Recreate Superman at home! | DIY Film & Lighting Setup

somebody help me I need a flight effect i am excited for this one not only arewe doing the man of steel fly effect an effect i've wanted to do for agesbut we are bringing this to you in a four part mini-serieseach of which is going to be focused

and directed on an aspect that went intomaking the sequence starting off with today diy lighting wewere able to make this from home my home to be preciselet's figure out how you can do it too with this being a four part mini serieswe would hate for you to miss

out on any of these amazing effects sosubscribe my voice broke that's super mannyour flying effect of course is inspired by the one in man of steelwhich aim to capture the speed of which superman flies faster than a speedingbullet if you hadn't heard sequences were captured on green screenand

a giant sound studio using a series of wires and gimbal rigsto help lift superman himself today we're going down the diy routeworking with what i have available around the house so we're going to berecreating this blockbuster effect with a $50 softbox a £30 ring lightsome household lights which

i think are from ikeanot to mention a pop-up green screen that i found for $60 and since i wasn't much of a spider-man oh no let's see how i do as the man ofsteel in the FXhome office we're lucky to have a great selection of lights andequipment to

make our tutorials before this shot to make the most ofwhat i have available it's best to location scouti've decided to film in this room it's got the most space out of the entirehouse as well as furniture that i can actuallymove out and plan what the end result could

look likethis is the time to look closely at the reference material as well as considerour needs and what's possible what do you thinklet's start off with the needs looking at my location we have a few thingsworking against us this large window is throwing in adirectional daylight onto my

set can't have that the white walls cause lightto bounce everywhere as white is reflective and the majority ofmy lamps are unadjustable meaning i can't dim them and they're set to onecolor temperature the green screen also requires to bewell lit and of course green need to know more about

green screens ihighly recommend our five tips for green screen compositing Javert lays down how toget the best results for your composites so what's our solution let's start offwith this simple one that window can be covereda common approach is to use black bin bags get as many as you

can and justtape them up originally i considered standing on thegreen screen and placing the camera above mebut this would create a nasty contact shadow and make for a rough keya huge no-no instead i placed the green screen as far back as i could and as itneeded to be

bright i used the strongest light i hadthe soft box to help ensure that the greenness stays greeni got this gel and clipped it over the hood $5to give the impression of flight i took the back off in the office chairagain from ikea and rested it on the seat

it's a bit of anab workout to get the angle right but it's comfier than wires and gimbal rigsthe ikea lights are set to 3 000 kelvin give or takea really warm temperature nowhere else is warm the sunby having the lamps behind the subject we've created the divide between

thegreen screen and we know that the sun is now going to be behind us in thecomposite using the light in this particular direction also prevents alarge amount of bounce that we actually used it to ouradvantage bouncing some of the light from this desk lamp onto the wall whichwill

soften the light on our subject white walls aren't so bad after all iguess so after all this consideration what have we gotwe have our green screen placed at the far back of the room using a soft boxlight to light the entire thing evenly warm ikea lights have been

placed behindthe green screen and acting as a sun which is also separating our subjectfrom the green screen a small ring light is placed in front ofour subject to give a little twinkle in the eyesfind yourself needing a reflector you can use a piece of cardboard or you needsomething

extra for it grab some tinfoil and wrap it aroundnice and an office chair was used as a resting point for our actorbecause flying involves not being on your feet now it's just a case ofhanding it over to our compositor so we've got this great footage and i'mmaking good

progress on it but our super tom character still does not have a capemuch like the actual film we CGd our superman cape so if you haven't alreadysubscribe so you don't miss out on that and the other tutorials covering theactual flight and sonic boom if there's something else that

you wantto see let us know in the comment section down belowand i'll see you in the next tutorial

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