Attract Money, Love and Success by Letting Go of it (life-changing)

I know this sounds counterintuitive butwhen you let go of a few things that I'm gonna share with you in this video youthen attract money love success easier than you've ever done it before and onceyou get a taste of it you'll never go back welcome back to another video

myname's Erin and I hope people expand their consciousness now in this videoI'm gonna be sharing with you why money love and success comes whenyou let go which is so counterintuitive because for a long time even I waschasing money love and success it was something that I desired and

when youread the book Think and Grow Rich it was like you need to have a white-hotburning desire and that's what I did for a long time is I had a is I had a focuson that and it honestly it did move me in that direction and because then

theenergy starts to flow and you'll find as well that when I'm sharing with you inthis is the two biggest shifts in my life and it came from this one techniqueof letting go I'm going to show you how to do that and how that absolutelytransformed my life however understand

that there are different levels ofvibration what we call vibration now I know that sounds like an esoteric termif you've ever read the book called power versus force you may be seen myother videos where I talk about it but it has to do with calibrating differentenergies based on muscle

testing muscle testing is connected to our subconsciousmind which then allows us to become aware of the different levels within usor the different levels of consciousness within us different emotions in a wayand you'll see down here you'll see here anger neutrality reason love there'smore emotions as well but these

are the primary emotions that as we begin tomove up we then raise our vibration when we raise our vibration our level ofconsciousness we perceive of things from a new level and not only do we do thatbut we feel better we enjoy life more and as I look at

my own journey fromkind of where I was to where I'm at now I literally feel like my life is just anaesthetic dream in a way I enjoy life I love what I do I live life on my termsand when I let go and I learned that technique that's

when everything changedhowever what we may need to hear at certain levels may be a little bitdifferent when I'm sharing the most powerful technique you've ever learnedof letting go it's coming from a level of this mid-level right here however wemust also let go of the bottom levels to get

to the mid-level now the mid levelis about willpower willpower and moving in a certain direction and that willhelp many people get to that what they call success is deciding this is who Iam now and the midsection right here all the way up to reasoning so you haveshame guilt

fear anger the neutrality which is a big step then you have reasonwhich is the mind which is understanding our beliefs create our reality and whenwe understand that our beliefs create our reality we can then architectreality the way we want and then we have that of love and love

is the connectioninside the heart Einstein resonated at 499 that's where he calibrated becausehe took the mind as far as you could take it but in order to get into lovehe'd have to completely let go of the intellectual ideas which is something hewas starting to learn or beginning to

learn towards the end of his life now itdoesn't mean you need to be Einstein smart in order to get into lovesometimes reasoning can actually be a trap because it becomes so in a wayfascinated with the intellect that it keeps you from getting into love so thekey to this

though is understanding that it is truly about letting go to becomesuccessful to attract love and to attract that of money now the reasonbeing is because as you raise your vibration your energy becomes morepotent you become more in alignment with also your purpose what you're meant tobe doing in

life and then from there things happen even easier for you whenwe're attached the thing that keeps us from raising our vibration is attachmentall pain and suffering comes from attachment the more attached we are themore we suffer and maybe think about it there's been times I've been attached tothe

outcome of things and that's all I think about and I end up butchering itup the more I think about it if I'm attracted to a certain person and Ireally think about them and I put them on a pedestal I then create resistancearound them because I'm attached to the

image in my mind that I have of them andI'll tell you right now that when it comes to attracting lovemoney or abundance in a key is letting go of it altogether think about whatletting go really signifies as well letting go signifies that I'm alreadyloved I'm already abundant letting

go signifies and is also an attractivequality it's an attractive trait if you are intending and wanting someone elseto think a certain way about you that wanting and thinking about them acertain way is putting out an energy of desperation I want you I would be morecomplete if I had

you but if you send out the message that I'm already whollycomplete I'm in the start of my own movie that's an attractive qualitynow the first thing I want to share when it comes to letting go is these are thethings we're gonna let go of we're gonna learn to

let go of this is what reallyallows us to raise our vibration which the more we raise our vibration the moremagical life becomes our definitions about reality are the attachment that wehave to the outcome it's been major lesson for me is learning how to let goof outcome not meeting

the ego to do everything but trusting the process aswell then being right the the necessity to be right will keep us in suffering Ifigured this out actually yesterday when I was I had a call with my bank becauseevery time I go to log into my bank for some

reason no matterI swear I'm putting in the correct password of exactly what I set thepassword to but it always suspends my account then I got to come up with a newpassword I can only think of so many passwords and then it sends me on thisendless loop where no

