Hey everyone so I'm going to introduce toyou my husband you've probably seen him on many of my blogs but we're gonnastart a little series of different cuisines and dishes that we'veexperienced throughout on their travels so he is actually the chef of the houseI hate cooking a can I'm

thankful he grew up and the restaurant industry withhis family they own multiple restaurants so he's picked up on those skills this is true she doesn't cook at all I don't and I'm so bad so thankfully I havehim to do the cooking of their house it's really good at

it “I try” yeahyou do so today we're gonna do Hawaiian poke a bowl so this is one dish when wewere on our trip to Hawaii last we really had up and we finally didn'tweren't quiet and we were addicted they were so good and thankfully now when we are

at home here we were able to find the ingredient in order to be able tomake them here at home this dish is pretty much a weekly staplefor us now so we love it it's quick and easy yeah it is easy so that makes them happyfor evenings the ingredients

we're gonna be usingtoday are two pieces of sushi grade Ahi tuna we buy it at Aldi will beusing some jasmine rice a fresh cucumber and a fresh avocado and we'll be toppingit with some scallions or green onions however you want to say it for the spicymayo we're gonna

use sriracha sauce some Hellmanns real mayonnaise some riceseasoning that we've got of a local Asian market and some soy sauce so we'regonna start by doing a half cup of rice throw in the strainer I was putting in astrainer and rinse it just a little bit with cold water

to get the starch offthe hook super sticky and for a half a cup of rice I usuallyjust do a little over a cup of water throw it on the burner on high, throw the cover on and keep an eye on it and turn it down to simmer when

it starts boiling the ricetakes about 20 minutes to cook so now we're gonna start prepping our spicymayo sauce and I just take a little bit just like they're good two spoonful andtake some sriracha you feel like it really spicy put a lot in if you don'tlike it that's

okay so you don't put a lot of really good medium and a littlebit of soy sauce and then some of the rice seasoning I like to mix up thespicy mayo this is what the simply with the chopstick now we're gonna prepare vegetables wehave all our vegetables washed first

we're going to cut up our scallions dearly for this dish we're just going touse the green end it's more for presentation you have a lot of oniontaste on the other end so we'll save that for another dish cutter bar cucumber will be using halfof this like to cut

these in fourths for thisdish you won while I got it then we'll takeour avocado cut it in half this way give it a twist and like that turn no nowe're gonna throw not avocado I was like to take a large spoonlike so the other half the same thing

we're gonna cut up our sushi-grade ahituna I like to use a really sharp fillet knife for this take get and just startcutting it into small pieces so I cut it this way trying to go against the grainif you can this is sushi-grade ahi tuna so there'sno need to

cook it you can eat it raw it's safe I'd also like to season thetuna just with some soy sauce some point now some of the rice seasoning gives ita nice flavor so just generous shake of that you don't want too much soy sauceit's not overly salty you can

always put more sauce out sorryshake it up mix it up and set it aside while we're waiting for the rice to coatI just wanted to give you guys a reminder if you haven't already pleasebe sure to give this video a thumbs up and if you haven't already pleasesubscribe

to our youtube channel we are hoping to do more of these click with mevideos with all the different dishes we've experienced on the world so staytuned we're hoping to create some more dishes as long as you know keep hangingout with me here on camera yeah and speaking of

Hawaii that is like one ofour favorite places ago we found all the islands except the Big Island except wehave middle and I went to a Wahoo Hawaii and Maui so we're hoping to get to theBig Island here one of these days to experience sex every time we go

toHawaii we just want to like stay there we don't ever wanna leave we're gonnalove it the whole yeah best food and it's atmosphere hiking nature up it'sjust so awesome so we make these dishes and it hopes to you know put us back inthe mindset of being why even

though we're far far far away from there ourrace is finished cooking so we can take it off the burner and open it up fluffit a little bit out use a wooden spoon so it doesn't scratch the finish I'm hotand I don't like to serve it blazing hot so

I let it just sit for a few minutesthat's the get out of there and let it cool down a little bit we're making thisdish do not use this and rice make sure you get an actual jasmine rice or somekind of agent rice that you actually happen to cover

that's way betterall right we're ready to start plating these so I always start by putting inthe rice first are ready to lay the tuna over the rice like to give it anotherquick shake and I just use my hands and kind of just divide out equal piecesbecause they're all

a little bit different in size oh by the way it just started snowing nono see my green grass you know what it is no it's gonna be cold once we gonnago it was 65 yesterday stream and we're inHawaii we're not in Hawaii Bron the cucumbers throw the avocado

we'll finish it off now we're ready to drizzle them with aspicy mayo sauce we made earlier so he uses chapstick I have to use afork I can use chopsticks for sushi but when it comes to the ten finish I cannotuse that I need to use my boards I

know but hmm yep another thing you cando is leave that cover out if it's too prominent in in the bowl so it's totallya personal preference and how will you want to make these bowls we've done itboth with cucumber and without it just kind of berries every time to

make oneor this may look hot it doesn't matter we like it both ways so it's definitelya personal choice I remember last time learn Hawaiian we have this poke peoplewe had to go get the shade rice you guys ever had that so good that was gonna getlike different flavor

it says eothain dessert Gerry have a meal so guys Idon't know about you guys but I always have to have something sweet after I'vebeen eating a meal beer works for me yeah he just takes a beer I'm likecraving the chocolate you guys thank you so much for joining

us we're gonna keepon eating our meal here but comment below what other types of content youwould like to see on my channel like I said I'm gonna start this series withthe cooking dishes so he'll be featured in those but ifthere's anything else different topics or anything you'd be

interested in justlet us know or if there's a different type of food or something you want us totry and we can definitely do that too so the options are endless so thank youguys so much for watching and we will see you next time we

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