LAST WEEK OF DAILY EXERCISE! How I’ll continue with fitness going forward and what my March goal is!

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Good morning everybody! It’s Sunday March 1st and I’m so excitedthat this video is coming out on March 1st.

March 1st is kind of a holiday for me andmy family because March 1st is the day that my Aunt Kathy was born.

My Aunt Kathy had Down’s Syndrome and unfortunatelyshe passed away several years ago, but we remember her life and her birthday and wecelebrate every year by going to Dunkin Donuts, which was her favorite place to just get acoffee and a donut, and so every year we get a coffee and a donut, so I have my coffeeand my donut here.

And I just wanted to share why we celebratethis.

If you guys want to remember Aunt Kathy orcelebrate, go ahead and get a coffee and a donut today.

Thank you so much for tuning in to anothervideo.

This week is the last week of February, soit’s my last week of my February goal, which is daily exercise.

This month, I told you guys about how my backpain has set me back in my exercise goal and how even though I haven’t gone to the gymperfectly every single day I’m still super proud of my accomplishment of how many timesI have gone to the gym.

This month has been all about refocusing onmy fitness and getting to the gym as much as possible to create healthy habits for thefuture.

And I definitely have done that.

If you haven’t seen my other February videos, click the link in the corner of this screen.

This week, I was still kind of going easyon my back during my exercises.

I think what happened last week is that Iprobably lifted something.



maybe a weight at the gym, but maybe just something randomat work or at home.



and I used my back to lift instead of my legs, which could havestrained my back and brought on the pain.

So everything I’ve been doing at the gymsince, I’ve been very careful to make sure I have good form and I’ve been paying closeattention to my body and not doing anything that’s more painful.

So last week, the chiropractor gave me a fewexercises to do every day, which I am doing, but I’m also still going to the gym as muchas possible.

But Thursday I actually didn’t go to thegym.

I ended up hanging out with friends for mostof the night – well after the gym was closed.

And again, my fitness goals will not comeat the expense of personal relationships.

On Friday, I went back to the chiropractor.

They’re starting to get to know what I needfor treatment, so I felt a lot better after this session.

And I got some more exercises to do everyday.

I went to the chiropractor straight from workand then after that went straight to the gym.

Again, it’s so much easier for me to getto the gym if I go straight there instead of going home first.

On Saturday, I went to the gym again, andjust like Friday I did a pretty easy workout on the elliptical.

I went pretty hard on Wednesday night withmy legs and I was still sore in my calves days later.

So I just did two easy workouts back to back.

On Sunday I was planning to spend some timedoing a good arms workout, but I was running out of time before the gym closed, so I hadto do a really short workout.

This is another reason, on top of all theother reasons I told you in my last video, of why Planet Fitness is gonna be a betterfit for me.

Planet Fitness is open 24/7, which is hugebecause I like to workout at night.

It’s not too hard for me to get in and outof the gym by 10pm on weeknights, but when the gym closes at 8pm on weekends, it’sa struggle.

Every weekend I’ve either missed a day becauseof this or I’ve had to do a rushed workout like this.

On Monday night, I didn’t go to the gymagain because I was babysitting my coworker’s daughter all night.

Now this is something I knew I’d be doingin advance, so at the beginning of the month I was a little stressed about how to go tothe gym when I wouldn’t get home until super late.

I originally thought that I’d plan to getup really early and hit one of those 5am spin classes before work.

Thank God I changed my mind on that one! That would have made Monday an even longerday, so it definitely would not have been the right time to try a super early class.

But at this point in the month, I have learnedto give myself grace when trying to do my goals, and it is so much better because ofthat.

On Tuesday, I went straight to the gym afterwork.

But I was exhausted guys.

I didn’t get to bed until after 2am on Mondaynight, and I got up early for work in the morning.

So Tuesday, I just sat in the sauna and sweatit out for twenty minutes and then went home to go to sleep.

But I was really eager to get back in thegym Wednesday and get a good workout in.

I wanted to on Tuesday, but I just couldn’tdo it.

On Wednesday morning I went back to the chiropractoragain.

My back is definitely getting better.

I haven’t had that sharp pain in my backfor about a week, so it’s just been the dull pain I usually deal with, just a littleworse than normal.

The chiropractor is starting to get into aroutine with me of what kinds of therapies work best.

I’m hoping I’ll just have to go a couplemore times for pain relief and then be able to continue doing home exercises to strengthenthat area.

Wednesday night I did a good workout on theelliptical after work while I was watching a show.

