FITNESS EXERCISES – 30 Minutes Functional Exercise

alright guys and welcome back to anothercircus we’re gonna go through three different exercises today they’re allgoing to be standing up one of the exercises we can use a dumbbell with ifwe would like a bit more of a challenge with the other ones pretty much don’tneed any weight at

all the only thing that I will say is for the secondexercise and we do some skaters or some curtsy lunges they can be quite achallenging if you don’t have that lower body strength and the dollars so whatyou might want to do is go over to something that is

stable you can hold onto be at a bench or a tree or some type of post or whatever okay so first of allwe’re gonna start off with a warm up as we normally do so just standing nice andupright and we come up onto one foot like so just

to some ankle circles andthe other way still a few each side ya wanna swap it over three to five eachway and back the other way and all the exercises that we’re gonna do and thisis generally speaking as well as we bring it now bring out feet together andour

hands and our knees and do some knee circles you never need to do the samespeed as me you can go faster if you want if you’ve got the technique downpat and you feel as though you can go a little bit faster absolutely as long asyou’re doing it safely

but you can also do it slower as well okay so we’re goingto come up and do some hip circles now so just feet together starting off quitesmall and taking those circles out a little bit bigger edge each revolutionso yet slowing the exercises right down if you need to

it’s really importantthat we concentrate on the technique it is the most important part of doing anexercise of doing it correctly and we take those circles back the other way so within in between each exercisebefore we transition on to the next 100 I’m always going to give you a

fewseconds to get into get into place and steady yourself and I’ll go through abit of a demonstration the first time I go through that exercise for the day soyou can learn what I’m doing before you actually attempt to do it yourselfsomething you might have done before so that’s

all well and good you can followright from the start and it’s got a couple more the other way again otherwise just watch what I’m doing andthen you can continue when you feel comfortable with that knowing thetechnique okay so bring your feet together we can do a few shoulder

sobecause now swim take your shoulders forward to begin with each revolutionlike the hips are taking out shoulder circles a little bit bigger and let’s gobackwards really trying to open up our chest now okay so we’re doing a few twistingexercises today’s so we’re going to a little bit of

a warm-up and try to getthose muscles ready for what we’re going to do for them four days so to do thatwe’re gonna bring our hands up I’ve done anything our chin both so just twistingaround the side when I kick this exercise is nice and flowing as well soI

want to be stuck at each end or pushing it too far I mean it is awarm-up but also will be doing exercises we don’t never want to push theexercises to the full range anyway okay just a couple more we’re just gonna takeour arm up nice and height then

over to the side and then back down put ourright hand on that right hip left arm up in the air and just keep transitioningthrough that left to right just giving a bit of a stretch to a lot of these trunkmuscles but also warming them up as well especially

on the opposite side whatwe’re pushing okay that should do with our warmup okayso first exercise we’re going to do now we’re going to go through the samecircuit three times so first exercise we’re gonna do gonna do a squat okay solet me go down with a squat just a

normal squat from the hips below howeverwhen we come up we’re gonna push up into the sky like so ups I was just feelingif you’re doing it inside when we do that we’re gonna twist around like so soa bit of a complex move so there’s a few different things

going on so you can godown to the squad you have any issues with your knees hips or lower back orwhatever don’t take that squat too far down butreally important though that we don’t bend forward like so we’re just gonnasit back into it using our glute muscles okay so

then we’re squatting down and aswe’re coming up you know punch up into the sky so this exercise as well we canuse light dumbbells if you do have some handy or if you want to use bottles ofwater or tin of beans or whatever it may be just to give

you a little bit more ofa challenge but if not every guys it’s a squat with a twist so squatting downlike so drawing your belly button here now as we come up I’m gonna squat and apunch up into the sky and twisting our body ever so slightly so just

keeping itnice and fluid and we’ll do a few more of them eachside and one more inside okay great okay sonext les I was gonna do we lose some skaters or refer to sometimes as curtsylunges can be pretty challenging so I do suggest if you haven’t done them beforeyou

might want to spend a bit of time there you could even pause the videoafter I’ve demonstrated them guns are a few against a bench or a tree or a postor the clothes line of work whatever you have that’s a stationary object and youcan hold onto safely so I’ll

demonstrate this for you now if you haven’t done itbefore okay soon to start off at their hands what are hips okay so what we’regonna do is gonna come up on this left leg to begin with so we’re going tobalance on that left leg before transitioning all your weight

