SERBIAN FOOD in Belgrade, Serbia | BEST SERBIAN cevapi, kobasice and pizza like you’ve never seen

today we’re in Belgrade the capital ofSerbia this is a fascinating city to both travel in but also to eat in andwe’re here to eat so this video is gonna be all about the food culture here inBelgrade and we’re gonna very much focus on the street food culture in

this videoSerbian cuisine is made up of lots of meat bread dairy and fresh produce thefood is absolutely phenomenal and it’s reflective of the different communitiesthat have passed through this region and left their mark we’ve got a ton of localgems lined up to share with you let’s get eating

in this Belgrade serieswe’re delving into Serbian food culture and sharing with you some of the bestfood in Belgrade we take you to a popular local spot for cevapi one ofSerbia’s national dishes and into a fifty year old family bakery forbreakfast the Serbian way join us for the bestsausages

in the city and eat at a Belgrade institution that serves up pizzalike you’ve never seen before you don’t want to miss this videoget ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’reChasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat as always this video is gonna

be aboutthe best food here in Belgrade so heavily researched as we always do to findyou the best food some potatoes on the street to find you the best foodhere in in Belgrade and we’re starting off with burek at a very famous localbakery so we’re outside of the centre

we’ve come to find this special bakerywhich is very well known to do the best burek in town and burek is an absoluteinstitution here it is the way to start your day if you’re a Serbian burek isessentially a pie so it’s made out of a special pastry and its

filled with eithermeat or cheese and it’s a really traditional way to start the day orbreak your fast in Serbia we’re heading to this little nondescript bakery herewe’ve come to this particular bakery because it is a generations old familybusiness it’s been around for a long time a real old-school

place tograb burek so fresh burek has just come out ofthe oven and the pastry is so flaky and crispy you can either order cheese ormeat we went for the meat and I think it’s it’s stuffed with veal and onionsoh it looks sensational looks fantastic hvala yes please and

then the traditionalaccompaniment with burek is yogurt so this is such a great little bakery it’sactually really packed out at the moment they’ve got a couple of leaners on theside hvala so we’re just gonna head over here set up our perch and get into theburek so it’s a very

old-school bakery it’s still family run it’s been aroundfor generations and I love the atmosphere it’s just very localfeeling very traditional and everyone is tucking into this burek I love howsimple börek is so you’ve got this pastry which is called yufka I thinkit’s similar to a phyllo in look

is what I like to think of it as but a bitsort of thicker so you can see that beautiful crispy golden on top whereit’s been in the oven but then underneath you get all these beautifulsofter bits and lots of layers of pastry and we’ve gone with the meat

version soit’s gonna be veal you can see the color of that meat so just nice lightly colored veal and then those beautiful crispy bits on top and we’vegot the yogurt to go with it which is the traditional accompaniment as a drink nowthis is this is very much a

drink let’s I’ll peel the lid right off to show you youcan see how runny that is very runny yogurt so more like a drink than a thana thickened yogurt let’s get into this into this burekand I love how they crunch it up so they’ve got a special little

knife theybring it out of the pan and then they just crunch it up into lots of littlefluffy bits look at this fork that is so good the pastry is so soft but thenhas the crunch on the top but the underlayers are so soft and they’re fullof of oil

so they’re silky and full of flavor in your mouth and a lot of thatoils come out of the meat so it’s got a real meaty flavor and the meat itself isdelicious let’s get a real meaty bit it’s got a ton of onions in it so it’s abit tangy

from onions it’s heavily seasoned as well so a beautifulsaltiness a very good saltiness which is just bringing so much flavor out of themeat nice tangy yogurt so nice sharp tang to the yogurt burek is just such agreat dish it’s so simple and so tasty and I love how

you can find it all overthis region so it sort of it harks from Turkey and the Ottoman Empire andthe Ottoman Empire came all through this region so everyone has their takeon burek around here but this version is amazing and this is such a locallittle bakery I mean they’ve

even had to set up a little side table because theplace is so full so that these guys can eat but it’s got a lovely feeling thisbakery it’s it’s got a lot of history so generations old it’s very simple just doesa bunch of different breads and the burek is

the thing that everyone’scoming in and eating so each time a tray gets emptied they whip out more from thekitchen so you’ve got these little trays of hotburek coming out so it’s it’s hot it’s not cooled right down sometimes youfind big trays of burek that have been sitting for

quite a while so the pastrycan be too tough and the meats gone cold in this case not at all it’s all softand light and fluffy and man it is so enjoyable and I love the feeling in hereit’s just a lovely simple bakery the photos on the wall showing

the historyfrom the family running it over so many generations what a way to start the day we’re really loving Belgrade the peoplehere are very friendly and the city has a great energy about it a very appealinggrittiness it’s a little bit rough and it’s a very interesting place to

