Self Love Yoga | Full Class | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, everyone andwelcome to Yoga with Adriene.

I'm Adriene and this is Benji.

Today we have anawesome full yoga class for you to practice at home.

This practice is aself love practice.

It's very specialbecause it's a little homage, a little tip of the hat to the 2017 FindWhat Feels Good Roadshow.

It's my intention that youreturn to this practice regularly and I hopethat it helps you.

So hop into something comfy, look what I'm wearing today, and let's get started.

(upbeat music) Alrighty-roo.

We're gonna beginour practice today lying flat on our backs.

Take your time getting there.

Come on down to the ground.

Lay down, lie down.

Tuck your chin slightly.

Just let everythinggo here for a moment.

We're gonna kindof ease in today, take a moment to empty our cups so that we can fillit lovingly, consciously.

When you get down low let your arms and legsjust relax, close your eyes, and allow my voice to guide you.

We can't always have the perfecttime and the perfect space to do the perfect practice so whatever'sgoing on around you or whatever's going on inside just take a deepbreath in and accept it.

Maybe tap into alittle inner smile.

Again, if you can, close your eyes so you can justhelp yourself go inward.

Letting go of all the things that absorb our attentionfor now that are external.

Politely putting them on hold as you relax your body andbegin to deepen your breath.

Today's practice is about tapping into the resource and the magic and thepower of a self love practice.

Lord knows it doesn't come easy, but with the tools of yogaand with the community here, with Yoga with Adriene, we can remind ourselves and continue toremind each other to keep circlingback to this super power as I have been calling it and create a self love practice and a relationshipwith self love that really resonates to you.

One of the beautifulthings about this community and about FindWhat Feels Good yoga is it promotes andis built to inspire.

My main mission is to inspire authentic self esteem, authentic self care, authentic self love.

How you movetoday is everything.

As you begin tolift your left hand and place it on your heart notice how you do it.

Can you be creative, can you move slow, can you really feel it? Then same thingwith the right hand.

Don't just bring it to the belly because that'swhat Adriene said.

Slowly, it helps to slow thetempo down and close your eyes.

Bring your righthand to your belly.

You'll land with theleft hand on the heart and the right hand on the belly.

Allow your elbows andshoulders to stay relaxed here and start to breathe alittle deeper into your hands.

Feel, perhaps, the rise andfall of the breath grow here.

(deep breathing) You don't have to do anything and you don't have tobecome someone you're not, which is kind of the theme ofour upcoming 30 Days of Yoga if you're doingthis in real time.

Next January we'll betalking more about this but you don'thave to do anything.

Just honor your truth, whatever it is today, as a way ofcultivating self love practice that's unique to you, that's authentic.

Take a deep breath in andstart to wiggle your toes.

Bat the eyelashesopen to a soft gaze.

You're gonna slowly rock thehead gently side to side, ear to ear.

See if you cankeep it nice and slow.

Filling your cupreally mindfully and lovingly.

This practice of selflove has been attributed or kind of has thisstigmatism of being bad or like oh, I have to do thisbecause I'm in survival mode.

This practice is alittle bit of inspiration to implement self love as a regular part of your life.

You're not doingit because you're already feeling destroyed, even though thathappens, of course.

But building a life ofself love with confidence and in a way thatfeels really unique to you.

Bring the head back to center.

We'll bring the palmsdown gently at our sides now.

Press into the earth.

Press, press, press.

You're gonna turn thetoes up towards the sky, engage the legs.


Then exhale S-Hsound out through the mouth as you drive thenavel down to the earth.

(shushing) You should feel the core, the abdominal wall, engage, empty, empty, empty.

(shushing) Then inhale, big breath in.

(inhaling) Then again, exhale, navel down to the earth.

(shushing) Empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty, empty everything out.

(shushing) Big breath in.

Press into the fingers.

(inhaling) On your last one, S-H sound.

Empty, empty, empty, empty, empty.

Navel's drawing down.

I hope you're feeling this in the coreabdominal wall zipping up.

From there lift yourknees either one at a time or both together up towardsyour chest or your heart.

Yeah, baby.

Then scoopthe tailbone up a bit.

Then yourintuition is always right.

Usually right.

Give yourself a big hug.

Find what feels good.

Develop a deeplistening with your intuition.

Rock a little side to side, make noise, breathe deep.

Try to take nice, conscious breaths here.

Then as we get goingwe'll control the breath, anchoring the mind inthis pranayama practice.

Such a amazing toolfor self love practice.

