Fitness Model Gets Chiropractic Adjustment Loud Crack For Winging Scapula

Hi this is dr.

Scott hor and this week'streatment Tuesday is gonna be with Madison Rose Madison is a fitness modelfrom Boca Raton and she's telling me that she's beenstruggling with a couple of things so Madison why don't you tell us aboutwhat's going on with you So my left side seems to be where all my issues are Ijust have some tightness down to my hip and a winged scapula which is the mostfrustrating part every time I get too tight and then I, it pops it cracks it's really frustrating to be sitting in a class and just going like this andfeeling tight and then you're not even thinking about the class I'm thinkingabout it hurting and then I'm getting anxious because I'm trying to fix it andI'm in class like people are looking at me.

I'm going like this so it'suncomfortable and it stresses me out.

I'm not paying attention in class.

I've always had the issue but I didn't know what it was When do you notice that themost? I notice it the most when I'm sitting wearing a good tight bra ortight shirt, it just gets really tight So what have you tried to deal with it so before I knew it was a winged scapula I had seen a lot of chiropractors, I've seenorthopedic I was going to a pain management doctor, I tried cortisone nobody ever even told me it was a winged scapula t was just you know doingthings to try and mask the pain like the cortisone shot so I reached the limitfor how many I could get The recommended the thing they burnt your nerve endings and I did not go through with that Does the winged scapula affect your training at all ? Definitely it's weird and certain lifts I was doing push-ups the other dayand I had a video from above and it just looked weird.