wanderaround I think one of the reasons why I love exploring the city is because ofthe variance in architecture there are so many different styles of architectureso it makes it a fascinating place to explore we’re heading to our next spotand we’re going to be eating a thing which you

have to eat when you’re herein Belgrade or in Serbia it’s a quintessential Serbian dish next upwe’re gonna have another one of the must eats when you’re here in Belgrade andthat is cevapi now this again is heavily researched where we’re gonna eat to findthe best version possible of cevapi

and now this is a really neat dish oftendescribed as little meat fingers which i think is greatthe restaurant is yeah just here let’s head on in all right so we’ve ordered up a feastwe’re here to cevapi so cevapi is a really popular food here in Serbiait’s the thing

that we’ve probably eaten the most of since arriving in Belgradeand the dish is made up of little minced meat fingers so this restaurant serves itwith veal sometimes it’s a mixture of different meats and it’s served in aflatbread about 10 to a flatbread and we’ve ordered some traditionalaccompaniments to

go with it and beers to wash it all down our cevapi has arrived and check out howgood this platter looks so these are the cevapi they’re made out of veal andthey’re cooked over charcoal and often described as minced meat fingers they’reessentially meatballs like long meatballsand they always come

with this flatbread here so a very warm toasty flatbreadthere’s also let me show you underneath the cevapi some fresh diced onion there’ssome pickled cabbage on the side and we ordered it with some traditionalaccompaniments so this here is ajvar it’s a sauce or a relish made out ofbell peppers

and then this here is kajmak which is clotted cream and then thewaitress also brought us some mustard because she said that goes really wellwith the cevapi I’m gonna load up this flatbread with cevapi so stuff some ofthose veal meat fingers inside grab a whole lot of this raw

onion theonion really adds a freshness and a tanginess to it and I reckon this pickledcabbage will do the same look at that now I’m gonna grab some of this clottedcream so the kajmak you can see how thick it is so just a huge dollop ofthat on there and

let’s chuck some of this ajvar on as well so this is a verytraditional Serbian accompaniment or sauce to go with the cevapi look at thatoh my gosh it’s a behemoth of a sandwich all right hmm whoa that is really goodthe cevapi are so juicy so there’s a really

good mix of meat and fat inthem you can really taste the smokiness from the grill and that flatbread is sosoft but still a little bit crispy from being over that grill as wellI’m loving the kajmak and the ajvar they add a real creaminess and kick to the meat

whoa this is good we came to this particular restaurantbecause I’d read that a lot of locals really rate this spot and I can see whythe cevapi is excellent it is so juicy and I really love the freshness ofthe raw onion and the pickled cabbage is slightly tangy so

it cuts throughthe richness of the meat it’s just amazing I just want to show you guys howjuicy this cevapi is so you can see in there you can see all the juiciness comingout of the meat and it’s a little bit fatty but it doesn’t have that cloyingfatty flavor

it is just sensational holy moly this is good now the ladysaid that having it with mustard was great as well so let’s get a big blobof mustard and just chuck it right on in the middle there all right and go forthis bit look at that so there’s the

kajmak the clotted cream the redpepper relish and then the mustard I can see why she said to haveit with mustard it’s so good and then we’ve got the beer to chase it down with that bitter beer what I’m loving aboutthis dish is the variance in textures so you’ve

got this really soft bread thejuicy meat crunchy onions and cabbage and the silky smooth red pepper relishand then that creamy creamy clotted cream it just all works and it’s sosatisfying to eat and I’ve really noticed that the produce here in Serbiais of a really high quality the food

is often prepared super simply but itdoesn’t need much playing around with because the quality of the ingredientsis so high and you can really taste the quality oh this is such a good meal Belgrade is such an interesting citywith so much interesting history so we’re making our way through

Belgradefort now which has been here a very long time I mean there’s history of people beingin Belgrade the area of Belgrade for twenty to fifty thousand years which is acrazy long time the fort as it is now and what we’re seeing now was builtaround 1715 or 1720 in

that sort of period so it’s still very old as itstands and the entire population of Belgrade used to live within the grounds ofthis fort which is super interesting but it’s a city that is just so fascinating tobe in I mean as a child and a teenager I remember

seeing Belgrade on the news andit felt so far away so it’s great to be here now and experiencing it forourselves and getting to experience it through its food and finding out itsculture and about its people via its food absolutely loving it so we’re goingto now explore the fort

for a little bit before we head off for our next meal Serbians love their meat and our nextspot is a place a little fast-food spot that does really great sausages we hear they make all of their sausages in house and locals have told us this isthe best place

to get Serbian sausages we’ve come into this little shop and thesmell of the sausages on the grill actually look here you see all of thesausages on the grill there they’re huge really long whole range of meats I thinkI can think I can see chicken and pork on there

whoa I can’t wait to order so you can customize your hotdog they’ve got a whole range of sauces there wasmustard, sour cream the guy said mustard was the best also added some dicedraw onion to go with it whoa that looks amazing hvala this is one heck of a

