8 Best DIY Food Hacks #3 Plus Edible Oobleck You Can Eat & How To Do a New Art Challenge

let’s see this watermelon turned into jelly three two one who challenged us to make spaghetti noodles out of juice and right now let’s go turn this juice into noodles we have to use what’s called sodium alginate we’re gonna use two teaspoons right here what if it’ll work immediately

like the moment it hits and we’re blending these up and then we’re gonna be turning them into noodle three two one he got super thick wait yours is really mild double and let him sit and that should get rid of a lot of the bubbles this looks delicious

turning like a sludge man who’d mind got rid of all the bubbles and mine got even more bubbly it seems like next up you got the huge trays of water right here so I’m gonna put this on top a final thing we need is calcium chloride and this

stuff looks super crazy it’s like a whole bunch little ball let’s take this out yeah we gotta mix them up in a minute bromine like all gone they’re falling to yellow so now it’s time to add in the juice so it’s gonna suck up some of this juice

right here oh that’s so cool yours looks way better line line not that go that well yeah yeah the moment that this juice hits the surface of the liquid it will immediately turn into the noodles or here we go ready set go turned into noodles does that mean

like yours don’t work or maybe they will work we just can’t see them yet oh man oh that popped off dude I wasn’t even get a couple of little drops going into here we got a little drop right there oh you’re gonna go underneath the surface here this

like this it’s like a streamer three two one oh yo they’re all the little bubbles in it man it’s a really spongy no one we take a whole bunch of this evidence pop it in the holes no longer liquidy it’s kind of separating from my fingers a little

bit it’s kinda like a jellyfish like especially you put the little legs on it and the real question is how did yours turn out man let’s see how it goes oh don’t look like real noodles look at how long this noodle is time to see how these noodles

taste we’ll be doing this at the end of the video and right now we’re on to the next one I can’t wait who tells us to make a healthy jelly watermelon so let’s go yo dude all right now it’s time to gut these things out and turn them

into some hollow watermelon wait why is it bubbling though because I got a potato masher in here bro here we go mix up a little bit oh okay here we go oh dude you made like watermelon soup in there almost yeah dude try taking a little drink from

that looks so good let me dump out the melons I’ll go first here we go three two one [Music] watermelons are gutted and now it’s time to create the gelatinous substance we’re gonna be using agar agar agar agar agar I don’t know powder need some water a little

too much little too much all right there we go boys a lot okay my last one right here you know that should be either to be about good perfect and now we got to heat up and mix it in the meantime time to mash up some watermelon for

the juice man it’s gonna mash down like this to the goal we want to get as much of the juice out of the melons we possibly can buy let’s see other stuff is turning out that’s gonna mix with our watermelon yeah how is this really gonna work man

I’m kind of confused right now next up we gotta straighten out these bowls by gonna move my watermelon off to the side over here I saw that going a lot worse in my head now it’s time to add in the agar and turn this into gelatinous goodness you

put it in like this yours about you work better but it’s gotten pretty thick I gotta say I want to see the agarose gonna mix into the watermelon juice or not cuz – team rather clumpy right yeah I know right now it really doesn’t mix it all hey

wait these like hardened chunks of egg off we may have missed the step through this stuff is not dissolving at all so you know what I think the solution is to pop it back into the pan over here and then reheat it also done I’m talking about all

of us you saw everything yeah dude it totally work the agar is now melted into the watermelon juice – be very careful with this and do not try this at home three – oh my second subscribe judge we want to see if you can subscribe to this channel

and turn on the channel post on applications in five seconds you ready here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done to that comment down below keeper squad right now ready set go that was kind of stropping okay oh oh I guess so here we go he’s gonna

lift it up a little bit you know just got plugged at the bottom somehow have tilted in a little bit here we go like this time to close these off we’ll be eating them at the very end of the video you challenged on something Hannibal glow-in-the-dark slime so

right now let’s go vitamins are what makes it glow in the dark next up we do 8 teaspoons of the sea liam huh alright well there’s a little rinky-dink teaspoon I guess we’ll get a whole bunch of those in here and next up we need the water then

we’re gonna get kind of like the high pour on it I’m going for the low safe port whoa here we go low pour like that nice and civil over here to mix it up a bit why is my life so congealed already dude your hand yeah right around

it looks really funky I know this one is supposed to look like right now man cuz your watery bro know what mine needs to fix it Devon water no more vitamin C’s olicity just oh wow oh wow the mixture right now I’m not ambidextrous I don’t knows about