Instead ofspiraling out of control we kind of spiral in, gain control of our breath, tell the brain it's all good, we're worthloving and worth living and nothing else.

Slide the hands tothe backs of the legs.

Lift the shins just a bit.

Create a little space and you're justgonna give your hamstrings a little wake-up call.

(slapping) A little pat down.

Hey, yo.

Then anchor navel to spine.

Aw, Benji! You came to this, huh? Anchor navel to spine again just like you didwith the shh S-H sound.

Engage from your center and then you'regonna rock slowly up and down thelength of your spine.

With practicethis becomes easier, but in the early days it can be like, “I don't know if I can get up.

” Massage up and downthe length of the spine.

Then you're gonnacome all the way through when it feels rightand come to all fours, Tabletop Position.


Thanks for joining me, buddy.

Come to Tabletop Position and find a strong connection from the crown to the tail.

I need to articulate, sorry.

What does that mean? Find a strong articulationfrom the crown to the tail.

Well, start with the hands.

Open them wide.

A lot of peopletend to narrow here so give yourself agood amount of space.

Same with the knees.

You're wanting tostack the bones here.

(whooshing) Lift your front body up tomeet the back body by inhaling and exhaling S-H sound.

Draw it back towards the spine.

(shushing) Press away from your yoga mat.

Keep emptying it out.

(shushing) Long neck.

Then we wanna createa healthy flow of energy that runs fromthe base of the spine all the way upthrough the crown.

If the neck is dropping here, feel free to peek at me.

Then we'recutting off that energy.

It's not a healthy flow.

So gaze straight down, lengthen, and try to keep this in mindthroughout our whole practice.

Aight, we're gonna test thisby curling the toes under and drawing thenavel up to the spine.

First with the S-H sound.


Exhale, draw it up.

(shushing) Press away from your yoga mat.

There's no collapse inbetween the shoulder blades.

Quite the opposite.

We're lifting the heart space up between shoulderblades left to right.

One more time we'll test it out.


Exhale S-H sound butthis time lift your knees, let them hover.

(shushing) Draw the navel up.

Empty, empty, empty.

We're here for three.

Feel that heat, that shake.

It's not a sign of weakness.

It's a sign that you're alive.

Two and one, lower.

Come on to the tops of the feet.

Drop the belly.


Open the chest forward.


Cow Pose.

Old familiar friend.

Cat Pose, round through.

Now moving withyour breath, my darlings, inhale to drop the belly.

Open the chest.

Find length.

Exhale to counter that.

Chin to chest, naveldraws up, find length.

Keep moving on your own.

If you feel brave, close your eyes.

Bump the hips fromone side to the other.

Just take acouple cycles of breath to find movementthat feels really good and that feels really you and that feelsreally awesome today.

Move slow.

Might do a Child's Pose.

Might go in circles.

Might come forward.

Waking up throughthe neck, the shoulders.

Then you're gonna take this little choreography that you've developed, this movement thathas some self expression, and that's what's gonna takeyou up into Downward Dog today.

You're not taking orders fromme or from anyone on a video or as a teacher, but listening tothat inner teacher, honoring that voice within, your body intelligence.

That's how we'll makeour way to Downward Dog.

Breathe like youlove yourself here.

Inhale lots of love in and exhale lots of love out.

(exhaling) Inhale lots of love in.

(inhaling) And exhale lots of love out.

(exhaling) Then turn here.

Stick with me.

I know our arms are tired.

Turn to look at thevideo and look at my pants.

(chuckling) Self love, that's what's up.

Bring your gaze back to center.

Bend your knees.

We're gonna do slow steps.

You're gonna cross theright foot over the left, walking to the top, and thenleft foot over the right.

As you do this pay attention to the nuance of it all.

Stretch throughthe fascia of the foot.

Stretch all the wayup through the back.



It's a very humbling move from the back ofthe mat to the front.

When you get there, feet hip width apart.

Bend the knees.

Find Uttanasana, Extended Forward Fold.

This move from the back of themat to the front of the mat, it's very humbling.

Can be a littlechallenging or forced.

So this practicereally just honors that, invites you to find humility instead of forcing.

Clasp the elbows.

Rock a little side to side.

Make sure you'rebreathing deeper.

Four breaths now withyour head below your heart.

(exhaling) Shake the head loose.

(inhaling) Then release the arms.

(exhaling) Bend the knees and tuckthe chin into the chest.

Roll it all the way upto Mountain nice and slow, feeling everynuance best you can.

Stay present.

Really root downthrough your feet as you stack up through thespine and stand nice and tall.

