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hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with cloud eggs that’s right you’ve probably seen these things blowing up onsocial media recently and by recently I mean like two years agobut anyway I finally got around to shooting a video for these and I’m gladI did right these things

are very easy to doand a lot of fun to make and of course super cool to look atPlus as much as I hate to admit it since this really is a gimmick very veryenjoyable tease so with that let’s go ahead and get started by separating acouple large eggs

which I like to do by cracking the egg into a clean hand andthen carefully letting the white strip between my fingers into a bowl at whichpoint we’ll reserve the oken a separate and much smaller bowl and a lot ofpeople get nervous about doing this step which in the

business we refer to asseparation anxiety but this hand method is very easy and works almost every timeand yes I’ve seen the suck the yolk out with the empty water bottle trick andI’m not impressed yes it looks cool and you can google that if you want but thisworks just

as good and is easier and then what we’ll do once those have beenseparated has add a few drops of vinegar to our whites and I use champagnevinegar but literally anything will work and it will also add a pinch of salt andthen we will take a whisk the biggest

and most bulbous one we have and we willwhip these egg whites until we have relatively firm but not dry peaks okaythe most common mistake with these is over whipping the whites and by the waydo not use an electric mixer for these all right two egg whites is only

gonnatake a couple minutes to whisk up and if you use the electric mixer they won’thave any soul but anyway like I said we’re gonna go ahead and whisk theseuntil we have Peaks that will hold their shape but are still a little bit softand very luxurious and if everything

goes according to plan they should lookexactly like this alright not to brag but those are perfect and then whatwe’ll do once those have been meringue just go ahead and take a spoon and formour two clouds on a lightly buttered Silpat lined baking sheet and of coursethe exact size

and shape of the clouds are up to you although I do stronglyrecommend going with the cumulus okay you’re gonna want to avoid the Stratusand under no circumstances should you attempt a Cirrusand one tip here try not to make these too wide okay we really do want these tohave

some nice height I mean now like cumulonimbus height but a little bit ofverticality is nice and as we finished shaping these we’re gonna want to form alittle depression in the top in which we will place our yoke later and that’s itonce we finish making our happy little clouds

well go ahead and transfer thoseinto the center of a 375 degree oven for about five minutes or so or until theystart taking on just a little tiny bit of color okay we do not want to overcookthese otherwise they’re gonna get tough and dry plus they’re gonna cook a

littlemore once we add our yolks which is the next step and if you’re not sure yourwells are deep enough you keep press it down a little bit with a spoon like Idid here even though that was probably unnecessary but either way we’ll goahead and carefully transfer our yolks

in at which point we’ll pop these backin the oven for another three minutes or so or until that yolk is just barelyheated through and that surface sort of starts to glaze over and look a littlebit glassy but and most importantly they’re still running okay if you’re notgonna make

these with runny yolks please don’t make them and that’s itwe’ll go ahead and transfer our cloud egg onto a piece of generously butteredtoast and I finish mine up with a little shake of cayenne plus a little too bigof a pinch of coarse sea salt okay I forgot to

put a generous pinch in thewhites so be careful with the salt and that’s it my cloud egg was done and weare ready for the money shot in three two one oh yeah and if you enjoy a pieceof butter toast dipped into a runny yolk egg you were gonna

absolutely love thisand what makes it such an enjoyable / bizarre experience is that the yolk andthe toast elements are totally normal and yet you’re enjoying them alongsidethis puffed up airy egg meringue so yes it’s quite unusual but happily stillvery delicious and extremely enjoyable and of course if you

wanted to dressthis up with some fresh herbs like some chives or tarragon or dill that wouldnot be a bad idea or you could do some kind of Eggs Benedict presentation andserve this on top of an English muffin and Canadian bacon in which case we’dprobably use a little bit

of lemon juice instead of vinegar in the egg whites butanyway those kind of variations are up to youI mean you guys after all the pegs of your cloud eggs which reminds me mymother-in-law’s name is Peggy and I’m thinking this would make a pretty coolmenu item for a Mother’s

Day brunch okay social distancing notwithstandingbut anyway no matter what the occasion our official food wishes forecast callsfor a chance of clouds with a little bit of Sun peeking through which is why Ireally do hope you give this a try soon so please follow the links below for theingredient

amounts a principle written recipe and much more info as usual andas always you

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