to fling everywhere dude I don’t even know why I try vitamins videos then just to the hotplate like they’re using this pan you know right ok so guys sorry gotta get off this thing right here so let’s swap in here like that’s more water I think that’s really

what it needs then you’re right from the beginning and the coolest thing is we get to eat this bro you’re excited to eat that else I’m to turn this into slime so we gotta turn this up as it boiled is going to turn into slide oh okay I

see you look at this oh man it’s definitely getting a lot more slimy that’s for sure the heat has turned off that now it’s time to pour these onto our frozen marble slabs how does this thing into glow in the dark I can’t wait to see how this

turns down oh yeah ready set go Oh this is not a pretty slide we gotta cool this thing down quick a real question is easy going to glow in the dark how’s it gonna taste we’ll be trying it at the end who tells us to make glow-in-the-dark blue

black out of potatoes and do not try this at home the potatoes are peeled and now it’s time to dice these things up I’ve worn this cubing technique from other cooking shows i watch me because this is exactly how they do it man time to dump it all

in so here we go gonna balance it up like this jump it in just like that boom and now we’re on to the next step yo he’s got super murky so right now we got a strain out the potatoes and get to that good old juice oh my

god nicely done yeah the biggest things we need the starch from the potato so that’s what we’re doing with this process next up you can use a strainer right here over the top like this 3 2 1 Oh just a smidge you know not nothing too crazy there

we go boom but now about the isolated potato starch and now it’s time to make the black all the way to the top here we go almost there potato starch is all settled at the bottom and that’s what’s gonna be there Oobleck so now we got to pour

out the liquid at the top why is it dripping down the side I gotta go very slowly right now I got it and done okay there we go boom I wonder if it turns into like the moment it hits the bowl it really is ooh no way dude

you’re ready set go oh oh wait dude it doesn’t mix for me ooh black both of you who are new to black basically it’s a substance that’s a liquid when you hold it but it’s solid when you hit it your way this really this is fully edible dude

you’re right oh maybe we can give it a try and see if it was like actually taste any good on this one I can’t wait to see if this new blood glows in the dark see how it tastes we’ll be doing that at the end of the video

and we’re on to the next one you chose just to turn orange juice into a delicious frozen delight so let’s go just gonna fill up my baggy with some orange juice right now there we go down if I hold my like this can you pour a little bit

more into a nice [Applause] can’t seal it bro you’ve left me in a very precarious situation right here yeah dude you guys get some is that broke a little bit more into yours yeah I get a little bit more all right so now let’s see if I can

close about yeah I got it look at that oh God next up we got the ice I’m just gonna add this in so here we go is the dream work oh why do you make it so difficult why you keep raising it up Devin Devin Jake lover flawless

right now it’s time for me to add my salt in so here we go I’m gonna fill up the spoon first and the reason the salt is in here is to actually speed up the freezing process time to add in our bag of orange juice Devin smash next

up I have an innovative idea I’m gonna cook my bag insult right now here we brought that in there so any extra salt here is gonna dump this on right now now we’re gonna lift this up and pop this into the bag now it’s time to mix up

and shake up so here we go turn over like this and then just I think my bag is broken up and on the inside there’s no more bag it is all one it really has filled up hey man I think your bag pop oh no way which one

I think it’s working oh dude now let’s see if this actually works bro yours looks amazing mine questionable at best I did all the juice escape the middle bag and leave to the second bag right here we go it’s gonna just pick him up lift and drip and

drop and go oh there we go boom and then get little bit of juice out of there oh no way other than the big leak in it let’s see if it turned into a frozen delicacy oh shit will be easy this at the end of the video and

right now we’re on to the next one you challenge us to try sushi our first up I’m gonna slice up some carrots and as you do that I’m gonna make my green spicy wasabi rice right now oh I can smell it roasting my eyes water already oh yeah

dude we just started why are you using your hands the chopsticks weren’t doing good enough so I gotta get my hands in there and you know make it all green and make it all good art is important definite hands-on art is the best kind of art I gonna

add a big chunk of the wasabi rice right here boom call this a splat and Pat splat impact my carrots are done now it’s on to the nori sheet is ugly too much rice do you think uh yes now I’m gonna wrap my carrots and some nori sheets