over therewith the right foot I’m going to bring that behind like so and you can see myright toe just tapping the ground okay so if you do it a little bit quicker itis a little bit easier if you’re holding on to something holding it is somethingin front of

you like so or a bench for example or whatever that may be if youdo have a chair as well obviously to chair that it’s reasonably heavy andtherefore quite stable not kind of a flimsy phototype shehram eyes mighttopple over and that’s that’s not cool we don’t want that okay

so that’s thethe skaters or a curtsy lunge so you go for around eight to ten each side ofthem ready okay let’s go so once again really important that we’re giving you abelly button drawn in to help take that spine andif this is causing any stress on your on

your knees you should just be able to doa tap behind you okay without causing any any pain but it is great exercisefor a lower body strength and balance and it’s an exercise is quite a transferwhere you could say be working you out in the garden for example and

being in abit of an awkward squatting or lunging position you need that body strength ora lower body strength in particular to get you out of that position and this isa great exercise that we can do now you know in a structured way to help youwhat’s doing other things

even say playing tennis for example you make alot of these movements you kneel actual meeting one sided or any activity whereyou there’s a period of time where you got your weight on one leg okay couplemore and that will do for the first roundshave a bit of a shake

out quite taxing on your lower legs okay so thirdexercise we’re going to do now is a bent over row I’m gonna do it single armoursor so keyed once again if you wanted a bit more of a challenge it’s pretty easyif you’re doing it just body weight and body

weight alone so grab hold of alight weight or anything that provides a little bit more resistance so I’m goingto demonstrate these on the side so we’re in a semi squatting positionokay so just sitting down soft legs pivoting over ever so slightlyreally important keeping your back straight keep your

shoulders rolled backand the exercise that position that I’m in now it’s going to stay static and allwe’re gonna do is without without wait for our hand we’re going to pull that upinto our ribs into here okay your body will naturally twist a little bit andthat’s fine you’re twisting

a little bit you just don’t want to twist too muchokay so we’re trying to use out at the back strength our bicep strength to pullsomething up can we also refer to as a suitcase carry so once again it’ll helpimprove your carrying abilities if you’re carrying heavy shopping bags

oror sue cut hits if it lucky enough to be going on holidays I guess so we can like I said you can twist alittle bit as long as there’s no pain in your lower back or hips and in fact ifthere isn’t any pain in your lower back sitting

here or your or your hips andyou just do feel a little bit of tightness it’s a really good exercise tohelp loosen up a lot of that area around here and that will do and spin around to thisside same thing semi squat position rolling our shoulders back bring yourbelly

button in to protect your spine I put my left hand on my left knee and tosupport my lower back and here we go so bring your right hand up into your ribslike so just fixing you guys say five ten meters out in front of you on theground so

this is predominantly an upper backexercise but given that we’re also putting a bit of a twist in our trunk aswell we’re actually activating a lot of our core muscles to keep our bodiesstable and a couple more cool all right boxes there we go a bit of shake out

orgive it a few seconds if you want to grab some water a bit of a rest beforewe go through that SEC circuit for the second time okay so back to the numberone exercise so squat coming up with a twist ready here we gosquatting down as we’re coming up

same motion punching up diagonally up to theside and they start become a little bitfatigued as well we just don’t remember that we do need to keep that bellybutton drawn in just to help you take the spine and you don’t need to have itdrawn in so hard that yeah

yeah it’s crushing spine it just needs to be thisnice and firm it’s just we bring that those pelvic floor muscles up there justto help especially during the rotation part of the exercise and by now yourlegs are probably starting to burn a little bit if they on you’ve done

enoughyou can stop now and I’ll just do a few more anyway okay good stuff okay so backto skaters or the curtsy so good once again if you need to grab hold ofsomething and give you a few seconds to do that okay so hands on hips if you’redoing the

exercise stand alone and if not you’re grabbing hold and here we goonce again around eight to ten each side we can do this very very slowly if youwant or if you’re quite confident at it you can speed it up a little bit and youwill find that one side

is probably a lot of a lot better than the other sidewith strength but also balance and that’s completely normal especially ifyou’ve had I mean you may have had some type of injury before or you’ve justgenerally got a more dominant side that’s just hey a lot more coordinatedand stronger