good-looking hot dog so the kobasice or the sausage we just went for the classic we said to them in there what’s your most classic what is the one that that we should get and theysaid this one and they said to go with mustard definitely mustard onlyso look at

it wow it’s huge oh man so look at that sausage and I lovethis bun it’s so soft you can see it’s nice and aerated it’s kind of likealmost a bap sort of feel to it and he took the bun and he put it on top of allthe sausages

that are on the grill and there’s a lot of sausages on that grillso the smell in the shop is unreal but he he rolled the bun over the sausagesso picked up all that fat that was coming out of them got it all ontothe interior of that bun then

stuck the giant sausage on there and we just wentwith a whole lot of mustard so covered in mustard you can see how much mustardthere is on there and some fresh onions so some pretty pretty thickly diced bitsof fresh onion I’m going for this end where the sausage is

sticking right outthe end oh man oh that is very good the texture of the sausage is amazing so nice and soft but it’s got some good bits of fat inthere so a lot of flavor coming from that and this is an interesting sausagebecause it’s both beef and pork

so combination of both meats so you’ve gotdifferent tastes coming through there and this herbs and spices in thereit’s got some good spices it’s got a little kick of chilli oh this flavour the flavor is amazing the bun and the mustard are amazing but the thing thatreally jumps out

is the texture of the sausage I love how that meat has beenhandled and they make all the sausages in-house so it’s one of the reasons thatthis place is so well known for its hot dogs because of the homemade sausages I love also this dining style so sitting outside

on the footpath we’ve seen thisquite a lot in Belgrade so little places often little shops or little windowswith street food or a little seating area right on the street it’s a reallyneat feeling and I love how even in winter time while we’re here theseplaces are still out on

the street so you can sit having street food and Ilove this sausage it’s something really interesting actually so this is a porkand beef sausage something really interesting we were reading about in ourresearch was pork here in Serbia so there’s a legend on pork being used herethat when the

Ottoman Empire came and took over this region in 1521 they’resaying that pork was used started to be put into things as a little bit ofa revolt against what was happening could be a total legend but I think it’sa pretty cool story and I love this beef and pork

combination sausage it’s agreat great combo and it’s so well spiced and seasoned this sausage this isvery good and that mustard’s great and I’ve eaten down a little bit further and hadsome with the got some onions and those super crispy super crunchy fresh onionsgo very well with it we

always like to show you the food thatthe locals are eating in these videos and often that is the traditional foodof the country that we’re traveling in but I also think it’s fun to share withyou the sort of quirkier foods that are cult classics or have become a bit

ofinstitutions in the cities and this next food that we’re going to eat isexactly that it’s actually from this little shop here it’s a tiny littlewindow and there is a bit of a line forming so let’s go and join it so we’restanding in line for a slice of pizza

but it’s not like any pizza I’ve everseen before it’s pizza with salad dressing over the top of it and it’s avery popular spot hi how are you? Kako si? Good! Can I please have one slice with beef saladhvala so this is just this tiny little window and this

smells coming from it areamazing I can see oh hvala looks so good um I can see the guys making the pizza outthe back there so the pizza’s coming out real fresh and then they’ve got abouteight different salads that you can choose from how crazy is this slice ofpizza

so this place is a Belgrade institution and the line is just growingand growing and growing actually a local just came up to us and said the lineat nighttime so in the early hours I believe it’s open to like bye, I believe it’sopen till really late at night just

stretches around the block and they arejust churning out these slices of pizza topped with this salad dressing so whatit is is just a I think a ham mushroom and cheese pizza and then allof the salad dressing has just been slathered over the top so we got thebeef one

because I heard that that was the the salad dressing to get but theyhad all sorts of different ones I saw tuna chicken I think there was sort ofveggie spreads and I think perhaps it’s like a mayonnaise based salad dressingthis is wild this is crazy and it is crazy

good soI’m not gonna pretend that the pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten becauseit’s not it’s very basic but with the salad dressingit is it like transforms it the salad dressing is very creamyslightly tangy and um you can see the little bits of beef on thereso it’s

got like a savory flavor this is wild I can see say why this spot would bevery busy at night because after a big night of drinking and the people in Belgrade love to party there are clubs and bars like all along the river this iswhat you’d want to

be eating it is really crazy but very good this sure issomething super unusual I’ve never seen anything like this before that’s so weird I love itwhen something you’re so used to is so different wow it’s very tangy thatthat salad dressing basically a mayonnaise taste to it very creamy

wowthat is unusual I love how there’s such a big line and I can see why it’s it’svery tasty very unique super unusual and sums up this day of street food reallywell so had all these great street foods here in Belgrade and tomorrow we’regonna film a video with the

much more traditional Serbian foods that you canfind here in Belgrade so make sure you hit subscribe and hit that like buttonthe thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this video manI have had a good day filming this one

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