How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve Top Guide 2021

How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve Top Guide 2021

Let us say you noticed your bathtub acting wonky. It is drippy, not operating well. . .and it is turning into a substantial pain. The odds are that you are going to get to replace the shower enclosure. In case you’ve got a two-handle shower enclosure, choosing a professional to replace it may cost up to $600.

It is not tough to substitute a two-handle shower enclosure. To do it, you will need to shut your water off until you remove the grips and stalks to remove the valve. Following that, you will have to set up your valve and turn the water back on. Provided that you have all of the ideal stuff, you’ll not have a problem doing this project yourself.

We have made this guide for you to follow, so you could easily remove and replace the two-handle shower flap yourself. This way, you do not need to spend the cash for labor to acquire a contractor to help you, as this can be a DIY favorable project.

Fixing Your Two-Handle Shower Valve Can Be DIY Friendly

Odds are, you do not need to shell out the money to hire a professional to replace your shower enclosure. Believe it or not, replacing a two-handle shower enclosure is not that hard. Consequently, if you would like to, you can certainly do it yourself. You just have to make certain you have the tools required to do the job, and naturally, the replacement valves.

If you’re new to the DIY world, this is the best task, to begin with. But it might be a fantastic idea to invite a friend over who’s more DIY expertise that will assist you. This way they can direct you and teach you while you go.

How Long Would A Shower Valve Require?

How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve Top Guide 2021

Most professionals may do it in under one hour. To get a newbie using DIY expertise, you need to expect it to take approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours.

Fixing Your Two-Hand Shower Valve Is Straightforward

For a large part, this is not a tricky DIY task to perform. But it’s dull and detail-oriented. Additionally, it may demand an adequate quantity of strength. That is why plenty of individuals prefer to get it done professionally. If strength isn’t your specialty, there is no need to stress. You may ask a friend or a neighbor for help. Spending someone $10 to eliminate something for you is far better than paying $300 in labor prices!

The Way to Replace Your Shower Valve

Now you get a fantastic idea about what to expect concerning time and effort let us get to the actual meat of this guide and discuss the actions that you’ll need to take.

Tools You’ll Need

Before you are able to replace whatever, you are likely to have to acquire the perfect type of shower enclosure, in addition to the equipment that you want. We suggest picking a shower enclosure which has the exact same kind of installation as your present one.

Together with your own valve, you’ll need the following:

  • A jigsaw
  • A soldering flashlight
  • Pipe fittings
  • A transformation plate
  • Teflon tape
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • A 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • An adjustable wrench

If you don’t get the right tools, then this project will be just about impossible. If you do not have the proper tools for this particular job, maybe investing in them is a fantastic idea. After all, you may need them for other projects too. Home improvement stores also have power gear it is possible to rent if you do not need to buy them.

Step 1: Close Away Your Water

Now that you have obtained the equipment in hand, you’ll have to shut off your water source to the shower. You can achieve it by turning the switch on the water line that contributes to your shower. To maintain your water pressure stable, turn the water into your sink and only allow it to run.

If that is too difficult, you could even shut off the water line away. Should you do so you must plan it if nobody else is home, or forewarn them that the water won’t be available for one hour or so.

Step 2: Eliminate Your Shower Handles And Stems

How To Replace Two Handle Shower Valve Top Guide 2021

Here is where you’re going to get to put in a while. You’ll have to eliminate the shower deal covers. Most people can use a screwdriver, an Allen key, or an adjustable wrench. Put this equipment in a box for safekeeping.

Then turn your focus to the shower stalks using your wrench or screwdriver. Most stalks are screw-shaped, which means it is possible to unscrew them. Place these things in the box, also, as you’ll want them later.

Step 3: Eliminate The Old Shower Valve

You’ll have to establish your valve precisely the exact same way you found it, so have a photo of your previous flap before you begin working with it. This is sometimes carried out with your phone if you would like to make things fast.

Now, let us get to work! If you can not get your hands at the valve area, you may have to expand the hole on your wall to get this using your own jigsaw. Detach the valve in the lines into the hot and cold water, in addition to the line for your showerhead in case you’ve got one. The pit must be at least 12 inches to access your own valve.

As soon as you eliminate it, maintain the fittings on your safekeeping box as you’ll want them. If you are concerned about screws falling down the drain, then it is a fantastic idea to plug in your drain to prevent this from occurring in the event you ditch the box.

Step 4: Install The New Shower Valve

Now it is time to put in your valve! Now is also a fantastic time to have a rest as you’ve hit the halfway stage. Therefore, in the event that you are feeling sore or tired, take a 15-minute break before return to work.

Grab your shower enclosure and install it on your shower. Connect the lines into the hot and cold water, in addition to the bathtub line. When you are linking everything, make sure that it’s installed in the specific same manner as your previous shower enclosure has been. To be sure everything works nicely, utilize the fittings out of your previous flap, and also double-check your setup against the photo you’ve got. After that, wrap Teflon tape around the couplings and adapters.

Important Notice

It is very important to align everything in their corresponding instructions. By way of instance, your left port should be attached with your hot water pipes, while your proper port should be connected to the right piping. Use female threaded couplings and adapters to connect up to it. Ensure the valve question is payable at precisely the exact same position as your very last valve. As soon as you’ve completed that, replace the stalks, the shower manages, the conversion plate, and also the rest of the fittings which you have.

Measure 5: Turn The Water Back On

When the valve is replaced, then it is possible to turn on the water. In the event that you needed to remove part of your shower to get into the valve, then you may have to replace the tiling. (However, that is another article!) After that, clean any debris and dust which you have on your toilet against the replacement.

When You Need to Avoid Fixing The Valves by Yourself

Though the majority of folks can succeed on their own for this particular project, there are occasions where it makes more sense to employ a professional–and not merely for sake’s sake, possibly. If some of these are accurate, you May Need to call a professional or a plumber:

  • You’re incapable of replacing the component. This is a simple job for most folks, but it is not something people that are mobility-impaired should try by themselves. In case you’ve got a handicap that prevents hefty arm motion or functioning with accuracy, then this is not a job for you.
  • Your bathtub’s installation has an exceptional twist on it. Showers that have exceptionally complex showers or pipes which involve a non-standard installation process have to be dealt with by means of a pro. In case you’ve got over three valves or possess a twisty installation, simply skip this and request a handyman’s help.
  • The home you are working on is over 40 years of age. Mature homes are known to possess strange plumbing setups and might also have other problems which will need to be dealt with. The older the home is, the more probable it is you will require professional assistance.
  • You want to knock out a wall to get into the pipes, and you do not understand how to repair it. If you are fairly sure you are going to need to eliminate the tiling or a wall socket and it won’t be a small cut, call a professional team to have it done. You do not need to manage to rebuild a bathtub wall by yourself!
  • Something went wrong during your own replacement. Let us say that you skimmed through the directions, did something, then your bathtub still won’t get the job done, and water is pooling behind the wall. Should this happen, you want to call a professional to repair your errors.

Our Final Take

At first glance, the task of replacing a shower enclosure could be intimidating–much more than, say, replacing a doorknob or even changing out your faucet. But looks can be deceiving. A normal shower enclosure replacement project can be simple so long as you follow the steps carefully and keep a lookout for possible leaks.

Obviously, there is always likely to be a caveat. In case you’ve got a shower installation that needs more work compared to the standard, you may want to call a professional to manage it. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

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