Arizona's stay-at-home order extended through May 15 with modifications

governor Ducey has modified the stay-at-home order that was to expire at midnight on Thursday and he's extending it to May 15th he is allowing some business to get back into business spiff it specifically small retail shops they can open starting Monday under very specific guidelines the aim is

for restaurants to open sometime in mid-may giving them time to get safety precautions together and plan a reboot not opening yet however bars gyms movie theaters barbers and hair salons and Governor Ducey had a warning this is an order that is enforceable by law a violation is a

$2,500 fine and up to six months in jail and for those that own an establishment and are publicly going to flood the order you are playing with your liquor license don't do that some tough talk there from the governor one other piece of news today President Donald Trump

is expected to visit the valley sometime next week possibly on Tuesday a day after the modified order takes effect allowing some shops to open he could visit a plant that makes masks here we suspect that would be the Honeywell plant in Phoenix but again details are still not

nailed down mark Pam let's discuss for a second you asked the governor a question on the data that was used that led to his decision to extend it to May 15th yeah we had a it's called a vigorous back-and-forth on that I told the governor that he he

had told us that this was going to be a data-driven decision on when Arizona should reopen I told him he had not presented any data that supported any kind of reopening he pushed back hard on that suggested there's some data on ER visits but it's clear from his

response that Arizona still has not cloaked come close to satisfying any of the guidelines the CDC has laid down for reopening business and yet he is still going ahead with this soft reopen next week and then the likely restaurant reopening around mid-may mark the topic of coronavirus cases

and deaths in nursing homes is a very hot button issue for a lot of people Bram it is and if for folks who are watching this news conference it blew up at the end as we asked the governor and Kara Crist a lot of questions about nursing homes

and specifically transparency nursing homes are not required by the state to reveal how many sicknesses coronavirus sicknesses they may have and also how many deaths they may have the state has stood behind different explanations it's against state law it's against federal requirements to the best of our knowledge

there is no law that prevents this no you know black and white law that prevents this and yet governor Ducey and Kara Chris continue to defend it govern Ducey's fall back is his mother is in a nursing home of course we wish her the best it's an interesting

home and he's comfortable with the way things are right now but again the important point here is nursing homes have become hot spots for the corona virus every day when DHHS reports new deaths and new cases especially here in Maricopa County you'll often find deaths and nursing homes

make up half or more of the new ones this battle will continue mark really a similar scene all across the country nursing home deaths a vulnerable population obviously we've talked about that but you also have a lot of people stuck together in Arizona's state prisons what is he

saying about that again very defensive he the governor says he is comfortable with what the prisons are doing challenged me when I said there's no transparency there they aren't doing enough tests if you look at the department's own data they barely barely done any tests of their 43,000

inmate population as well as detention officers and as far as I know about two days after the the corona virus related death of an inmate was confirmed the Department of Corrections still has not confirmed it so I the Pima County medical examiner said yes this inmate died from

coronavirus complications Corrections the Corrections Chief David chin still will not confirm it a very tough situation nursing homes are hotspots and prisons are hotspots nationally as well and yet we're still not getting a full picture of that mark and what do they both have in common bunch of

people thrust together in situations that are they're not social distancing necessarily brand thing

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