Love Handle & Muffin Top Workout (8 min) | Beginner Friendly, No Jump, No Equipment

Hi everyone, it's me, April I am going to share an effective workout to get rid of love handle & muffin top There are eight exercises in total 30-45 seconds on for each exercise Ok, let’s get started First let's hold up the upper body like this then lean to one side about 45 degrees angle Kick your legs to upper inclined side Please keep your legs together all the time Also, don’t extend them out in half please stretch your legs out completely and extend them out as far as possible Hold them out for seconds and then return to starting position Please engage your core all the time You can put hands on your abdomen or waist to feel how the muscles are engaged Ok, take a break then switch to the other side The angles of the body tilting and leg kicking is not fixed you can adjust it slightly and find the best angle which gives your muscles the strongest training Please tuck your belly in and keep breathing naturally Breath out when you extend your legs and inhale with your nose when you retract them Let's do this movement slowly and controlled in which way we can train the waist muscles better Ok, take a break Get ready for the second exercise, X-Crunches & Ups First touch the knee of the opposite leg with the elbow hold for two seconds, then return to the starting position After that, touch the opposite ankle with your fingers hold for two seconds, then return to the starting position Please lightly place your fingers behind the ears do not pull on the head very hard with your hands to do the crunch which will cause serious injury to your neck and spine I don't know if you have noticed that when I do crunch I touch the outside of the knee with outside of the elbow which is more challenging and will give better results We can do this exercise slower make sure you are doing it properly Ok, take a rest, next exercise is Superman which can exercise our back and waist very well Lie face down on a mat raise our upper body and legs off the floor hold for seconds, then return to starting position Please do not raise them too high We should just raise chest away from the ground while abdomen still touching the floor For legs, make sure your raised toes are below your hips in horizontal Because if you raise upper body and legs too high it will put too much pressure on the lower part of our spines which may cause lower back pain Also, you don't have to raise your arms very high Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable in the shoulders Also please lower your chin, instead of looking up Keep your legs straight, don't bend Are you starting to feel tired? I am tired also But we can make it, fighting! Ok, take a rest Get ready for the next exercise – Mountain Climber Toe Taps which works really well for getting rid of love bundles First, reach the elbow with your knee After touching the elbow, squeeze harder you will feel the burning in your muscles Hold for two seconds extend your leg backward and tap by the side of body then return to the starting position Engage your abdomen throughout the whole process Every time squeeze leg to touch the elbow we can feel the tension and burning of waist muscles Are you tried now? Please don't give up The more tired we are the better results we can get from these exercises we insist on So we must hold on Keep going! Ok, have a rest The coming exercise will be Side Plank Dips This exercise can slim down our waist very well Place forearm firmly on the ground to support your body Keep your knees, hips and shoulders in a straight line Engaging your core, prop yourself up and down When you lift hip to the top, or fall to the bottom you need to work harder to hold for a few seconds before moving to the coming movement This tiny detail can give us much better results Well, let's switch to the other side You can put hands on your waist to feel how the muscles are engaged The closer we get between our knees and arms the higher our hips can be raised and the better the results will be If it's uncomfortable for you to lift your hips up and down you can just do the side plank without dips Well, have a rest Next exercise is Russian Twist It can tone our abdomen, slim down waist even get firm abs Since it's very common for us to have a back pain while doing workouts so this exercise I designed is just with very minor twists The back should be straightened and the feet lifted off the floor I know you are very tired now but please keep doing We will have a break in few seconds We can do it, fight! Ok, time for break Next we're going to do an exercise Mountain Climber Side Walking Engage your core to lift the body up to decrease the pressure on your arms and feet and your movement will be easier and faster After reaching the side of the body we still need to hold for a few seconds which will train our waist muscles better please don't hold your breath when walking to reach the elbows, exhale slowly While you are relaxed, inhale deeply Hold on This is the last hard exercise There is just a few more seconds Keep going! Ok, take a break And then, it’s the last exercise It can thin the waist and has a good stretching effect on the muscles of the waist and back Lie on your back with your arms straight out to the sides bend your knees and engage your core rotate the hip to one side without letting the legs touching the floor hold for a few seconds then return to starting position and switch to other side Keep your core engaged and your abs tight to keep our spines stable while rotating hips Well, focus on breathing Exhale as we rotate hips and inhale deeply as we return to starting position Ok, that’s all for today.

The set of exercises can be done once or twice per day When combined with diet control and other whole body fat burning workout You can get faster and better results Ok, see you in the next video Bye Bye.

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