How To Get Octavia Top Guide 2021

How To Get Octavia Top Guide 2021

Octavia is among the more intriguing Warframes from the sport. Her musical motif not only makes her distinctive, but she does possess the Mandachord, making it feasible to import musical songs into the match.

It is not surprising at all that she’s among their preferred Warframes from the game and utilized by newer players and players alike. If you’re interested in finding builds, we urge our Octavia Build Guide, at which we talk about the Mandachord and more!

If you would like to get your hands on the Warframe, however, you do not really know what to do and where to begin – do not stress. You found the ideal manual including all the info that you want.

Locating all of the patterns required is somewhat annoying and probably among the most complex things in the sport. But we are here in order to assist!

Start using Octavia’s Anthem

The very best way to begin farming for Octavia is by beginning her own pursuit line, known as Octavia’s Anthem’.

The pursuit line is super fun to play with and quite inventive, so don’t lose out on that! It’s a solo pursuit, which means you can not bring a group, but to tell the truth, you do not have to. Simply relax and play the wonderful narrative.

To begin Octavia’s Anthem, then you have to combine any relay and then visit Cephalon Suda.

It isn’t important when you’ve selected it as one of your own syndicates or in case you’ve got a poor reputation, it is possible to always get the pursuit here.

Simply play through the pursuit and as soon as you’re finished, you’ll be rewarded the principal blueprint for Octavia.

Hint: in the event, you truly need to understand more about this lore, you may read the official tie-in comic on the official site. It is worth a read!

How To Get Octavia Top Guide 2021

The Way to Buy Octavia Parts in Warframe?

Let us Look at where and how to get Octavia components:

Farming the Chassis Blueprint

To acquire the Octavia Chassis routine you want to go to Lua and conduct assignments until you experience the Music Puzzle there.

Solve it and you’ll be rewarded with all the blueprint. If you would like to understand more about the mystery and the way to resolve it, then you may want to look at your own Lua Music Puzzle Guide.

If you’re actively looking for this particular mystery, conducting the Crossfire or Catch mission is going to be the cleverest thing to do.

You are able to address the assignment objective whilst trying to find the room. There’s not any guarantee that the audio mystery will spawn, so you may need to run Lua assignments until you get blessed.

As soon as you’ve solved the audio mystery, simply complete your present Lua assignment and head into the extraction stage.

Farming the Neuroptics Blueprint

The Octavia Neuroptics routine is a reward accessible for each C Rotation (every 20 minutes) about the Orokin Derelict Survival mission.

The fall chance for a reward is 22.56%, which means that you may possibly get lucky in your first attempt or you need to keep on living until you receive the blueprint.

To initiate the assignment, you have to craft the Orokin Derelict Survival Key first. You may purchase the blueprint on the current market and craft it on your foundry.

It is going to only take 60 minutes to manage it, but you really do want a few common resources in addition to Nav Coordinates.

This falls from storage containers at each assignment and should you want more, do not hurry through assignments, but take time to start up a few containers!

Hint: the simplest way to do this assignment is to end up in a fantastic group and remain as long as you want. Ideal group may look something similar to:

A DPS Warframe: Saryn or Mesa are all Fantastic choices. If you’re planning on camping at a space, a participant with Octavia is also a fantastic choice.

Trinity: You need energy replenishment on your group. In addition, you require some kind of hell against each of the poisonous damage you are likely to strike. And over shields will also be always great to have, therefore Trinity with Vampire Leech is your ideal option for this particular slot.

Rate Nova: Camping collectively in 1 room has the drawback that all enemies will need to conduct towards you, which normally means you can not kill enough mobs to acquire enough Life Support. Astride Nova helps a great deal!

Nekros: Bringing at a Nekros helps with the problem mentioned previously, since his desecrate capacity increases Life Support drops. He additionally raises the rest of the drops and there are some fantastic tools on the Orokin Derelict assignments you are likely to require.

You could even decide to deliver a Sonar Banshee or even Buffer Rhino should you’re planning to stay more and should you want some kind of harm buff.

Now all you’ve got to do is remain in the assignment until you eventually get the Octavia Neuroptics fall.

Farming the Systems Blueprint

This is probably the simplest Octavia method to farm since all you need to do is conduct the Crossfire assignment on Lua, locate 1 cache (the pattern falls from your A Rotation, which means you just have to locate the initial cache), and extract as soon as you’re done with murdering enough enemies.

You may even blend it with hunting for your own Lua Music Puzzle, which will be required for your Octavia Chassis design.

Ember is just one of the greatest Warframes to select here, since you can just hurry through the assignment, kill everything whilst trying to find the very first Orokin Cache, and finish the assignment fast.

Another fantastic choice is a Volt, employing a Speed Construct. You are able to accelerate yourself (and your staff ) upward, hurry through the assignment when killing everything and save a great deal of time whilst doing this.

How To Get Octavia Top Guide 2021

Crafting Octavia

A couple of words about crafting the Warframe once you have discovered all her designs: You really do want the Mandachord you created if you’re enjoying the Octavia pursuit lineup and also some resources that are rare.

But if you are at the stage in the game in which you can get yourself to the Orokin Derelict assignments and farm the routines that you need to also have the ability to find all of the tools required.

If you are in need of some of the tools, you may want to utilize the recruiting chat to acquire a farming team collectively. Should you will need any pointers or help on this, feel free to have a peek at our Resource Farming Guide.

However, to tell the truth, there should not be a problem whatsoever in crafting Octavia and her components.


Octavia is somewhat unique, as to receive all the blueprints required to craft you are compelled to conduct different assignments plus her own pursuit line.

But if you know where to look and what to do you should not have some trouble getting yourself the patterns and crafting Octavia.

Yes, even some RNG is concerned, but grinding via a mission multiple times is a portion of Warframe’s allure after all. Thus, do this and also have fun playing Octavia!

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