Whatever you needhere go ahead and take it, fix whatever you need.

Each time youcome to Mountain Pose, and this goesfor every practice, see if you really need that.

Do you really need to do themovement that you're doing or can you kind of surrender, root down through thefeet and stand up tall? If the answer is yes, I need to fix my hair or I need tobrush it, that's fine.

But in time justkeep that awareness.

Do I need that extra movement? So we talk about theseheadlights on the hips a lot.

Imagine I'm notjust shining forward but shining up towards the sky.

Lift your chest and imagine this whoosh of energy up through the front body and thisgrounding through the back.

Balance out thesetwo opposing forces here.

Stand up nice and tall.

Tadasana, Mountain Pose.

Close your eyesand shift your weight a little front to back.

Really feel your feetgrounding into the earth and allow your breathto ground you, as well.

So nice, full, conscious pranayama.

Maybe close your eyesagain if you're feeling brave.

And then we'll find stillness.

Head over heart, heart over pelvis.

On your next bigbreath lead with the thumbs.

You're gonna inhale, reach the thumbs forward and then up and then back.

So a big V here likeyou're holding a big beach ball.

Then inhale, lift the chest.

Then exhale, take that big beach ball over towards the left.

Side body stretch.


Connect to your center.

We're gonnapractice that by inhaling and then exhale S-H sound.

Draw your navel backto support your spine.

Here we go.

(shushing) Feel that contraction engaging your center, your core.

You got it.

(deep breathing) Slowly bring it back to center.

We'll do the samething on the other side.



Stay grounded through your feet as you take your bigbeach ball over to the right.

Notice if you're kindadropping off in the neck here.

You wanna maintain that length.

We don't wanna pinch it because we wannacreate this clear path for the energy to flow.

Nice healthy flow.

Here we go, inhale.

Big stretch, big breath.

Then exhale, S-H sound.

Navels draws in.

(shushing) Focus on the sensation rather than the shape.

Keep length from crown to tail.


Then slowly bring it back up.

Here we go, big inhale.

It's a celebration.

Exhale, Ujjayi, clap the palms together.

(exhaling) Down you go.

Forward Fold.

Ardha Uttanasana, Halfway Lift.

Inhale, lengthen your version.

Then exhale to Fold.


Bend the knees.

Fingertips come to the mat.

You're gonna stepjust the right toes back.

Lower the right knee down.

Breathe here, stretch.

You can walk the right kneeback a little if it feels good.

Make sure frontknee's over front ankle.

Breathing deep.

Maybe soft, easy movement here as you find a little wave.

Then when you're ready, squeezing your thighs together protect the SI joint by really huggingeverything into the midline.

Then inhale, take that bigbeach ball up and overhead.

Press into the topof the back foot firmly.

Root down throughthe top of the back foot.

Then let everything kind ofsqueeze and lift from there.

The left kneemight splay out here so we wanna squeeze, checkthat, hug into the midline.

Then big beach ball here.

Inhale, lift everything, squeezeand lift, squeeze and lift.

Then you're lifting so much.

Imagine someone's lifting you up from thefingertips of the wrist.

You're gonna lift, straighten that front leg, and then paint a wall down as you come intoa Forward Fold here.

Front leg straight, left toes really flexing towards your third eye.

I said front leg straight to get you in the posture but now bend the left knee ora little micro bend at least and press into the top ofthe back foot and breathe.

Then on your next big inhaledrive your heart forward, look forward, lengthen, and then exhale, fold again.


Roll through your left foot.

Really articulate.

Find grammar of the feet today, so really roll throughthe soles of your feet.

They carry us.

We come back tothat nice, low Lunge.

Right hand'sgonna come to the earth.

Left fingertips allthe way up to the sky.

Big stretch.

Reach, reach, reach.


Then exhale to come back.


Plant the palms, curl the back toes under.

Lift that back knee and theninhale, open the chest forward.

Then exhale, step the left toes back.

Plank Pose.

Breathe deep.

Press away from your yoga mat.

You got this.

We're gonna create a littleheat here to warm up the body.

Nice and strong.

Left fingertipstouch the right shoulder and then put 'em down.

And then right fingertips touch the left shoulder, put 'em down.

Then back and forth.

The key is to keep your gazedown and slightly out in front to keep it going, to zip upthrough the abdominal wall and try not to move your hips.

I know it's impossible.

(whooshing) Speed it up.

Then release it and slowlylower all the way to the belly.

Oh, yeah.

Slide the hands inline with the ribcage.