matter what new password I create I'll then go to createthe password and then I'll go to log in and it just keeps saying incorrectpassword so I had a call with the bank and I talked to them and then I went totechnical support then they called me back like

two days later after they werelooked into it and what I realized is I may have just been entering the passwordwrong and then after two or three tries it goes suspended and then it's justthat loop of suspended miss just kept on happening however I realized that when Iwas talking

to the representative I was attached to being right I was like noyou don't understand I keep put in the exact same password and the guy was likewell you got it said I can see the password that you're type you did in andit's oh it's very very close but

it's a little bit different of what you'retyping in but I was so attached to be right that that being right was keepingme in lower vibration it was keeping me from actually being and and being in astate where then my energy is contagious I'm able to make videos easier

you seethese attachments keep us in low vibe even in different areas of our life likewhen I go to then make a video maybe it's not as potent because I'm kind ofresistant from it these other things that were happening now you may haveheard my story before I do share

it many videos mainly because I've had over athousand thirteen hundred videos on this channel and can only have so manystories however you've probably heard if you've heard my stories before it if youhave it then you know that a lot of my past was dealt with in the anger

fearneutrality a lot of it was blamed because I had a painful childhood andbecause of that that kept me in low vibration and for years I was repeatingcycles in a way because I had an abusive ex stepmom in my life she's no longer inmy life fifteen years old my

dad divorced her but from seven to fifteenwhich is also a life cycle by the way I find that interesting a life cycle isseven years in numerology and for the second life cycle of my life from sevento fifteen years old my extent well most of my life she was

controllingemotionally physically and mentally and my brother and I lived we were in thishouse my dad's a firefighter he wasn't homevery often my brother and I many times were locked outside working we weren'tallowed to have friends way to earn going to school and I we probably reallyliked schools probably

because I was an escape for me at home however between7:15 we had almost no freedom we'd have to sneak food to get enough to eat andbecause of this like survival mentality even after 15 years old comes around mydad divorces her I still have this pattern especially with women

iassociated women of trying to control me so the first two or three girlfriends Ihad were really trying to control me and it was an unconscious pattern that Ihave and even after I broke up with one of those girlfriends within a week I gotpromoted at the job that I

had at Nordstrom's and women's shoes to adepartment where the manager was the same exact controlling weight it was apattern that was on autopilot until I became aware of it now the big let whatI learned to do is I had to become aware and I learned how to neutralize

thosethoughts the perspectives the beliefs the meanings I gave to thepast because I gave the meaning to the past that I wasn't worthy and because Iwas attached to that I was experiencing a reality that was on autopilot and Ithink I might actually have this little thing right here that

kind of shows howthis actually works we have beliefs which then causedfeelings which then caused thoughts actions and results and it feels itI the belief that I wasn't worthy and because I had the belief I wasn't worthyI didn't got phew II felt I was on I was unworthy then

actions I would take is Iwould only take action to the level that I thought I was in a worthy and I getthat result and it was a cycle that just kept on happening now the other beliefthat I had was that I had ADHD and there was something wrong

with me because Ihad a lot of energy and people would say things about me I had that I defied jobthat I had and people always talk I hear people talking about me sometimes abouthow much energy I had and my energy was kind of more sporadic as well andbecause

of that it was this also the cycle or I didn't feel like I was enoughfell like I was wrong the actions I would take the results as a cycle nowthe biggest shift I had was when I've learned how to let go of all of thesethings by neutralizing them

by learning meditation meditation was one of thehuge shifts of my life I learned how to observe the meanings I gave thanks tothe past to observe the labels the definitions of the labels I had and whenI learned how to observe them that's where I started to become more powerfulthat's

where I could then let it go and I let it go I started to realize thatmoney love and success started to come to me evey easier than ever and itbecame because I was letting go of patterns I was completing the past whenyou complete the past you no longer

have to repeat the past now the other side ofthis is then becoming aware that the more we desire and attach ourselves tothings is the more resistance we create around something so the key is to let goand to trust the universe that is the next step so first neutralizing

thoughtsgetting a meditation practice can be so transformative for this now the nextstep is becoming aware that reasoning the belief system we have and rightunder and over neutrality is willingness by though as willingness willingness isthe willpower now what happens is once we start to get certain results we startto

associate pleasure with that for example you may start togo in a certain direction and you might start to focus on something that youwant to create your life and the more you do it the more rewards you get themore recognition you get whatever it is and that fuels you

to keep on doing itI started making daily videos on YouTube and then I started getting results andthen I was like this is a good thing this is a positive thing so I just keptmaking youtube videos and I've done that now for three yearsthat's willpower that's the discipline however

