Four Weeks Of Fitness | Si’s Isolation Challenge

you don’t need me to tell you that the world is a very different place now to what it was just a few months ago I’m Connie at home as you might well see in social isolation because two of my family members are a particularly high risk from Corona fires so we’re kind of hunkering down and trying to stay away from basically everyone many of you are I’m sure in a similar situation and so you like me may well be turned into your bikes for a little bit of normality and a little bit of escape usually I’d say that I ride because I enjoy it and also if I’m being honest probably because I’m a little bit addicted and I also do pay a bit of attention to my fitness just so that I can kind of carry on riding relatively fast when when the mood arises relatively fast however when life gets turned upside down it can be difficult to sustain so here’s the thing in order to stay happy and healthy I’m setting myself a challenge and I’d like you to join me despite all the restrictions and the problems we face can we in four weeks have lockdown living actually get better at riding bikes I don’t know but I am really looking forward to trying I’m gonna be testing myself at the start and at the finish to see just what I’ve been able to achieve now I’m gonna be using Swift for my writing so you can literally join me if you so wish for workouts on races for rides or you can do your own thing and then just follow along with the weekly video updates and everything on social media the important thing is that we do this [Music] is anyone else thinking the same thing the life on lockdown should just be one long Netflix binge but they’re actually it doesn’t seem to be working out like that I didn’t have much free time before the corona virus pandemic but it’s all gone now working from home for a start seems to be taking up more time than before I’m still about GCN shape a bit quick chat about it before start filming that time I might be must be on that my kids run off school and they seem to have energy anyway all of this combined means that riding is even more squeezed than it was before well I’m quite a striver my average weekly total is between 4 and 5 hours which doesn’t sound like much and well no it’s not however a lot of it is almost full gas so if I already don’t spend many hours on the bike but a large proportion of them I’ll spend riding really hard how is this gonna work because normally you just say well dial up the intensity well here is my theory by training smarter and with a purpose I can get more out at the same volume of riding that I was doing before so four to five hours and because my riding is now gonna be inside I’m actually going to be able to massively increase the quality even on my time Porsche Edgewood and then the next thing is that my rides can now be sociable which is not an easy thing to do at the moment in fact it’s impossible in social isolation but as I said earlier because I’m going to be riding on Swift all of my rides can be sociable you’re already cordially invited to the workouts plus because I’m a big fan as with racing I’m gonna be doing one of those per week as well for fun and also to dig a little bit deeper you can basically smash yourself without even noticing and then finally as we if they’re also very kindly supplying their top coach important which is how I know that we’re going to be training smarter yeah you didn’t think we were gonna be relying on me did you okay Kevin thanks so much for for offering to help out on on this challenge yeah for me and for everyone else out there I guess my first question is is it possible to actually get fitter in four weeks I mean can we can we see any gains it’s not a very long period of time I’ll admit yeah you’re right it’s not a real long period of time Jen every we’re looking for about six weeks to see good adaptations from training so four weeks is going to be on the edge of seeing some real improvement but with the challenge we have and some specific training I think we can you can do some magic with you honey cool good stuff so how are we gonna kind of quantify a improvements then if there’s loads of different ways out there but but what do you recommend them for this particular one yes so I want to move away from a typical structure of testing in terms of ramp testing f2p testing so we have so many really cool climbs on Swift and I think a good challenge would be for you to do the epic a win in forward direction that way we’re having a good I think it’s going to be about a 15 minute effort for you up there so it’s a real solid above threshold effort for you and over the period of four weeks which you better see to see some gains I’m looking forward to it anyway I’m very much looking forward to it I guess the only other point to really raise is that when we’re looking at doing an effort of 15 minutes there’s really no getting away from the need to perform long intervals of 10 minutes or thereabout so now generally we try and shy away from they tend to be I guess a bit more mentally challenging the longer efforts so we do have some intervals that are longer tempo work you can also do that on your free ride so when you’re doing your free ride climbing you’re going to be doing 20 30 minutes at a time at a tempo kind of effort with the labored cadence which is our crank talks are you going to get that natural anyway so we do have some some longer work in there but the rest of it is pretty much if we’re gonna see some changes in four weeks there’s a lot of high intensity in there for you yeah well that’s cool you know because sometimes it likes that’s easier you know and eat when