minutes I am dripping bullets of sweat so I hope you enjoyed this video if you're new here please go ahead and subscribe click the notifications now so you never miss leave my latest content because even being a fitness trainer

certified trainer and fitness nutrition specialist this is still hard I'm going hard for one minute okay and I'm doing it for 10 rounds so if you're sure long time and I promise you this workout will work and I think my side place we're looking at all sloppy in

my opinion but that's something I could work hold my left oblique is just weaker and I was dying especially on that exercise so who is all pretty tough but again comment down below let me know what you thought did you like this workout and what other ones would

you like to see in the future so again thanks for tuning in thanks for kicking ass with me and until next time I'll see you soon [Music] you

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