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Oh, my god.

It's a perfectly poached egg! I'd give you a.




– Nine? That's because you're not gonna cook again.

The ingredient I chose to use today were eggs, because it's such a versatile thing.

Like, I love eggs.

We eat them all the time.

They're so simple to make, right? Right? Well.



*Just wait till you try to poach the eggs, fam* I chose the one egg dish that is so hard to make: Eggs Benedict.

So here's the plan.

First I'm gonna make the hollandaise sauce For this I'll need eggs, butter, salt, chilli powder and some lemon.

Then I'm going to make a potato hash base instead of the English muffin.

For this I'll need some potatoes, mixed herbs, olive oil, salt, garlic and chilli powder.

Instead of ham or bacon, I'm going to make a layer of creamy spinach.

For this I need the spinach, of course, and some fresh cream.

And then finally, I'll poach the eggs.

For this, all I need are the eggs, and some salt and vinegar to poach them in.

So let's begin.

I know that potatoes take a really long time to cook, so I'm going to par-boil these potatoes.

*doesn't actually know what par-boil means* Just gonna let that happen on the side, and I'm gonna start on the sauce.

I'm feeling so professional right now.

What size bowl do I use?*short lived professionalism* The first step of making a hollandaise sauce is to separate the egg yolks from the whites.

Will you look at this? *so easily amused, as always* I successfully separated the yolk! So now that I've got these really nice, well-separated yolks, *not yet over it* what's the next step? Oh, whisk them.

*RIP* Found the whisk! You're supposed to use a blender for this, but I don't have a blender so I'm gonna whisk this over the double boiler, just so that it, like, cooks a little bit.

Oh, I forgot about the butter.

I have to heat half a cup of butter.

This is a shit ton of butter.

I always thought eggs were healthy.

Today I'm learning that they are not.

*Just this recipe, Paroma.

* I found this cute little pan.

I'm pretty sure this is for, like, vaghaar.

I'm just gonna pour the butter into this.

*Melted butter is very satisfying to pour* Gonna heat this butter further.

Oh, f**k.

*RIP* The heat of the butter needs to cook the whisked eggs.

The key is to do it, like, really slowly.

I only have two hands.

How do chefs do this? Once it's a decent texture, then you add a little bit of lemon, a little bit of salt, and a little bit of chilli.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.

Oh, I'm so scared to taste this.

*It's basically just eggs and butter* *What a pleasant surprise* I think I figured it out.

I looks pretty nice.

It looks like the right consistency.

So now that the potatoes have boiled, I'm gonna start making the potato hash, which is the easiest thing for me.

Maybe I spoke too soon.

The potatoes are cooked on one side, but not the other side.

So I'm gonna cut them into, like, really small cubes.

I can't find the olive oil, therefore I will be using regular oil.

Now I'm gonna put this really messy bunch of potatoes into the pan.

With some salt in here.

This is gonna taste so good with some herbs.

I don't even know the difference between these so I'm just gonna put all of them.

Parsley? Sure, why not? Oregano.

You can substitute this with those packets of oregano that I know you're hoarding.

It's really good.

I'm gonna boil some water to blanch the spinach.

I know that spinach shrinks when you cook it, So let's just.



boil it all, I guess.

I've never really cooked with spinach before, so I don't actually know if I'm supposed to be keeping these, like, stalks on here.

Probably not? This is definitely easier to cut than those bloody potatoes.

Let's put it on here before the butter boils.

So I'm gonna put a little cream into the spinach, just a tiny dollop, so it tastes really nice and creamy and fresh.

Hmm, this is so good.

I've got this lovely sauce ready, I've got the potatoes ready, I've got the spinach ready.



Finally, now is the time to poach the eggs.

A poached egg is basically when the white of the egg cooks around the yolk, but the yolk still remains gooey and soft.

The way to do that is you fill a pot with water.

You have to make it swirl, and break the egg right into it.

It's absolutely crucial that the water is not boiling when this happens, because otherwise it'll just become a boiled egg.

So it has to be like, just boiled, but not really.



*RIP* .



which is really hard to do.

You can put a bit of vinegar in it, because that helps with, like, floatation or something, I don't know.

*LOL what* Add some salt also, because it lowers the temparature of water.

*Boiling point, oops* Shout out, seventh standard physics.

*Chemistry?* I'm gonna break it first into a bowl, so that when I pour it in, like there's no eggshells.

I'm so stressed.

Ooh, the egg is swirling with it.

This is so cool.

Oh, no! The yolk is breaking.

The egg white is breaking everywhere.

Okay, I don't think this worked.


* Attempt number 2.

*of many* While bringing it out, if you pierce it, the yolk is just gonna explode.

*No, it won't lol* I'm not a very gentle person.



Nooo, it broke! Pretty much everything went wrong.

But I'm gonna learn from my mistakes.

This time I'm putting less water.

The yolk separated from the egg white.

And it broke.

*Aww RIP* This is so sad.

Wow, this egg yolk has already broken before I've even put it in there.

If it doesn't work, I'm gonna put fried eggs on this.

*Fried eggs suck* I dropped this more gently, closer to the water.



and now it's poaching.

Now I know why this dish is so expensive, because it takes, like, forever to make.










* Oh, my god.

It's a perfectly poached egg! Now I just have to do this again two more times! *Dying internally* I'm so proud of myself.

Look at it! It's not perfect, but after four attempts, I think I'm just gonna settle with what I get.

The eggs are not properly poached, but you know what? My parents are going to eat it, and they're gonna love it anyway, because I'm their child.




let's start plating.

Because I'm using the potatoes as a base, I'm just gonna put it in a circle so it looks kind of like how the bread would look.

Then I'm gonna put a layer of creamed spinach on top, and then I'm gonna put this poached egg which is almost breaking.

Looks so nice! *The poached egg has broken but let's pretend that didn't happen* They are eagerly waiting for this.

Oh wait, I forgot the sauce!*LOL* After all that effort, I forgot to put the sauce.

Ooh, look.

The consistency is so good.

*Could charge 5000 rupees for this dish tbh* *JK like 100* How is it? *It's amazing, you're the best daughter and chef ever* Do you think I should cook everyday? Please.

That would be great.

What do you think? They are very good.

Out of 10, how much are y'all scoring, judges? I'd give you a nine.

– Yeah, me too.


Nine? Okay, 9.


That's because you're not gonna cook again, that's why.

That's why you cut a point?*Weird flex but OK Sanjay* Okay, I'm about to taste this lovely plate of food.

Aww, look at this! Look at it.

The egg is perfectly poached, even though it split a little bit on the side.

It tastes exactly like what I had hoped it would taste like.

Eggs-actly what I had hoped it would taste like.




*Don't judge me* I'll stop making puns forever.

Just kidding.

I'm eggs-aggerating.















It took only 3 hours and 45 minutes to make one Eggs Benedict.






I'm a masterchef.

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This is why I hate cooking.


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