my pan is gonna have some red eyes there’s gonna be a fusion panda is gonna be a red panda with some black spots on it game-changing idea that cucumber is going to be the mouth ah here we go get take the cucumber and very carefully gonna slice off

the side over here like this and last but not least we got this left side over here some might think this is a tongue but no that’s the whole mouth I’m gonna take the beat and first of all I’m gonna drop the beat nice thank you time to

wrap my second carrot in a nori sheet that’s a pretty juicy beet right here oh man all right it’s all red on the inside which is perfect for what I needed check this out I’m gonna take this thing of beet I’m gonna insert it inside the cucumber so

there’s a tongue inside the mouth cuz Devon is mad that’s I’m gonna win gonna put a little hole here at the top is where the beets gonna go I’ve like conquered this challenge so far and my art challenge it’s going three-dimensional all right time to roll up the

first layer okay I need a second nori sheet it actually kind of works this I’m gonna smash my beet all right here we go oh boy oh yeah this turning some nice pink rice man yo the pink rice is totally working the only issues I forgot to take

out all the chunks of B 3 2 1 splat and gonna give a little bit of a ridge in the center just like this I’m gonna have to use these nori sheets to create some dark eyes and some stark contrast all right words they’re really picking up this

artist thing oh no am i pandas opening up all right here we go gonna fold like this and then gonna lay it down like this press it in press it in boom perfecto mundo that’s gonna pack it down with rice here at the top of it man gotta

keep the nori sheet down right now I boom eyes are in place whether beat nose but you probably won’t be even able to tell them the final result doesn’t matter here we go last but at least we’ve got the mouth here we go gotta push the mouth down

a little bit boom I’m gonna pop this over the top here and it’s gonna kind of mold this one here it’s called triangle sushi all in the name of art so my top sheet is kind of on crumbling a little bit and then to get this really the

state you really guys gotta you know combine the hands like this here we go boom I can move a triangle sushi off to the side now for the final step here we got to take out my green rice to finish up my panda art here we go real

question how is that gonna be wrapped up in that the thing about art you never ask questions you just do it the real question is how I’m gonna eat this in one bite into a side roll over here we go boom side roll over upside down triangle boom

there we go mine is done oh I can’t wait to cut it open sleeve looks like on the inside bro you’re taking forever man dude that is huge and it’s got a ton of spicy wasabi in its we’re gonna cut these open you’re good to have it down

below who’s painted you think turned out better we’ll be eating them at the end of the video who challenged us to turn milk into rock art so right now let’s go step one we gotta heat up the milk and do not try this at home the goal is

to heat it up right before the point where it actually starts to boil we’re gonna be adding in the vinegar and the milk has a crazy reaction 3 2 1 Oh curly it’s like totally separating next I’ve got a straight out all the excess of liquid and get

the curds inside the mill to definitely pick this up and go very slowly very carefully very carefully here we go straight out here oh man it’s all jiggly looking bro it’s only little ball of cheese right now like yours or something man if milk and milk comes from

cheese milk doesn’t that come from genes so I see other way around next up we got to get the last bit of liquid out of these scenarios gonna place it down right here oh man it’s so warm I and now it’s time to make the art and fill

these molds I don’t have enough for this right here is gonna pull it down and press it in a little bit this is gonna create some really cool art and the best thing is that after this sits for a while it turns rock-hard like you can’t break it

down below whose you think is gonna turn out better we’ll be testing them at the end of the video and we’re on to the next round you challenged us to make a vegetable trumpet so right now let’s go so here we go boom the body of the trumpet

if you’re doing this at home be very careful the next step gotta make it Hollow and for mine I’ve got this little white Christmas tree looking thing you over here and this here Devin this is traditional cucumber coring techniques bro well this is how the ancients did it

man said that ancient people who’ve been around a long time maybe by rotating on the way out oh it’s dripping out juice okay here we go yeah I think mine scored look at that telescope broke next up you put the carrot in like this you got a mark

an inch out just like this here we go got the two things here and just kind of wheeze now it’s gonna be for the two corny things together like this it’s all the bag Devin hit them all you know Oh through innovation core through one side over here

reach the side of it hope they just ruin the trumpet bro right next up I have to hollow out the carrots dad oh geez there we go you’d slit on the side of the I got to cover that tend to rescue him a cucumber I brought along some

nori sheets for sushi gonna you know lather it up a little bit get a little bit of liquid on it I’m gonna use this to seal the opening just slice over the bell pepper yellow all right I think my mouthpiece is done now it’s time to put it