Tug 'em back.

Squeeze the elbowsinto the side body.

Press into your foundation to inhale, lift up, Cobra.

Exhale to fold.

Twice more.

Inhale, Cobra.

Tug the hands back.

Heart drives forward.

And fold.

Find more ease here, more sukha.


And release, foldingforehead to the earth.

Awesome, curl the toes under.

Lift the kneecaps, tone the quads.

Here we go.

You're gonna pressup into your power.

When you do youcan do this to yourself or you can quietlywhisper, “I am strong.

” Here we go, inhale.

Exhale, power up.

Press into your power.

Quietly whisper, “I am strong.

” Downward Facing Dog.


Hips up high.

Bend the knees.

Pedal it out.

(exhaling) Stay present with your breath.

This time we're gonna crossthe left foot over the right and slowly walk criss-cross all the way to the top, waking up throughthe Achilles, the calf, the IT as you cross, criss-crossall the way to the top.

Forward Fold.

Inhale, Halfway Lift.

Exhale, Fold.

Really root to rise here.

Inhale, lead with the thumbs.

Reach for the sky.

Ground through the feet.


Exhale, clap thepalms together, Ujjayi.

All the way down you go.

Forward Fold.

Inhale, Halfway Lift, your version.

Tug the shouldersaway from the ears.

Long neck.

Exhale, Fold.

Great, bend the knees.

Fingertips come to the mat.

This time slidethe left toes back or step the left toes back and then lower theleft knee to the ground.

Take your time.

Front knee over front ankle, start to stretch it out.

Wake up your body, your container, your vehicle.

Walk the leftknee back if you like.

Check your frontknee and front ankle.

You may just stay low.

If the Crescent istoo much for you today squeeze to the midline here, work on that stability.

Otherwise let's give it a go.

Squeezing and lifting we'll press intothe top of the back foot and reach thefingertips up high.

Big beach ball up and overhead.

This is to encourage this external rotation of the shoulders so wrapping the shoulder blade around and behind.

Then give yourself an image.

It just helps to have an image.

Go through your checklist.

Then squeeze innerthighs to the midline.

Lift up from thepelvic floor, Mula Bandha.

Uddiyana Bandha, navel draws in and up.

We're not dumpingweight into that SI joint.

Squeeze left knee, excuse me, right knee squeezing in.

Alright, inhale.

Lift, lift, lift.

Imagine two little angelspulling you up from your wrists.

Then we're lifting up fromthe pelvic floor so much so that we start to straighten that front leg with ease.

Then palms press forward and we paint the wall slowlydown, down, down, down, down.


Pull the right hip crease back.

Really snuggle thatright femur into place.

Flex your righttoes towards your face.

Press into the top ofthe back foot for stability.

Here we go.

Inhale, open the chest, look forward, find length.

Then exhale to fold.

Breathe deep.

Here we go.

Dig into your right heel.

Slowly roll it forward.

Inhale to open the chest.

As you exhale, plant the left palm.

And then biginhale for your twist.

Right fingertipsreach up towards the sky.

Really try to revolve your heart all the way uptowards the ceiling.

Then slowly bring it back down.

Frame your right foot.

Loop the shoulders, curl the back toes under.

Inhale, look forward.

Lift that back knee.

We're gonna plant the palms.

Lift navel upso think S-H sound.

Lift navel up and then stepyour right toes back from there.


Belly to Cobra orChaturanga to Up Dog.

Shift forward on the toes.

Squeeze the elbowsin and slowly lower.

Inhale to open the chest, open your heart.

Exhale to make yourway back, Downward Dog.

Awesome work.

Take a deep breath in and a long breath out.

Deep breath in and a long breath out as youslowly lower the knees down.

Bring the two big toes to touch.

Get your knees aswide as the yoga mat.

Then send the hips back.

Child's Pose just forthree cycles of breath here.


Breathe long and steady.

(deep breathing) Then it starts within.

Even if you're tired, feeling like dead weight here.

It starts withinyour center of gravity.


Exhale, navel draws up.

A little light turns onand we begin to rise back up.

Keep the legs where they are.

Right hand'sgonna come to the center and left fingertips are gonna come and they're gonna trace allthe way across your right arm.

It's like you'repulling a bow and arrow.

You're gonna pullit across the chest, press away from your right hand so you're not puttingpressure on your right wrist.

You're gonna openup towards the sky.

Try to keep your toes togetherand the feet pressing down.

If you don't get it asfar as I'm going, all good.

Opening, opening, revolving.

Opening from the chest.