what I've realized is that thiswork hard mentality that I had I had a definition that I to work hard a beliefthat I had to work hard to be successful and because of that it was keeping mefrom enjoying life feeling loved and knowing that my ego does have to

controleverything so you see these different levels become trapped sometimes and thekey to this is becoming aware of the paradigm you might be at I was at aparadigm where I believed I needed to work hard to be successful and thereforethat was something that was my reality until I became

aware that I can let goof this belief you become aware awareness really is the key to thiswhole process by the way awareness because once you become aware you canthen let go you can't let go what you're not aware of so that's exactly what Idid is I let go

of that work hard mentality and I focus instead on tryingto get to an external point in the future I focused on enjoying the presentmoment and I'll tell you right now once I did that my whole life really began tochange I could then do less and get more I

then was like oh I need to find thatYouTube videos that will do well so that it brings in more people and they wereable to spread the message out with a help more people and having thatperspective was like always like I had a carrot that was dangling in front

of meand I was chasing it I was chasing it around trying to catch it but then whatI did is I simply decided I was going to let it go and trust that the universewould bring me that which I was in alignment with by just enjoying lifehaving more fun

I realized I was also becoming a little bit more serious withlife the more that I was trying to get somewhere elseand the more that then I ended up enjoying life let go of the outcome andreleased it and allowed the universe to bring it to me is the more

it actuallycame to me easier I started to trust my intuition more I made videos on someesoteric ideas and those videos ended up doing really well even though my mindthe paradigm I was at was afraid of what people would think of me if I madecertain videos made some videos

on star seeds and some esoteric concepts but Itrusted that that was my passion I trusted that I could believe in myselfand that there was a purpose behind it and as I let go of what people thoughtand I started to do what I was passionate about what I loved

what Iloved talking about guess what happened more abundance came than ever before thechannel then when I from I think like three or four hundred thousandsubscribers up to five or six hundred thousand subscribers within a couplemonths and all I did was let go when I look at love and

attracting love themore that I desired it I realized the more resistance I was creating so what Ibecame aware of is once I let go of thinking that I needed a relationship tobe happy or that would that would somehow be something I neededI then started to enjoy life more

I let go of it I let go of the outcome andguess what happened I let go of the outcome I went to Costa Rica with somefriends and we we went for a week and some other youtubers as well and I endedup connecting with someone there that I ended

up being in a relationship withfor about a year it was an amazing relationship and she to this day one ofmy absolute best friends many of you know her shit her name is Lee or andthat also from that relationship I learned a lot of letting go let it go

ofoutcome letting go of also conditions I learned a lot about unconditional lovefrom that now you might see that and say well there's no there's not love in yourlife right how can you talk about attracting love if you're not arelationship right now well I don't necessarily want to be

in arelationship right now doesn't mean I don't know how to do it however realizeyou I don't know how to do that implies the ego the point of thisis letting go the more I let go is the more that these things happen anywaysbecause when we try to control we're

doing it from the paradigm of the egobut when we allow guess what happens when we allow when we focus on their ownState that's where magic is the more I let goof wanting and even loved the more I was a star of my own movie and joined lifeand the

more I was in a higher vibrational state the more that I wasthen attractive to other people and same for you you're an attractive personespecially when you let go of outcome when you're the star of your own moviewhen you let go a believe in you need it to be

happy so realize that that's theway our reality works is the way we raise our vibration is by simply lettinggo and the more we let go the more we let in the more we let go is the more weraise our vibe and that's one reality becomes even magical over

love is joypeace and enlightenment and the book autobiography of a yogi' maybe you'veheard me talk about that before it shows Paramahansa Yogananda goes throughdifferent it's it's literally an autobiography of his life and he talksabout how he met enlightened gurus in India that could do literally magicalthings things we

wouldn't even think possible because they were of the levelof consciousness of enlightenment which means that they also knew that realityis a form of dream we believe it is solid and heavy and that's why it'ssolid and heavy they know reality is a dream therefore it's more flexible forthem so

the key to this whole process is letting go letting go which isn't alwayscomfortable because we think and we identify so much with something that wethink that it makes us who we are but I'll tell you right now the more you letgo is the more you'll find that things

happen even magical for you now I dohave a video that's on how to stop chasing money love and success and Ishow you exactly what to do instead it's a very powerful video I'll go and linkit right here check out that video it'll help you to understand much more

aboutthis process and give you a completely new paradigm for it and other than thatas always a see you next video peace much love and almostyou

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