Training back isn'tnecessarily easiest because you could see it or it feels out of place so you're saying rows yeah and pull-ups Definitely rows, my form suffers because of itI'm always trying to bring up my shoulders and that could be frustratingwith doing scalpings like I said it gets tight and I'm cracking it and stuff andthen it starts to hurt and then I don't want to do shoulder exercises if myshoulders already feeling a little sore now tell me about your lower back oryour hips my left glute to my left hips gets really tight and then thattransfers to like my lower back sitting during the day the day after squattingor deadlifting not really a pain but just tight sore just not feeling my bestI feel like I have to stretch it you knowgetting tightness down here and then this gets extra tight now have you hadany chiropractic care before I've been going to a chiropractor for a while andI thought everything was going well like I was feeling better as in weeklyappointments and I had done something to tweak my back in the gym so I went thereimmediately oh thinking that they could help did his normal cracking andadjusting and when I left like I was just having such a bad back spasms Icouldn't even walk that's not agreed yeah nothing was changed to accommodatethe fact that I was like hurt and have you gotten chiropractic care since I'msorry you had a bad experience with that certainly and we're gonna do our best tomake sure that you have an awesome experience looking forward to walk outof our door feeling better than the way you know I definitely have to work onit's not something to be fixed in a day it's changing my whole pattern the way Imove it so we'll press some reset bones with the chiropractic treatment and tryto upload a better software with the progressive rehabilitation so weactually improve your overall physical help so that you're feeling betterafterwards sounds good okay okay so we did Madison's initial evaluation andexamination and she certainly has some limitations in her shoulder and her neckthat we noticed so I'm gonna dive in right now and see what's going on seewhat we can do to help so Madison I'm gonna start sorry I'm gonna pull yourhair and stuff I'm gonna start by feeling around for the muscles and yourneck and see how they're moving see which ones are tight that are limitingyour your neck motion and could possibly be contributing towards the shoulderbecause that's one of the things we see if your neck is a little bit limitedwhich yours is that puts more strain and stress on okay so you had it certainly alittle wrist written right there huh so if you're a little bit limited in yourneck movement there's more strain and stress on the shoulder so that's one ofthe things we're looking at what other parts of the body are contributing tonot only your left shoulder you know your hip and low back we've gotsome nice muscular tension right there don't we yeah how's that feel hey itdoes feel terrible it's a good stretch a good stretch okay and what I'm doingwhen I go to these muscles that I'm finding the stiff or limited spots we'reactually releasing them it's called a mild facial release so I'm evaluatingyou and treating you and of at the same time here and there's still somerestriction in the joint right here do you feel what I'm feeling what I'mfeeling for ya there's some good over here and over there it's not so muchright let me see you again wait for you that will move yeah that's all rightso we're gonna do an adjustment here take a deep breath breathe out good how you doing goodyeah yeah right so now we got the upper neck moving a little bit better now whatI'm gonna start doing is a series of muscle tests that kind of tells me whichsegments are working well which are not I'm gonna start on your well shoulder soit kind of get a baseline of what's normal and then we'll certainly go towhere that was not luck shoulders not working right yeah all right make a fistfor me like this little tiny pin then hold it right there I'm gonna push yourelbow down to the table and when I do these muscle tests you don't have to winyou don't overpower them you just resist whatever pressure I put into it okayready it go come on you get strong go a little weak all right so I'm gonna do anAC joint adjustment which is right here okay good make a fistpushing down don't let me go and again that's still pretty weak isn't it yeahall right relax your arm now the nerve root that controls thatkraków brachialis muscle which is what just tested weak comes out of c6 righthere I'm gonna adjust that segment good go right here make a fist pushing downto let me and that was stronger yeah definitely good now a muscle test yourthumb and your pinky okay I'm gonna pull them apart don't let me do that okayBetty go again not so good huh oh yeah relax that arm and this is yourwell arm right yeah okay so same deal the nerve that controls some of thosefunctions in your hand come on up here right there thumb pinkie pulling apart don't let meready go still a little weak huh this is a weak little finger try to relax andwe'll go in here and we'll treat your thumb and your wrist okaythumb pinkie pulling apart don't ready gostill a little weak I think that you're just too strong in that aspect yeah yeahyour other muscle test fine strong so we have expectations if that's what happensthis time too good thumb pinkie pulling apart ready goit's a little bit better yeah so there's gonna be some things because I had nocontrol over it like it was just so it feels stronger yeah I felt moreresistance but certainly not there yet so we're gonna be looking at a couple ofthings when you go facedown and then we're gonna recheck that because we wantto get that strong muscle test we're gonna test your pecs I'm gonna push outlike that don't let me keep your thumb pointed down ready go again a littleweak that way don't let me go that way ready goweak okay so we're gonna do a clavicle adjustment on you so relax right there and when I go right here it doesn't feelterribly good okay yeah I'm just tight in there too i bench gesture that okaylet it go you look like you're having a terrible time oh my god okay hold itright there pushing that way don't let me go and that way don't let me go soone of the things I don't really like about your shoulder function is it'sactually pretty hard for you and your forearm tosupinate we there's a lot of tension that we're noticing in your elbow so Imean did you see how it was tough for you to kind of stay neutral yeahand you want to be like this when I do this muscle test you're trying to dothis so so the wrist and forearm are actually a little bit limited in howyou're moving your arm so what I'm gonna do is some Active Release Technique soit's a form of myofascial release where