Inhale and then exhale, release back to center.

Left hand replaces the right and we do the samething on the other side.

Draw a line withyour right fingertips gracefully acrossthe arm, the chest, all the way up to the sky.

The neck is nice and long.

Breathe, inhale.

Exhale, come allthe way back down.

Awesome work.

Plant the palms, walk the knees in, curl the toes under.

Inhale to look forward.


Exhale, lift the hips up high.

Downward Dog.

Nice work.

Claw through the fingertips.

Take a deep breath in.

Lion's Breath, tongue out.

(exhaling) Nice, inhale, look forward.

Exhale, makeyour way to the top.

You can do thecriss-cross again.

You can do Ragdoll or you canstart to jump or hop or float.

Your version.

Inhale, Halfway Lift when youget there with your breath.

Exhale to soften and bow.

Inhale to reach for the sky.

Exhale hands to heart.

Length and tailbone down.

Stand up nice and tall.

Just take a second toobserve your breath here.

Notice how you feel.

And then bat the eyelashes open, bend the knees and let's flow.

Inhale, reach for the sky.

Exhale, just rain itdown any way that feels good.

Move with your breath.

Inhale, Ardha Uttanasana, Halfway Lift.

Your version.

Then exhale, flow with your breath.


Bend the knees, plant the palms.

Step it back, Plank Pose.

Belly to Cobra orChaturanga to Up Dog.

So to move with yourbreath really synchronize here.

Be true to your breath.

Exhale, Downward Dog.

Then inhale liftthe right leg up high as you groundthrough the left heel.

Three Legged Dog.

Claw through the fingertips.


Exhale, knee to nose.

Step it up.

Pivot on the back foot.

Front knee over frontankle as you rise up strong.

Big beach ball up and overhead.

Warrior One.

Breathe deep here.

Drop your center.

Think upward currentthrough the front body, downward currentthrough the back body.

Big beach ball up and overhead.

Really press into your feet.

Try to tear the yoga mat apart.

Length and tailbone down.

Engage the inner thighswithout clenching the buttocks.


Exhale, Warrior Two.

With the breath, inhale Peaceful Warrior.

Right fingertipsreach forward, up, and back.

Big breath, big stretch.

Then exhale toCartwheel all the way down.

We're returning to that twist.

Back knee can staylifted or you can lower it.

As you inhale, right fingertips to the sky.


Right hand comes down.

Plant the palms, step the right toes back.


Belly to Cobra orChaturanga to Up Dog.

Move withmindfulness, with love.

I'll meet you inDownward Facing Dog.

When you get there takea nice cleansing breath.

Imagine all the people practicing with youall around the world.


(inhaling) Exhale to empty it out.

(exhaling) Anchor the right heel.

Inhale, lift theright leg up high.

Three Legged Dog.


Press into both palms evenly.

Anchor navel to spine support.

Here we go.

Inhale, lift theleft heel a little higher.

Exhale, knee to nose.

Nice, step it up.

Pivot on the back foot.

Take your time.

Remember thearchetype here, warrior.

So strong base, strong legs, and then a little bit of grace.

Nobility on the top.

Big beach ball up andoverhead as you're ready.

Work with the energeticslifting through the front body and grounding through the back.

Finding that balance.

Squeeze and lift.

The practice of self love isthe balance of light and dark, up and down.

Inhale, lift your chest.

Keep the strongpower in the back leg as you open upWarrior Two to the right.

Pull the pinkies back.


Here we go.

Peaceful Warrior.

Reach forward, up, and back.

Keep breathing.

Long neck, inhale.

Big stretch, big breath.

And then exhale toCartwheel all the way down.

Nice work, here we go.

Big twist, right hand to the earth.

Big inhale to lift theleft fingertips up high.

Back knee lowered orlifted but it's lifted.

If it's lifted, reallyreach that right heel back and then bring it back down, frame your left foot, plant the palms firmly.

Navel draws up as youstep the left toes back.


Belly to Cobra.

Chaturanga to Up Dog or maybe you go straight to Downward Facing Dog.

Find that externalrotation of the shoulders.

Make sure you're not clenchingin the jaw or the neck.

Big inhale.

Empty it out.

Make your way to the top.

Inhale, look forward.

Exhale to step or hop it up.

Inhale, Halfway Lift, your version.

Exhale to soften and bow.

Inhale to reach for the sky.

Maybe hook the thumbs this time.

Exhale hands to heart.


Great, if thefeet are not together go ahead andbring them together now and try not tolook down if you do it.