as well become really fatigued and you find it a little bithard to go down to the full range of this exercise just just drop down alittle bit and touching your feet behind as opposed to going down to the fullcurtsy lunge and that’s fine as well just reducing that

range reducing thespeed you should always be supposed tailoringthe exercise to you and how you feel the current point of time whether you feelyou’ve a teat just slow it down or even sit it out and wait for the nextexercise couple more and we’re done cool let’s shake that out

okay so bentover rows again as I sit down into a semi squat I’m gonna put a right handright knee and rolling my shoulders back fYI if you go to wait put that in yourleft hand now I’m fixing you guys five to ten meters in front of you andbringing

that elbow up nice and high and giving it a bit of a twist if you canand if you would like a bit more of a contraction okay and swapper show up around spinaround sign thing semi squat down pivoting over put my left hand and myleft knee and driving

hold of the dumbbell or anything with weight if youif you’re doing that otherwise here we go just bringing that rodeo ball up and one to gogood stuff how we feel in there that’s round 2 completed have a bit of a shakeout once again grabbed some water if you

would like and we’ll go through that awhole circuit the second or third time through but when we go through this timewe’re gonna slow it right down ok I mean really less repetitions once again ifyou’re quite fatigued now and you don’t feel as though you can do the exercisessafely

with a good technique maybe sit this last one out and I walk on the spotto maybe cut the bicep curls or something and then come back let me dothe stretch at the end but if you feel good for round 3 you can do it safelylet’s go okay so

okay so down into the squat coming up and then punching outacross and a couple more and we’ll do us okayso straight on to the skaters or the curtsy lunges so hands on hips if you’redoing them by themselves otherwise grabbing hold of whatever it may be herewe go so

in a slow there’s one these ones nowright down it’s quite important with this one tooespecially as we’re becoming a little bit fatigued that we’re trying to keepour hips nice and flat so that’s parallel with the ground can be a littlebit challenging and that’s what we’re doing the exerciseokay

so whilst we there’s that period of time all right we’re on one leg we’reusing a lot of our core muscles to help prevent those hips from dropping down soif you can do that keep your hips flat you’re doing pretty well and one moreeach side good okay so probably

spinning to theside and here we go for bent over rows so over like so I’m going to do righthand right knee keeping my back straight shoulders rolled back and bringing thatelbow up to the side and fist into the side of my chest okay that’s ten spinning around lefthand

left knee pivoting over and bringing the right elbow up right fistthis side of my trunk there and that will do for the last oneokay that’s the hard part of the exercise program dumb for the day I wasgoing to go through a bit of a stretch now okay so

I’ve got a shaker get rid ofthat lactic acid and help with his soreness so I’m gonna bring our footlike so and give it a hamstring stretch and bring our hands down onto our kneeand try and straighten that leg out I don’t need to push too hard I just

wantto provide a bit of resistance to help the stretching the back of the leg thereand chop it up so each stretch you should hold for around 20 seconds or so okay so when I do a hip flexor stretchnow a bit of a challenging stretch to get into the

position so we’re gonna getinto a semi lunge position like so okay I might demonstrate this one on the sideso what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to stretch this muscle here thatattaches to our femur bone actually goes through to our lower back can be achallenging muscle to

stretch so so the trick is right now if you see my hips inthat position we want to tuck your hips through like so and pivot if you justpicture your hips are a bucket of water and right now in that bucket is ispouring the water out right now we’re

gonna hold the water in the bucketso to do that I’m gonna bring the hips through like so and why didn’t want tosink into the lunge a little bit more and it should feel that that stretch upthrough the groin the okay and I come around the other sideand do

that the other way so dropping that left leg back like so and samethings I’m going to sit into the lunge bring it now bringing our hips throughlike so and you should feel that stretch okay right we’re gonna open up our chestnow so feet together pushing your chest up

to the sky or to the ceiling andreally feeling that stretch across your chest there and because they have donesome back exercises as well today we’re now gonna bring our hands together or wecan even cross their hands like so run even a bit more of a stretch I’ll showyou

on the side and try and take your shoulder blades apart okay you can seethat rounding in my upper upper back there and come back like so and thenwe’re gonna take our shoulder blades apart for that stretch in between theshoulder blades okay have a bit of a shake yeah

and giveyourself a pat on the back I hope you enjoyed today’s program thank you verymuch

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