Technology in Average Japanese Homes

In this video I wanted to share with you some of my favorite technologies in a Japanese home.

So as many of you know, I've recently moved in my new Tokyo apartment In fact, I've already done a full tour of this entire apartment So if you want to see that check out the links in the description.

But one of the things I didn't fully cover was the technology used in Japanese homes, so in this video I wanted to highlight some of the technologies that I think are pretty cool in a Japanese home and some of You may be familiar with some of these Japanese technology is or you may have it in your home country.

But they still made a list because I think they're pretty awesome.

Either way in the comments.

Let me know what country you're from What's new to you? What you've seen before? As well as things that you really really like and finally before I start if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily Check out my Instagram account if you wanna help support the channel check out the Tokyo merch and if you have any questions about Japan and definitely check out my Discord community.

So without further ado.

Let me show you some my favorite Japanese home tech so first of all Let's talk about the built-in intercom system like I mentioned before in the house for Video this intercom system lets you see who is at the main entrance on the first floor But it also has some pretty cool unique features that I didn't mention in the other video The first thing that I thought was pretty cool is that when someone comes to the first floor? Rings the bell and you're not actually in the house it will record on SD card and the video footage that Actually appeared on the screen and not only does it act as an intercom system But it acts as an alarm system as well first of all if you have any water leaks in the house It'll notify you on the system in addition If you do have a fire in the house You can press this button right here and I'll notify your neighbors that there's actually a fire and at the same right if your neighbors Have a fire inside of their home and they press that button.

It'll notify you here on the display This is pretty cool an intercom system also has an emergency button But you should never really press but just in case something happens and you need to call security You can press this button right here, and they'll come up and finally the intercom system has its own Built-in home security meaning that you can disarm and arm it when you want when you armed the security system And say if someone tries to come through the front door, it'll automatically call security for you And in fact been testing all this stuff out I made a mistake and I actually tripped the alarm and the security company came here and made sure that everything was okay So yeah, super surprised about this intercom system It was actually more than I originally thought it was so another thing that I love about the Japanese apartments Is that some of them have delivery boxes on the first floor? So if you're anything like me It's probably one of the most useful things you can have in your apartment and something that I just really Really love personally I order a lot of stuff online especially places like Amazon now when you're not home the delivery person can actually just put your package Into the delivery box and then whenever you return that box is waiting for you to pick up it's actually pretty nice about this particular system here at this apartment 1 it'll actually Notify you at the intercom system that I showed you earlier that there was a package Actually delivered also another feature of this delivery box system is that you not only can receive packages but you can actually send packages out meaning that if you want to give a package to someone or like a friend and you're not actually here at your Home you can put it in the delivery box and then set a pin code for them to pick up the package and finally this System has this one more feature.

I've actually personally never used it myself But it says cleaning service on it So basically if you have dry cleaning you can use a system to send and receive your dry cleaning for you Which is definitely not absolutely necessary, but it's one of those cool things to have So yeah, I personally like the system but what do you guys think? So this next one is quite unique to Japanese homes that built in fish grill, basically in the center console right here you have a tray that you can pull out and this tray right here is where you put the fish and just Below it.

You actually have a tray when you're supposed to fill in with water So the fish doesn't burn so once you've closed it All you need to do is press the button like so and just at the bottom you can set the time 1 3 6 9 or 12 minutes and just right above you have these burners that will cook the It's rather simple but a lot of Japanese people who often cook fish find this very useful So this next one is probably given but still one of my favorite technologies in that Japanese house the Japanese wash let So a lot of you already know that many Japanese houses come with a Japanese toilet meaning it has that a day and wash let Feature so features like being able to adjust the temperature of the stream or the strength of the stream is all pretty standard But this particular toilet has an actual button to remove odor in addition to that It actually has a dryer feature which you can set from low medium and high Which I guess solves the problem if you run out of toilet paper or you don't want to use toilet paper at all And finally for those of you who often forget to flush it Automatically flushes for you when you're done So before we continue I wanted to give a quick shout-out to our sponsor Mobile Japan sim because of sponsors like mobile They're making life a little bit easier for myself, Maiko and the baby I know that many of you aren't able to travel to Japan at the moment But this is something to consider for your future travels If you don't already know Mobile Japan sim is the best way to get your mobile devices Connected when coming to Japan and the Sims are suitable for both the short trips as well as longer stays when using mobile you can easily navigate to all your destination spots Find the best Transport links translate menus or phrases or even update your social media with all the cool things you're doing here in Japan So quickly here are my top reasons why you should get a mobile SIM card for your trip to Japan Number one mobile offer free worldwide shipping directly to your front door two You can also choose to pick up the sim when you arrive at any major airport or city And it's also free three great coverage.