So put eyeballs onthe soles of your feet and just try not to look down.

See feelingly as my mentor shared with me, taught me.

There's magic inwhat you're doing.

You don't needto look, you know.

Your body is smart.

Then from here we'll inhale.

Then exhale.

That same place we'vebeen moving from, the center, you're gonnadraw it back in space so that your knees have to bend and your bum has to go out and your fingertips have tocome forward to balance it.

You're gonnasqueeze the legs together.

Really zip everything up tight and we'll comeinto yeah, a Chair Pose, but don't think about Utkatasana and trying to getthat perfect alignment.

Let's just really feel it out.

Drop your center down.

Send your hipsand your bum back.

Squeeze the legs together.

Big beach ball out in front.

Then just ask yourselfwhat feels more supportive, rocking my pelvis out or in? Whew, I can tellyou what it is for me.

Sit down a little lower.


Exhale, big opentwist to the right.

You're gonna open rightfingertips towards the back, left fingertipstowards the front.

Once you have itsit down nice and low.

Lift your chest, drop your hips.


Now, listen carefully.

From your open twistdrop the fingertips down, right fingertips come down, and then we reach up, standing one legged Tadasana.

Lift your left knee up high.

If that's not available to you, you can keep the leftbig toe on the ground.

No big deal.

If you're in thestanding one legged Tadasana find the balance.

This is your Tree Pose today.

This is your Vrksasana.

Here we go.

Moving with grace, inhale.


If the toe's on the ground you can keep it slidingon the ground the whole way.

If you're liftedyou might catch some air in a WarriorThree of your choice.

A little Virabhadrasana Three.

Maybe you catch some air here.

Airplane arms orreaching forward.

If the big toe's on the ground you just slideit all the way back and we're gonnameet in High Lunge.

Maybe you catchsome air, maybe not.

We'll meet here in High Lunge.

The back heel'slifted this time.

Different than Warrior One.

Once again we find thatbig beach ball overhead.

Everyone bend your left knee.

Get your centerright underneath you.

Then straightenthat leg out again.

Alright, here we go.

Inhale, squeeze everything in.

Inner thighs to the midline.


Open twistto the right again.

Right fingertips back, left fingertips forward.

Then Peaceful Warrior here.

Keep the legs where they are.

Lift the left fingertips all the way up and back.

Big stretch.

This is our self love practice.

Bend your left elbow, contractthrough the abdominal wall.

You're gonna bring your leftelbow to kiss your right knee.

Move nice and slow.

Also a littleyoga for the brain.

Once you do, I like todo a sound effect here.

(kissing) You're gonna open upWarrior Two to the left.


This is a pose we know.


Peaceful Warrior.

Right fingertipsreach forward, up, and back.

Big stretch, big breath.

Then exhale to Cartwheelit all the way back down.

Find your twist.

Right fingertips reach to the sky.


Then exhale hands to the earth.

Step it backstraight to Down Dog.

Maybe you take alittle break here or vinyasa.

Moving with your breath always.

Paying attention.

That's whatyoga's all about, right? In Downward Dogtake a deep breath in.

Here we go, big Lion's Breath.

Tongue out.

(exhaling) Don't be shy.

Then inhale to look forward and exhale to make yourway to the top, your version.

Inhale to Halfway Lift when you get there.

Exhale to Fold.

Really drawing thenose in towards the navel.

(exhaling) Great.


Thumbs lead the way.

Reach for the sky.

Exhale hands to heart.

Right in, drop your center.

Send the hips back, bend the knees.

Send the fingertips forward.

Counter balance.

Squeeze legs together and check out what'sgoing on in your pelvis.

You got it.

Breathe deep.

Give the thinking mind a break.

Let your bodyintelligence rule here.

Make adjustments.

What needs to happen? Here we go, open twist to the left.

You're doing great.

Left fingertips go back, right fingertips go forward.

Sink down a little lower.

You got this.

Lower the hips.


Then left fingertips aregonna go down to come up.

This time we rise upcatching the right knee and lifting it up.

Or maybe we keepright big toe on the ground.

Big beach ball, everyone.

Lots of space in the shoulders.

Wrapping the shoulder blades around the backof the heart space.

Breathe deep here.

Squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift.

Soft, easy breezy in the face.

Maybe slide the right toe all the way backto your High Lunge or maybe you catchsome air here nice and slow.

Use that shh, thatcontraction of the navel up to find maybe aWarrior Three here.

Maybe you don't findor catch some air today and you do another day.

We'll meet in High Lunge.

