San Antonio extends Stay Home order through May 19

San Antonio and bear County are extending their stay home orders through May 19th let's now turn to the daily coronavirus update with more from the mayor and judge a Mayor Ron nürnberg with Burke County Judge Nelson Wolfe tonight we're joined by a city attorney Andy Segovia as well

as assistant district attorney Larry Robertson this is our daily update on kovat 19 in San Antonio tonight we have thirteen hundred and ninety-six excuse me thirteen hundred and twenty-six total confirmed cases of kovat nineteen in our community that's up 19 from yesterday we have a total of forty

five percent of our cases recovered that means that six hundred and ninety people so far are fighting the virus in our community we do have two additional deaths to report bringing our total deaths associated with Cove at 19 in San Antonio 246 the number of kovat positive patients

in the hospital continues a modest decline we're not and now at 55 tonight an additional 35 people are being investigated as potentially having Kovan 19 who were in the hospital 36 patients are in ICU up from 3 yesterday up three from yesterday and now we have 20 people

on ventilators tonight so we do have plenty of available capacity in our hospitals and that's a good thing I know the judge will appreciate this and and we're missing a lot of things that are normal for this type of a time of year one of them is baseball

but sports is one of those things that has been disrupted when you've even heard doctor foul she talked about that you know all the sports have been suspended that are for spectators and I was just saying the NFL Draft hosted their virtual draft on TV no crowds around

or anything like that to put this in a sports analogy where we are with this disease we the cardinal sin in football is you do not turn the ball over in the red zone we're seeing our numbers trend very well people are doing an excellent job protecting our

neighbors through social distancing and making sure that we're wearing our masks and all the things that we know the public health professionals tell us are protecting ourselves from the spread of this virus we have slowed the spread we want to continue to contain it so we can get

through this as quickly as possible so tonight judge and I are gonna be issuing our new emergency orders to coincide with the state's new declarations with regard to reopen businesses that resumed business on Friday this is to ensure that we continued to do our jobs to protect the

public and that we can get through this period of the containment of kovat 19 as quickly as possible judge thank you well we do keep up the mandatory stay at home we know there's more exceptions to that than it was before because the fact that the governor has

opened up retail opened up restaurant services movie theaters and malls so we know you're going to move around a lot more than you did before but we really encourage particularly those to stay at home and that are facing health issues they're the most vulnerable whether it be diabetes

whether it be high blood pressure and whether it be age so we want to keep that going and really encourage you to work with us on keeping that going second what we've done to really kind of strengthen things the governor had put aside a open Texas with a

number of strong health recommendations similar to what our Health Committee said with the mayor and I are doing we're putting that into our order and that will become a mandatory thing to follow for each industry that so that's listed in there how they would go about and how

they would have to spread out we thought there was some good information in there doesn't violate the governor's orders it just gives teeth to it and so we're putting that in there we're keeping up the mandatory of face covering we think that's extremely important if you're gonna help

anybody there's some two or three major rules I guess the two major ones stay six foot away if you can if you can't have a face covering so we're going to continue to make that mandatory and we think that that's that's what the governor should have done but

didn't do going to continue up in order to keep the evictions from happening we know the incident that happened the other day if it's an illegal lockout we have on our bear web site how you can fill out some forms don't have to our lawyer and our GPS

will give that a a emergent emergency meeting to do we're also stopping foreclosures for past Texas we taxes we closed it in April and the May one will be closed again there will not be a foreclosure going on at the at the courthouse second we are requiring if

you come to any county facility we're requiring a temperature test and we requiring that you wear a face mask when you come in price gouging is still in it in our Detention Center let me make this clear on our personal reconnaissance bond we are not releasing people that

have a violent history there was a case the other day we didn't release it been there several months and a judge did not not that's not part of our policy so anybody can get out if they're paying a bond also so we are not in a front end

and our person recalls letting anybody to get out that has a violent offense so I think that's about it Eric thank you judge that what do you want to remind folks that it is very easy to get tested if you're experiencing symptoms we do want you to call

and get screened and get get your appointment for a test you can do that at no cost by calling three one one or you can visit kovat nineteen San Antonio govt tests are available at no cost through our Freeman Coliseum site as well as through Texas med clinic

at twenty five thirty Southwest military and there's even a drive-thru clinic at Walmart on at eighty nine twenty three West military drive more information about testing again Cova nineteen San Antonio gov and you can get all the latest information about kovat nineteen in our community at that website

as wellthey pervert text for the latest information just text cosa gov two five five zero zero zero and we do have our attorneys here so we were happy to answer any questions about the orders or anything else at this point mayor Jones Joey Palacios with tencel radio so

what changes now I know there's a highlight on Rio from businesses and you talk about enforcement can you go into enforcement more because know that with the governor's order that you can't you can't give fines for face masks but what are some of the things within the order

now that the city is able to enforce I can take that one yes because there's been a lot of questions on that the governor was very specific on limiting local entities ability to issue civil or criminal penalties but only with respect to the face covering requirement so in

other words everything else that's in this order in terms of limiting gatherings and other requirements on businesses those can still be enforced by the city and by the county so really the only limitation that was placed from the governor's order with respect to civil or criminal penalties was

on the face covering businesses in their own interests are now going to let people come in without face masks and and and they understand that's a threat to their customers and a threat to to the to their employees so if somebody tries to go into a store and

we have that mandatory face mask and the homeowner I mean the owner of the business is helping us that could be a criminal trespass so it may not have the fine but there's other measures and to make sure that people are doing that in the world of testing

we were trying to figure out do you know what's causing a decrease in the demand for testing right now you know that's something that our Metro health team and the testing task force has been scratching their head about a little bit but it does Evan flow so we

did see a little bit of a downturn last few days but it started to pick up again in fact our numbers today at Freeman we're back where they were probably a couple of weeks ago so I think it's it's hard to read too much into the data from

one day to the next but it is something that we're you know keeping an eye on I I said I would say that at this point though we're still is still seeing a robust amount of testing in it and we've now tested over 21,000 people close to 22,000

people in San Antonio this briefing is continuing right now on Ken's vive calm the tense 5ab as well as the Ken's five Facebook page a look at the latest numbers a thousand three hundred and twenty six confirmed cases forty five percent of patients have recovered and there are

no new deaths to report the mayor judge are encouraging people with health issues to stay at home the judge says they are continuing to prohibit evictions and foreclosures and if you're going to any County facility you will get a temperature check and masks are mandatory we're going to

take a quick break we'll be right back

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