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So for example, it starts off closed you press it Once it opens up a little bit and then press it a second time It opens up a little bit more and then you press it a third time and then it opens up all the way Pressing it one more time after that then completely closes it again in general These air vents are installed in every room of the apartment.

In fact in 2003 It became part of Japanese building standard law to have these air vents installed.

Apparently, it was a countermeasure against sick building syndrome SBS and since Japan is known for its very moist winters One of the biggest problems here in Japan is mold when you don't properly ventilate your apartment, especially in the winter It creates a perfect situation for mold to grow.

So while it may make sense to close the opening during winter months It's actually recommended to leave the vents open all year long So yeah vents may be not that interesting to you, but I thought it was quite clever to find in Japanese homes So next up is that Japanese bath unit now? I know I covered this one already in the home tour, but it's definitely worth mentioning in this video So basically this bath unit which includes a shower and who's a bath tub This whole enclosed space is one little tiny room and when you close this door right here It creates a water sealed room and in so doing you it's specialized Air-conditioning unit and as mentioned in my previous video you can turn this whole room into one if dryer Unit just behind me.

You have two poles or you can hang wet clothes so basically All you need to do is take your wet clothes hang them on the two poles right behind me and then close the door which creates a full seal and then turn on the Dryer and then in a few hours your clothes are dry So basically you'll find it is a fairly common for Japanese people to take their clothes and hang them outside on their balcony Unfortunately when it's raining they can't do that So this is the alternative to hanging the clothes outside on a rainy day aside from that the bath unit AC Also has a ventilation system as well as like a light wind But what's also interesting is that it has a programmable? Heating function where you can turn on low high or even just to heat up the room really really quickly The reason for this is that winters in Japan get extremely cold.

And therefore these bath units get really really cold as well And so you don't have to take a bath or a shower in a cold room All you need to do is hit that heater button in a few minutes before you go in and you're good to go So while we're here? Let me also take a minute to talk about the automatic bath in Japanese houses Just behind me is the bath and to the left of me is a control panel So basically this control panel here Allows you to set the temperature and the level of the water by pressing one button and once all set it does it all automatically every single time so all you have to do is press the button like this and then as you can see The water fills up and you wait a few minutes and then you have a filled tub be honest, though I am a shower person but those of you who love to take a bath this makes it super easy and in fact You don't even need to come to the bathtub to turn it on Let me show you so here in the kitchen of the apartment You actually have the controls right here So you don't actually need to go to the bath unit in order to turn it on again All you have to do is press the button.

We like here to turn on the bat Auda, matically see how easy that is.

Let me show you one more thing.

That's actually pretty cool so this next feature kind of reminds me of I was a kid soin growing up as a little kid in the States I used to see this commercial all the time in the commercial I'd see this little old grandma fall over and she'd say I Fallen, and I can't get up and then she'd press a button and someone would come and help her Well, his bat actually has the same feature, but instead of calling security or someone to come help.

It just calls outside Let me show you Open it Look at that.

Someone is calling me so that concludes a video Let me know in the comments what you thought if you like this video help me out here that like button if you want to Support the channel check out the Tokyo merch if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily you check out my Instagram account And if you want to see more videos like this Japanese guys Hit that subscribe button and the bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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