Find that big beachball up and overhead again.

Bend the right knee, getyour center underneath you.

Hug that left femur in.


Exhale, open twist to the left.

This is the last one.

Open twist to the left.

Then right fingertips reach up and back.

Big stretch, big breath.

Here we go.

Bend the right elbow.

Listen carefully, navel draws inso there's that contract again.

Strong center.

Right elbow to left knee.

Give it a kiss.

(kissing) That's your cue to openup Warrior Two to the right.

Awesome, beautiful.

Gaze forward.

Peaceful Warrior.

Keep the front knee bent.

Inhale forward, up, and back.

Big stretch, big breath.

And then Cartwheelit all the way down.

Big twist here, last one.

Right hand to the ground.

Left fingertips reach up high.

Big inhale.

Exhale all the way down.

Last call for vinyasa.

Take it or leave it.

Moving with the breath.

(deep breathing) Downward Facing Dog.

Big breath inwhen you get there.

Empty it all out, let go.

(exhaling) Bend the knees.

Slowly walk the handsback towards the toes.

Walk the handsback towards the toes, so a little changeof perspective here.

Forward Fold.

Nice work.

Inhale, Halfway Lift.

Calm your breath.

Exhale, Fold.

Leading with the thumbs, inhale, reach for the sky.

Exhale hands to heart.


Close your eyes.

Again, only take themovement that you need and do take it if you need it, but ask yourself, do you? We're carving new grooves.

It's a bit hard to findthese practices of self love when our groovesare just set so firmly.

This world we live in, our attention isjust look here, look here, look here, look here.

And we get solost in those grooves that we lose track ofour own true self grooves.

When we're in those grooves it really feel likeus that feel like home where we can beconfident and aware and yes, in love with ourselvesinstead of the opposite.

Everything gets easier.

Everything gets easierwhen we're in those grooves.

Lift the sternumup to the thumbs.

Open the eyes ifyou haven't already.

Send your gaze out all the wayin front, wherever you are.

You can tell us down belowwhere you are today practicing.

On the beach, in your apartment, in a closet, at a break.

Bring your fingertips down and without looking down, it's gonna beharder than you think, you're gonna step tothe center of your mat.

Have a little coolness, a little calmness as you kind of create alittle magical step here.

Keep your chin lifted.

Gaze forward asyou now bring the feet as wide as your yoga mat.

Then think upward currentof energy through the front and a strong downwardgrounding through the back as you bringyour hands together.

Then let the toes spill off your mat.

You might feel thecoolness of the ground underneath your toes, unless you're on carpet, thenyou can feel the fuzziness or the firmness of the carpet.

Don't look down.

You don't need to look, you don't need someoneto tell you where to look.

You can be present.

Feel your way.

Then we're gonnainhale one last time.

Really lift upfrom the pelvic floor.

Hug everything to the midline.

Then as you exhale you're gonna slowly dropyour center down in space, the knees are gonna bend and they're try totrack the middle toe.

You're not gonna look butyou're trying to feel it out.

There's gonnacome a breaking point where you have to react and you have tofind support from within and how you dothat is everything.

We're dropping down, down, down, and then things start to go awry and bell and whistlesand signs start to go off and we just continue down and we makeadjustments as needed.

Fingertips to the ground.

Maybe you needto lift the heels.

But we did it.

Maybe the palms come together.

Maybe you make this shape, but maybe it's notthis shape for you.

Then find a placewhere you can be still for three breath cycles.

Just have so muchrespect for your body and whatever shapeits in at this moment.

Count 'em out if you need tobut three full breath cycles in and out, in and out, in and out.

We're kind of getting down to this cool offphase of the practice with this root chakra pose which is all about survival, identity, security.

And then slowly bat the eyelashes open, release thefingertips to the ground and very mindfullywe're gonna come to a seat, legs out long.

If you need to massage thehip creases a little bit here go ahead and do so.

When you're ready we'll sweep the armsall the way up and overhead.

Then exhale, drapebelly over the thighs.

Come to Paschimottanasana or a Seated Forward Fold.

I like to bend my knees here so you can getinto the back body.

But if you want more hamstrings you can work tostraighten the legs.

Close your eyes.

Go inward, breathe.

Thank yourself fortaking this time to replenish and to activelyseek to create grooves and patterns that serve you so that you can love yourself, so that you canlove another person, people, every being, but it's gotta start within.

It's just too impossible if you skip thatone vital relationship, maybe your most important one.

Right? Tight, tuck thechin to the chest.

Release the handsand slowly roll up.