we're gonna try to improve yoursupination and now we'll put more normal stresses on your shoulder you feel some of this tension yeah okayand now we're releasing your pronator quadratus for all you Anatomy fans outthere do you feel how tight this is so tight you see the difference there yeahdo you really yeah like the other time it was really tight yeah okay so nowhold it right here and you still want to rotate like that I'm gonna push outdon't let me go and that way go you were able to add a lot better right it's justsweet right now yeah cool good let's go to the other side so we'll start herewith the same muscle test to make a fist pushing down to let me and againweak sauce okay good hold it right there make a pest pushingdown one more time please pretty strong they're worried about it good all righthave your palm down elbow locked I'm gonna pull your whole arm out towards melike that you don't have to lift it up just resist yeah ain't pulling it outready to go and that's a little weak isn't it okay can we put your handsstraight I'm gonna pull towards me don't let mego again push don't let me go oh that was not good yeah I don't have anycontrol on that one I'm gonna do another test let's keep your wrist flexed likethat I'm gonna push towards you okay don't let push that way ready go notgreat extend your wrist and I'm gonna pushdon't let me go again so probably even weaker huh yeah so that indicates therecould be a little bit of dysfunction with your radial head the radius is thatforearm bone right over here which is kind of in line with what we'refeeling when your other side so we do a little adjustment like that extend thewrist pushing don't let me go much stronger yes yeah okay let's try theother guy keep the wrist flexed I'm pushing don't let me go much bettergreat you're and pushing don't let me good I'm gonna do the pulling one nowagain ready no like that ready go that's still weaker than I wantit to be so we're gonna look at your bicipital tendon here okay that's thatband is probably a little tender yeah so that grew or that tendon goes througha groove and it becomes your biceps I don't think it's doingI don't think it's staying it's positioned very well I'm gonna make sureit's in the groove good okay now straighten your hand like this I'm gonnapoke don't let me ready go again that'sstrong in there yeah good all right let's do the one I'm gonna pull yourelbow out like that don't let me maybe go again and that isnot even close to good okay so we definitely have to treat that left palmon your ear good we're gonna do the same one that we did on the other side okaydeep breath no good okay now let's do a post check pulling outlike that don't let me ready go certainly stronger yeah good make a fistI'm gonna push down don't let me ready go very good all right turn your armthis way I'm gonna push out like that don't let me go okay not bad pushingthat way don't let me go and that was not so good no okay so what we're gonnado here is we're gonna take where your ribs meet up with your sternum and we'lldo a little adjustment right there okay you try to relax this arm good hold itright there pushing that way don't let me go good sorry I hit youthere but that was way stronger yeah yeah all right good I like itnow I'm gonna feel around when you have scapular disken assists or wingedscapula what you actually see is the the glenohumeral joint the shoulder itselfhas as its not working great yeah like I told you I have this condition it'sbecause I have a torn labrum in my shoulder from playing baseball so as aresult my muscles kind of went it's so stiff and so tight around the glenoid- Miral joint that the shoulder blade and scapula want to wiggle all over theplace yeah so one of the things we want to do in addressing this is making surethis joint moves as free and easy as possible so is it typically somethingcauses what I have yes like so that something did probably happen I don'teven realize yes I would guess yeah yeah we're feeling nice and tight bands thatwe're releasing in there right now that was fun huh okay so that something didprobably happen I don't even realize yes I would guess yeah and we're feelingnice and tight bands that we're releasing in there right now good so now we're releasing those pecs andPEC minor hold your arm right here mm-hmmI'm gonna push down don't let me that's pretty good I like that a lotput your hand behind your back I'm gonna pull your elbow forward don't let me gooh that's not so good okay let's have you flip around on your bellymmm all right so we want to see this area works and we certainly have alittle stiff spot there take a deep breath read that out do me a favor bend both your knees yourleft arm put it right here elbow back I'm gonna push forward don't let me dothat ready go and that's the weak on okay so we're gonna do a littleadjustment to the glenohumeral joint here you got some wrist laxity Рgoodhold it right there hold it right there I'm pushing don'tlet me go a lot better yeah yep all right all right Madison so now we'regonna check out your lower body since you're dealing with the hip and lowerback issues that's a little stiff in the internal rotation and so is that alrightso I'm gonna do a little manipulation here where we take the head of your hiptry to relax okay I know I believe it we're gonna do alittle bit of mobilization here just like that and those little manipulationsyou see how it's already a little bit freer and easier yep that's the wholepoint these manipulations they kind of get into the specific nerves in thatarea and press a reset button so I'm gonna try to relax good and againgood all right I like that muscle test I'm gonna push I'm gonna push rightthere like that don't let me ready go again a littleweak over there let's try this one ready go and again oh my hey let's trythis one one more time push and ready go okay so both are weak so I'm actuallygonna check something else then can you raise your knee up hold it rightthere I'm gonna push your knee into the table don't let me do that go not sostrong over here raise that knee up pushing down to let me go certainly alot stronger right yes you turn on your side this side up let's address that sothe nerves that I just tested come out of the lower part of your lower back andactually control your booty okay and that tested week so I'll put you intoplace here don't don't worry about your positioning let me see this arm I mayyank on it turn your head towards me good and I'm gonna scoot you over hereso what we want to do is grab that secret right there bring over here andthen I'm gonna just it okay yeah if you've already cracked when you're doingthat who did it yeah deep breath you're gonna good okay go facedown mm-hmm all right raise your knee up hold itright