On Thursday night, I went to the gym withmy friends! My friends Haley, Jess, and Victoria camewith me to the gym for my first workout at Planet Fitness! And it was so much fun.

Hey guys it’s Thursday and we just finishedup at the gym.

We’re all at Planet Fitness today and, whatdid we do today guys? Uh, we did some cardio.

Yes, elliptical.

Started out with the arc trainer.

30 minutes, that’s a new record for me.

We got yelled at for being too loud.

Yes, apparently you can’t laugh here.

Um, abs.

Lots of abs.

Oh yeah that’s true.

We have six packs now.

Weight lifting.

Playing on the big blow up balls.

The yoga balls.

The yoga balls.

Uh, we did some free lift free weights.

Oh true.

30 minute circuit.

And then, I ran on the treadmill for likea solid two minutes.

Oh yeah.

Yeah, like five minutes on the treadmill.

And that’s it, so it was a blast.

thanks to my workout buddies! Woo! We spent over two hours there and it wentby so fast because we just enjoy each other’s company.

Now that I’m a black card member of PlanetFitness, we for sure will be doing this often.

On Friday, I went back to the chiropractoragain.

I feel like I haven’t improved much in thepast two sessions.

Like I said in my last video, with my chiropractorin Connecticut, she knew exactly what I needed, so anytime I had a flare up, I could go seeher for 2 or 3 sessions and be back to normal.

So I’m not sure if this time I just hurtmy back a lot more, or if the chiropractic therapies are just not helping as much asthey usually do.

Like I said, I don’t have any of that supersharp pain I was having last week, which is a huge improvement.

So now it’s just the dull pain, that’sworse than my usual pain.

But I hope with a few more sessions at thechiropractor, I’ll be able to just continue on my own with the exercises and hot padsand everything, cause it’s getting expensive! After I went to the chiropractor, I went backto LA Fitness for the last time.

I decided to quit LA Fitness.

I explained my reasons for this in my lastvideo so if you haven’t seen that yet, click the link in the corner of this screen.

Basically, I was paying more for LA Fitnessbut not using all their services.

And Planet Fitness worked better for me fora few reasons.

The location is better, the hours are better, and I can bring a guest every time.

So on Friday, I went to LA Fitness and quitthe gym.

I expected the process of quitting to be frustratingbecause they’d probably try to convince you not to quitI wanna quit the gym.

You do realize you won’t have access toour new full service swedish spa? I wanna quit the gym.

But it was frustrating in other ways instead.

On Wednesday, when I was at LA Fitness, Itried to quit, but the person working the front desk told me I’d have to come backwhen the operations manager was working, and she worked Monday through Friday, 9-6.

So Justin and I went back at 5:30, right afterhe left work.

And we were told that the operations managerworks Monday through Friday 9-5.

So she was gone for the day, for the weekend, and since it’s the end of the month we would get charged $60 for both our memberships.

So that left me with a bad impression of LAFitness.

But I’m excited to begin my journey at PlanetFitness! This month was a tough goal.

As you guys know, I optimistically said atthe beginning of the month that I’d be going to the gym every single day.

And that was so much harder than I expectedit would be and not just because I didn’t feel like it or I was too lazy, but becauseit was more of a time commitment than I realized.

Life got in the way sometimes and I realizedthat I didn’t want to focus on fitness over personal relationships.

So going forward, I’m still going to goto the gym as much as possible.

But for the next month or so, I’m goingto set a new schedule for myself to go four times a week, instead of trying to go everyday.

This way, when something comes up and I goout with friends or go home to visit family, I won’t feel like I’m failing my goal.

But I’ll still be pushing myself to tryto go almost every day after work.

Now that it is the end of February, I’mturning my attention away from physical health.

But not completely away though! I’m still continuing my January nutritiongoal of meal prepping and I’m going to continue going to the gym as much as I can.

But my March goal is going to be focusingon spiritual health, by doing some sort of spiritual practice every day.

For those of you who don’t know my story, my super short testimony is this: I grew up in the Lutheran church and was always superinvolved in church.

I loved church.

I was loved by the church.

I had the typical “come to Jesus” moment, at a summer camp in high school, where I realized that being a Christ-follower takes more thanjust going to church, so I became devoted.

I focused on making all my decisions basedon what God would have me do and tried to act more like Jesus.

I joined a worship band and eventually I decidedto go to a Christian college.

I loved being surrounded by Christians allthe time.

At first.

My high school self thought my relationshipwith God would be so much easier if I was surrounded by other people who loved and servedGod.

But I felt lost in college, in many ways, but mostly spiritually.

And I became a Christian Ministries major- which honestly made it even more confusing.