We're gonna zipthe legs together here and go ahead and you'regonna roll back down soon so go ahead and shiftyour booty forward if you need.

Send the fingertips forward.

Thriller arms.


Then flip it.

Take a little extrastretch if you need.

And then clap it.

(clapping) Interlace.

Index finger points forward.

Stretch throughthe tops of the feet.

Counter all those Downward Dogs and then slow andarticulate through the spine.

You're gonnalower all the way down.

When you get there, hug the knees into the chest.

Give yourself a big hug again.


Exhale, send the leftleg out long all the way.

Squeeze your right knee uptowards your heart, your chin.

Take it over to the left side.

A little Supine Twist.

Open up through your right arm.

Try to get your rightshoulder down to the ground.

Breathe into your belly.

Close your eyes.

Then bring it backto center nice and slow.

Again, focusing onthe quality of movement and every transition even.

Hug both knees into the chest.

Option here to peel thenose up toward the knees.

See if you can find thatsukha, that grace, that love in this compact, tight, almost compromising position.

Then we'll release that andfind the twist on the other side by sending theright leg out long and squeezing the leftknee up towards the chest.

Guide it over towards the right.

When you're ready see if you can getyour left shoulder down.

Close your eyes, tap into alittle inner smile and breathe.

Don't you worry about a thing.

Just breathe, breathe, breathe.

Everything's gonna be alright.

Then slowly from yourcenter coming back through give yourself one last squeeze and then we'll makeour way to Happy Baby.

A blissful Baby Pose.

You grab theouter edges of the feet, send the soles up to the sky, lengthen tailbonetowards the front edge and then just like ahappy baby, right, full of love, innocence, haven'tquite carved these grooves, these patterns yet that can lead ussometimes to dark places.

It's a part of life.

(exhaling) Here's to a regular practice that helps us creategrooves and patterns, routes and reroutings that feel loving, that feel supportive so that we're prepared.

'Cause when the ball drops, 'cause it does drop, we're gonna be prepared and we'll be ableto guide ourselves slowly back to aplace of self love.

It'll get easier with practice and some days that practicewill just go out the door.

But luckily we'll be herefor each other to remind.

Release, bring the solesof the feet to the ground.

Bridge Pose.

Fingertips come towards the heels.

Squeeze an imaginaryblock between your legs.

Press into the palms and inhale.

Slowly send the shins forwardas you lift the hips up high.

Heart opener here as you snuggle theshoulder blades underneath.

Maybe you interlace, lift, shins forward.

Engage the inner thigh.

Soften through the glutes.

Here we go.

Lift your heart oryour chest to your chin and then yourchin up to the sky.

Very subtle but yummy move.

Chest to the chin.

Chin towards the sky.

Soften the skin of the face.

Take a deep breath in.

Lift the hippoints a little higher.

Shins forward.

Then releasing the fingers and slowlylowering everything down.

Bring the soles of thefeet together and knees wide.

Hands slowly move.

Left hand to the heart.

Right hand to the belly.

Inhale lots of love in.

Exhale lots of love out and as youbreathe lots of love out send some love tosomeone who could use it.

Because when we fill our cup and we have thispractice of self love we're more capable, more able to wish that on others, to support others, to find that peace, that inner peace.

You don't even haveto pick a certain person, just the generosityof sharing that love.

Inhaling lots of love in.

And effortlesslyexhaling lots of love out.

Stay here or begin to straightenthe legs nice and slow one at a time.

Maybe windshield wiper, dialing the toes inand out a couple times.


Exhale to releasethe arms at your side.

Corpse Pose.

Total surrender tothe mystery of life, to the ups and the downs.

Soften everything.

Grow heavy for just acouple of quiet moments here.

If you made it this far, you're my hero.

Ya done good and so have I.

We're all in this together.

We zoom in, we zoom out, we zoom in, we zoom out with the Yoga withAdriene conversation and the Find WhatFeels Good community and it's awesome.

Here's to more ofthat, to self love, to cultivating that within and respecting thatpractice in one another.

Boundaries, am I right? Just kidding.

Bring the palms together.

With so much love bring yourthumbs up to the third eye.

It starts with you butisn't there so much beauty in kind of zooming out and seeing oh yeah, we're all in this together.

Inhale lots of love in.

(inhaling) Exhale lots of love out.

Thank you so much for sharingyour time and your energy and your self love practice with me and with everyone in this gorgeous community.

Share this with someone who you think might beable to benefit from it.

And I'll see you next time.

Big breath, slight smile.


(upbeat music).

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