you know that you’re getting on the bike and you’re gonna you gonna absolutely crush it and it’s you know you get that work done in a short period of time I find that quite motivating um okay that sounds very cool then I’m up for it I’m welling to the challenge so see ya suppose I better go and actually get my get my climb time done in dusty also I’m looking forward to seeing what out for the first time is up there and what would support the challenge is good stuff alright Cheers going thanks man perfect thank you what is time then it to do the epic kom to see where I’m currently at fitness wise and also doing that let me take you through to my indoor training workshops to do bespoke extravaganza of a roof yeah or just my living room again cuz cuz this is real life Ryan let me talk you through my portables whiffed setup I’ve got a one who kicker there that lives in a cupboard in the utility room I’ve got my iPad over there on top of the stand that lives down the side of another cupboard I got a mat of course for um well to stop me making a mess of the living room floor and in a similar vein I’ve got a fan over there by the window to to again stop me making a mess of the living room floor okay it’s time right let’s fill you in on the epic kom before well before I start and I end up unable to talk to you any longer basically it’s on the mountain route so to get to it you need to choose what’s hope you click through the mountain route and then I think got that five and a half K of gentle warm up before it start my personal best is 1944 I don’t think that was a full gas effort but I have a suspicion that I was a little bit fitter than I am now so so yeah we’ll see how it goes and the other thing I need to mention is I turn the trainer difficulty up to max this was a Kevin suggestion basically it means that it really will feel like six and a half percent thanks Kevin that fan is actually doing a remarkable amount of good work thanks fam I’m getting properly psyched about this just over a K to go before it kicks off and busy farewell okay boom here we go [Music] Oh gradient kicks in pretty sharpish [Music] you can see I’ve just read a number there is with waterfall feature so you twist in but the snow line now there’s little bits of downhill I’ve been really welcome rest by I’m really striving to hold the power now I set myself [Music] I hate to think what the neighbors become doing right now [Music] Oh 20 minutes 22 seconds Sona 40 seconds sir the last time so now got two markers to aim for we ended up behind that’s me I bought a bonus plan no no I don’t want to blame his climb well it’s the morning after the night before and the dust has well and truly settled didn’t get any complacent the neighbors in the end I’m wondering whether they were perhaps too embarrassed by the noises that I was making but anyway at least you got to see that it was a full gas effort that was me all in so that is our line in the sand not overly happy with the numbers but I’ve got to be happy because that is where I’m at and it also means a know that I can improve now one thing I didn’t mention yet sir she and wearing a whoop band here which is a wearable device tells me all sorts of different things one of which the big one is my recovery status and it did tell me that I was well recovered yesterday I was whooping at 78% of so so yet there was no limiting factors that was me I emailed results to coach Kevin for his feedback and he reckons over the next four weeks that that personal best time of 19 minutes 44 is within reach so that is my absolute target I want to beat that so s yeah super motivated for it now what is coming up over the next few weeks as we said two workouts per week and that week group workout so very much hope that you can join me I’m gonna be doing mine at 8:00 a.


on Tuesdays and Friday mornings at UK time of course if those times don’t fit for you then there’ll be workouts throughout the week but also of course you can do them in your own time you can find them in the library of workout sessions on the Swift app and we’ll put the specific workouts that you need to look for in the description beneath this video next week we’ve got 11 minute progressive climb so that’s three of them in one session where we’ll be mixing up intensity and Cadence’s then we got lactate shuttling as well which sounds particularly painful and I can’t wait for that now one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the racing side of things I haven’t chosen them yet that’s because I want your help on this so I would like you to suggest races for me to do in the comments section down below and I can pick four want to do each week over the next few weeks so super excited about that side of things as well and then there’s the free ride element so each week we’ve got a rack up four to 500 meters of elevation in one single ride and that will be fitted in around day-to-day life then finally also need to mention that it’s not just me doing this but also my mates that other GCN channels are taking part well so GCN Espanyol ologists in italia a storage so there’s gonna be a little competitive element there as well probably not little probably massive competitive element and they will also be doing group workouts as well so stay tuned to social media and there will be a GCM presenter doing those workouts quite regularly I would’ve thought during the week so there we go then the challenge is set I couldn’t be more excited hopefully you will be to take part let me know how you get on in the comments section down below and let us do this four-week fitness challenge.

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