there I'm gonna push down don't let me readygomuch stronger yes yeah now let's go back those hamstring tests I'm gonna pushdown like that don't let me ready go way better big difference right hereready go big difference huh yeah all right goodlet's flip you around on your back yeah that's just a little limited in there soI'm gonna mobilize your hip again hmm yeah my hip pops up a lot my hip pops alot yeah and I got it move it a little bit better we're gonna do I'm gonnathrust it right here much better mm-hmm so I got to release that one too maybe she was on tag oops good couple more muscle tests here I'mgonna push down like so okay don't let me do that ready gono making me feel weak good other side ready go much strongeryeah turn on your side face that way all right so what we just tested was therectus femoris which is one of your hip flexor muscles and it comes out of yourspine I should say the nerve that controls it comes out of your spineright in there so we're gonna adjust that segment see if we can't press reseton it look your eyes towards me but I already cracked when you were thismean settle up it cracks Thank You back pushing down don't let me ready goway better yeah world of a difference world of a difference I'm gonna pushdown and out don't let me do that go good down and out don't let me dothat go pretty good don't push down and in don't let me gogood down and in don't let me ready weaksauceturn faces very weak all right so um your hip abductors is what just testedweak turn your head towards me good and that comes out of l5 which is rightthere good all right lay on your back pushing down don't let me ready hmmready go much better yeah yep cool all right so we're checking it out I want todo a couple you kind of have a little bit of flat feet don't you yeah allright so we're flat shoes for lifting a lot sure okay I'm gonna do a couple ofmuscle test so let's bring your foot up and out hold it like that I'm gonna pushyou like that don't get me do that ready go and that's not very strong so I'mgonna point it like trying to compensate by like flexing yeah I said like Inoticed that now you're gonna point your foot like this and it out hold it likethis I'm gonna push from right here don't let me and that's certainly betterthan the other one let me check some other stuff point andin hold it there like that I'm gonna push from right there don't let me gothat's good pushing up and in hold it right thereI'm pushing from right there don't let me good all right so our big weak one ishere and here hold it right there mm-hmm push in there and you can't evenyea they maintain that that position right here okay so that's looking atperoneus brevis here so we're gonna do a little adjustment to the cuboid bone sowhat I want you to do is this I'm gonna kind of yank on your foot I want you tohold on to the table so that I don't make a slide too much good let that gookay good okay mm-hm up and out hold it there like that push him fromright here and boom we're restaurant yeah I didn't even move yeahall right same series of tests up and out hold it thereI'm gonna push him right there don't let me and that's still a little weak not asbad as this guy star yeah weak pointing out hold it right there push him rightthere how bad up and in hold it right therepush right there don't let me it's okay point in and out holding it right therepush right there again and we certainly have some weakness there huh yeah thisone's not quite as flat really that's it yeah let's start with the cuboid on thisside so hold on good good hold it up and out hold it right there pushing there toLemmy we didn't get a nice crack but thatclearly got that muscle firing yeah good alright so what I'm about to use hereit's called an activator mm-hmm sometimes we use it on the feet when wewant to be very very specific I'm gonna get your a navicular there good pointand in hold it right there push from right there and boom when stronggoodness yep great all right let's do some progressive rehabilitation you'vegot a neutral position with your ribcage yeah neutral position with your shouldergirdle grip hard and focus on this kettlebell and quiet it down what didyou think of the first exercise the shoulder girdle they would hold theharness I could just tell my arm shaking some glad I have something to gohome and work on because one of the things that's that's lacking with yourcondition is control yeah not it's not very stable yeah it's notstable in the shoulder girdle in this scapula but also the glenohumeral jointwhich is the shoulder itself so that will be giving you something to work outi know it's obviously not something that can be fixed you know i have tostrengthen the whole but now i know what to do for it i didn't know beforeforwards we're in a neutral position this exercise which was the side plankyes what was that one those are not my favorite but i know i need to do themstrengthen my obliques i don't do any direct oblique or it does do theobliques but it also provides lateral yeah bility for your entire body thatmeans your shoulder girdle yeah that means your spine incorporates a lot ofglute activation actually occurs during that so we always recommend it becauseyeah people don't have that lateral that side to side stability and that's a bigcontributing factor to why they have pain and injuries so yeah that's a hugeone that I would recommend that you start doing okay so that's our treatmentfor today so Madison tell us what was that like for you that was greatit feels good yeah it's like it's a good hurt with the stretching stuff okay yeahwhat it would be like for you if you didn't have these issues if you had theassistant reliable stability and control of your shoulder and your shouldergirdle that would be really nice I wouldn't have to worry about sitting foran extended period of time I could take in-person classes and I wouldn't have toeven think about it or going on a long flight I wouldn't have to think about itsometimes it's annoying with lifting if I'm supposed to go in and squat and myhips are feeling tight oh your last experience with chiropractic was prettypoor yeah how does that contrast it today you have a lot more attention todetail and because I was already hurting and he hadn't changed anything toaccommodate that you tested every little muscle we did before you worked on itI'm glad you had a good experience and how do you feel right nowI feel good I feel nice and it stretched it out well please come back and see ussure thank you so much thank you for having mefollow Madison on Instagram at Madison Rose fitness don't forget to like leavea comment and subscribe to our page if you want to seeour next treatment Tuesday thanks so much.

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