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STUART BISHOP:We're responding now to a male versusfemale disturbance.

Apparently, it got physical, and the female hit her head on something.

EMS is also goingto be in or out.

So we've got a hazardon this address.

It said the male is extremelycombative with police as well.

So this is probablyhim right here.

Don't do anything infront of these guys.

I'm on my property.

Are you coming at me? Just don't hit me, so theseguys don't take you to jail, OK? I had a seizure–RADIO: Recording.

Wi-Fi connected.

[BLEEP] over-stressed me.

Do not come on my property.

Yes, OK.

I'm fine.

She hasn't hit me or nothing.

Did you hit your head, fall and hit your head? I've got a little bump.

But I'm fine.

I'm a [BLEEP] Irish bitch.

I got this.

And if my husbanddon't come at me again, he can go to the [BLEEP]motor home for the night.

He's not coming backin my house tonight, because I will beatthe [BLEEP] out of him.

I've been saving his lifefor six [BLEEP] days.

And he's an ungratefulson of a bitch.

STUART BISHOP: Hey, ma'am?Ma'am? What? STUART BISHOP: Can youand me talk calmly please? Yes.


He cannot come backin my house tonight.

Well, I'd love tohelp you with that.

But let's calm down, OK, so Ican figure out what's going on.

He's a selfish son of a bitch.

That's what it is.

What happened? Man, I've been– let me breathe.

STUART BISHOP: Yeah, take– catch your breath.

Hey, ma'am, do youwant them to look at you? WOMAN: No.

Are you sure? Promise.

OK, because we're hereto check your health.

I want him in the motorhome, and I want my gun back.

He's not allowed to comeback in my house tonight.

How long have youguys lived here? 30 years.

We own this [BLEEP].

We've got the deed.

All right.

Yeah, I'm stressed.

I ain't slept in five days.

I ain't ate.

I'm [BLEEP] heaving.

Yes, that's whatI'm trying to say.

And this ungrateful [BLEEP]try to go and get [INAUDIBLE].


It might make him feel better.

Nobody's coming into my yard.

I'm not going to haveanybody come into your yard.

I'm making thatclear right now.

No one's welcome on my property.

Nobody wants tocome on your property.

WOMAN: You, get yourass in the motor home.

Is he staying in themotor home tonight? WOMAN: Give me back my gun.

You're not comingin my house tonight.

I can't even hearmyself [BLEEP] think.

WOMAN: Take your[BLEEP] dog with you.

I'm definitely notgiving her a gun right now.


WOMAN: I've got plenty.

It don't matter what yougive me back right now.

Now what? I've got guns.

[BLEEP] – Do you have a gun on you?- Yeah.

WOMAN: 30 [BLEEP]years, how dare you? OK.

Is that all?Is that all you have? Yeah.

I told you to stoptesting me, bitch.

STUART BISHOP: Clear there.

Please, pleasego in the house.


I've got to talk–these guys won't– WOMAN: [BLEEP] you.

You created this, bitch.

How do you like it now? Is there anything thatwe can do to help you? You can make himgo to the motor home and stay away from me.

– That's what we're going to do.

We're going to do that.

Take his [BLEEP] dog too.

What else? Is there something else thatwe can help you out with? I really want you to calmdown and take it easy, because you just– you ended up just fainting.

Tell me how to breathe.


You definitely needto get some breath.

You need to get some fresh air.

And you definitely need to getsome stress off your shoulders.

It's been six days.

I understand I've been keeping it.

Take him out of those [BLEEP]handcuffs or you're really going to make me– No, no, no, no.

They ain't got mein no handcuffs.

Get your ass inthe motor home now.

Mike, is that all you got? WOMAN: That's allhe's getting tonight.

Let's go.

WOMAN: Get out.

GABE SLAYBAUGH: So farwe've got them separated.

Both of them are armed, so we've got their guns.

We're going to putthat in property room, then come back laterand get their guns.

But you know, insituations like this, you just gotta kind ofsit there and bare all the abusive language andstuff and just kind of agree with them, you know, and listento what they're trying to say, you know.

So hopefully, she's goingto go and get some sleep.

And this will bedone for the night, we won't get called back here.


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