in the cucumber yeah dude I got a car off a little bit here at the back and Devin be very careful when doing this and only cut off a little amount this is where the cucumber is gonna go okay now it’s time to see my cucumber fit oh

yeah that I might have messed up already yeah dude I mean look at that that is definitely not your best work Kevin I gotta say hey let’s find out if this really plays like a trumpet here we go three two well you know we should try this at

the end of the video so right now we’re on to the next one we’ve got all the food hacks on to test to see if they actually worked we’ve got the slime and now it’s time to see if it actually glows in the dark and of course got

to find out how this stuff tastes so right now let’s turn out the lights Joe Guidice glows in the dark dude this is crazy look so cool I had no clue vitamins glowed in the dark dude if it’s up close or one of us gonna taste any good

well these things definitely glow in the dark and they look so cool but now I mean they taste as good as they look it’s we go for a bite at the same time you ready here we go three two one Oh weakly if you want to win a

15 minute video call with Devon and I text the word try to 81 800 right now so pause the video text the word tried to 81 800 and you’ll automatically be entered into win and right now let’s see how this tastes 3 2 1 Oh oh yes cuz

animal doesn’t mean it’s good right we’ve got the juice noodles and dude these things easy oh man I’m dropping chunks right yeah take a bite it’ll be great – what how do they taste whoa what good noodles will abuse flavored I mean oh those were super bizarre like

I don’t know if I liked it or not all right here we go oh and these things are liquid on the inside dude I wonder if they stayed that way I don’t know man you start taking a bite a night now three two one all the crunched Oh

what they’re not good uh-uh they’re coated in something weird oh yeah time to reveal the sushi art and see how these things taste so here we go ready two one let’s see bees give us a nice little slice here oh boy oh that’s horrible wait wait wait wait

wait wait here we go there you have it think it’s upside down it’s meant to be that way three two one bro I think you nailed it personally no no no looking crazy three two one male bro he actually kind of looks a little sad we’ve got the

sushi let’s see how it a furry – what got the magic mud and now it’s time to see if it glows in the dark and also how it tastes now let’s turn out the lights and see if this glows in the dark so crazy what this looks awesome

and then the backlight it looks really crazy because the way it falls wrong it looks like some sort of creamy delight I was like an alien substance ready set go oh whoa it’s bizarre because like take a bite of it like oh and there’s like all of your

mouth I recommend you never eat wrong next one got a frozen orange delight right here let’s see other states we’re gonna pop it open whoa oh yeah man here we go take a big spoonful like this here three two one oh it’s so good but like so cold

blood okay wasn’t beers cooler than mine though okay all right it’s a hold on it did Wow all right we’ve got the vegetable trumpets and now time to see if they really make some music gonna go first you got million-to-one that’s like a really frustrated man because it

sounds like you’re yelling into the trumpet not playing it right here we go ready set go Oh or the actual stuff coming as a cucumber yeah I did got the rock-hard milk and let’s see if it actually turn to rock hard three two one let me get mine

now three two one oh crap fall apart it’s a lobster but see if it actually is rock solid three two one Oh No Marvin yeah mines like all crumbly it’s a little crown let’s see if it’s watermelon turned into jelly three two one doing it like totally broke

apart but the watermelons like stuck inside on the Rhine right now and the outsides were like sandpaper it’s not as smooth as I would have liked but look if you break it open oh my gosh it’s so satisfying that looks so cool oh snap is such a big

chunk in it’s so jiggling mine totally work let’s see what yours looks like all right here we go Oh awesome Judy it looks like it’s gonna taste amazing light it’s breaking off oh no there’s little bits to juggle the ball we do Chi holding oh my gosh it’s

like totally see-through – this is so wild that’s so cool I know let’s the other sub tapes here we go three two oh wait oh yeah we’ve launched our brand new keeper Club and if you become a member you’ll get exclusive access to live streams merch discount codes

loyalty badges custom emojis and exclusive content you can’t see anywhere else so put the top link in the description right now to claim your membership and let’s see how this stuff tastes here we go and actually no I’m gonna use this one here so ready set go whoa

oh my goodness that comes out Joe England it’s completely water both flavour Pamela’s your absolute delicious thank you so much for watching comment down below what is your favorite food you would love to see his use for a hacking if you wanna see another video click right over

here you got five seconds here we go five four three two one done love you bye

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