I was focusing more time and energy on Godthan ever before, but I felt more distant than God from ever before.

And over time, nothing’s really changed, and I’ve come to realize that my relationship with God now is mostly intellectual.

When I was in high school, I didn’t knowas much about the Bible and the history of Christianity as I do now, and I didn’t reallyknow what I believed specifically or the reasons why.

But I felt the presence of God.

I felt close to God and led by God.

It was all emotional.

And while I don’t believe that a relationshipwith God should be entirely emotional, I don’t think it should be entirely intellectual either.

I’m in a place in my faith now where I believein God, I know what I believe about God, I know what the Bible says and how to interpretit.

But I don’t think it shows in my life.

My relationship with God in college was solelyacademic and I lost the desire to read the Bible, pray, meditate, or worship outsideof any class requirements.

And part of this might be a reaction to theChurch.

Where I used to love going to church and feelloved and accepted there, now all I see in the Church – and by Church I mean  churchin general, not my specific one.

All I see in the Church is the hurt it’scaused so many people.

Lots of people see the Church as a place ofhurt because of people who value doctrine over people.

And I just don’t see how Jesus’ life, message, and mission fit in at most churches these days.

I don’t see the real love Jesus taught.

And I don’t think Jesus himself would likemany of our churches these days.

And that’s frustrating to me.

Sometimes, I don’t want to align myselfwith the Church or call myself a Christian because I don’t want to align myself withconservative Christian views that so many people assume that all Christians hold.

I don’t want people in the LGBTQ communityto think I hate them, and I don’t want people to feel judged about abortion or divorce.

The percentage of Christians who condemn abortion, divorce, homosexuality, and other hot topics like that have hurt so many people so muchthat the word Christian has a negative connotation.

And if being a Christian means going to churchand hearing about Jesus’ radical love and acceptance, but then turning around and denyingour LGBTQ neighbors that love and acceptance or denying women a place in leadership, orcondemning those who have had an abortion or gotten a divorce, then I don’t want anypart of being a Christian.

Sorry about the rant, but for this month, I’m focusing on loving God again.

Not just knowing God loves me or believingHe exists and is good.

Really, truly loving and being devoted tomy faith once again.

And I’m not going to do this by going tochurch more – I’m going to do this on my own, away from that place of hurt, so thatI can focus on the true nature of God, and not just the God we want to believe in basedon the strict doctrine we want to hold.

So how am I going to do this goal? By focusing on God every single day.

Most people would probably suggest readinga devotion every morning before I go to work.

But if you’ve seen any of my other videos, you know I don’t get up early enough to do that.

That’s not realistically going to make melove God more.

So there’s three ways I am going to focuson my spiritual health: The first way is Bible reading.

I am focusing on the book of Job this month.

But my concern with this part of my goal isthat I’ll be reading the Bible academically again.

I want to read this book, not thinking aboutthe hermeneutics or the object lessons that could come from it.

I want to read this book for me.

For my own spirituality.

The second way I am going to accomplish thisgoal is through prayer.

I used to pray all.



Just silent prayer, talking to God throughmy thoughts throughout the day.

And I want to bring that back.

Prayer is actually one of my favorite thingsto teach about because there’s no ONE way to do prayer.

So I’m going to be experimenting with somedifferent styles of prayer throughout this month as well.

And I’m also going to have a list of peopleI pray for everyday and I’m going to use some prayers I found written by others.

But mostly I’m focusing on making prayerpart of my day again.

Just talking to God throughout the day andnot just a set time.

And the third way I’m going to focus onGod this month is I’m going to meditate on a different Bible verse every week.

So I’ll be sharing my Bible verse for theweek on Sundays in my videos, before I actually go through the week.

So you guys can meditate on those verses withme if you’d like! This first week’s verse is Romans 5:7-8, the New International Version, which says “Very rarely will anyone die for a righteousperson, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die.

But God demonstrates his own love for us inthis: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

” I want to focus this week on the marvel ofhow amazing God’s love is.

I want to remind myself every single day ofhow incredible it is that God sent Jesus to die for us.

So if you’d like to meditate on this versewith me, feel free! And stay tuned next week for another verseto meditate on.

What do you think of my March goal? I’m really excited about digging back intothe Word and focusing myself on prayer and meditation again.

I’ve been longing for a closer relationshipwith God but I just haven’t been prioritizing it.

This month will definitely help me to do so.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video! This week’s shoutout goes to Victoria.

Thank you so much for watching my video andfor commenting on Facebook, Victoria.

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Tune in next week to see why! I hope you guys have an awesome week and I’llsee you next week!.

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