(gasping) – John John John, mysteryneighbour's at the back gate, mystery neighbour's at the back gate.

Grab the voice changer, grab the voice changer.

Sharers, this is perfect.

The mystery neighbor's atthe back gate right now.

That's Ellen, she's at ourback gate, is it working? Yeah it's working.

Okay so Sharers, you saw in our last vlog when we were camping out in the backyard, mystery neighbor Ellen saw Grace and she got scared so she ran away so she hasn't been at ourhouse for a couple days but Grace just leftthe house the other day so I think the mystery neighborEllen is no longer scared because Grace is back home at the Sharer Fam House in Virginia so she's back here today.

Trying to get into the house, so John use the voice changer, pretendyou're her twin sister Karen and let's invite her inside to the house.

– What do you mean inviteher inside of the house? – 'Cause think about it, we'llask her to get the hard drive that she stole with all ofour top secret merch files, bring it into the house andwhen she's in the house, I'll be undercover in disguise as her twin sister Karen.

Yeah, I don't know how it's gonna happen but once she's inside John, you can grab the hard drive and we can steal all of ourtop secret merch files back and get the Share the Lovemerch store back on line.

– Okay well let's do it, Idon't know how it's gonna work but we'll give it a shot.

Come on.

– Okay so let's go to the gate and let's talk to her, pretend, remember you're Karen.

– She can't see us on this side.

– Put the voice changer on, ready? – Ellen? – Karen, what are you doingat the Sharer's house? – Say you're house sitting.

– I'm house sitting for them.

– House sitting, well where are they at? – That's a good question, I'm not sure.

They just asked me to house sit for them.

– All right then.

– That's perfect, doyou have that hard drive with all the merch files that you stole? – I don't have it on me, Ihave to run back to my house.

It's sitting on my counter now.

– Okay.

Can you go run and grab it real quick and then meet me at the frontdoor in like five minutes? – Yeah sure I can definitely do that.

– Okay awesome, I'll meet you there.

– All right, see you soon.

– Perfect Stephen, this is awesome.

– Okay perfect she's gone.

She's gonna go grab the hard drive with all the top secret merch files.

John I gotta get in disguiseas her twin sister Karen so when she comes inside, we can have cookies and tea and while she's inside, your job is to grab the harddrive and take it from her so we get all the files back and the merch store's back up and running.

– Okay so while you distract her, I steal the merch filesand then we're good? – Yeah but first thing'sfirst, I gotta get undercover 'cause I have to look exactlylike her twin sister Karen.

– Yeah you don't lookanything like her right now.

– Okay well just wait, check this out.

I got all the suppliesupstairs to go undercover and Sharers let's just say, I'm no longer gonna be Stephen Sharer.

I'm gonna be the mysteryneighbor twin, Karen.

– He's gonna look so funny.

– Okay well let's get started, let's go.

(upbeat music) So check it out Sharers.

To get undercover and lookexactly like Miss Karen, we have some awesome pictures so we can get into nitty gritty details to exactly what she looks like.

She generally wears some sort of sweater or something like that.

One, I can't believe she met Oprah.

John, can you believe that she met Oprah? – No, whoa that's crazy.

– Yeah it looks likethey're like best friends.

That's wild, anyways we also have an outfit that would goperfectly, look at this.

This polka dot thingmatches up almost exactly with the polka dot thingthat she was wearing there so that is item number one.

Item number two is thissort of dress thing that I'm gonna have to wear and then to top that off, we have the undercover wig, we have the sunglasses that she wears, some jewelry because shealways likes to wear jewelry.

Some of these bracelets and some earrings as well as an oversized sweater scarf thing and of course, the signature black purse that she always carries.

Look at this, she's carrying it there.

Well she'll be carrying it again today so let's start John.

What do you think stepnumber one would be? – From what I can tell Stephen, it looks like stepnumber one is the makeup.

– Let's get to work.

Makeup station, I'm ready John.

Bring over that makeup, let's get going.

– She used this and this andthis and that's all we need.

I haven't really done makeup before so I have no idea howto do this whatsoever so I'm just gonna improvise and we'll see what it looks like.

– We're not really surewhat any of this stuff is but this thing looks prettycool, it's from Jeffree Star.

Comment down below ifyou know who that is.

– So first step is to usethis orange sponge thing and this full coverage cream to cover your entire face, Stephen, and then we'll go ontothe colors afterwards.

– Perfect John, put someof that on the squishy and let's put that on my face and let's see what I look like.

– Perfect, ready? – Here we go.

(upbeat music) Okay step one is done.

Hello Sharers okay we are definitely getting there.

Really hope we're doingthis right, do I look okay? 'Cause we are about to move onto step two.

– You look good to me.

Yeah looks good.

– Okay moving onto step two, John what's step number two? – Step two we use this small brush, it says it's a crease brush and we're gonna do some pink and some blue because I feel likeKaren's pretty colorful and she likes colors andbright pink and stuff like that so we're gonna do that right on your face.

– Perfect, bright pink here we go.

(upbeat music) Oh yes step two is done.

Wow, this is looking really good.

– Wait that looks really good, that looks exactly like Karen.

– Okay John what's the next step? – I think we're gonnado a little blue accents on your forehead 'causeif I remember right, yeah I think Karen has blueaccents on her forehead, right? – [Stephen] Something like that.

– Yeah I can't really tell.

And for this one, wechose to use this brush 'cause it's a expert face brush.

– Wait John you meanaround the eyes right? – Yeah like right on top ofyour eyes just like that.

– Perfect, here we go.

Blue eyeshadow coming right up.

(upbeat music) And I look good, wow John check it out.

– Whoa it looks exactlylike her, oh my goodness.

– It is looking really good, what is the next step John? I feel like we're almostready to go in disguise.

– Last step is just a green right around the bottom of your mouth.

– Green, what's that for? – This is how you do facial contouring.

– Facial contouring, sounds cool.

– Okay here we go.

– Let's do it.

(upbeat music) Oh yes.

– Whoa.

– This looks great.

– Wait it like really helps it stick out.

– I think it's gonna look goodwith the wig and everything it's gonna look really really good.

Anything else? – Yeah this, lipstick.

It's from Jeffree Star.

Okay I'm not exactly sure how this works, but something like this.

– Okay here we go, lipstick.

(upbeat music) This looks good John.

– I'm really proud of myself.

– Okay, so step number one is done, that was the makeup section.

Now it's time for step number two.

It's time to get into characterso I think I look very similar to her right now.

Hey Sharers.

So now we just gotta complete the outfit so John I think it's time for me to get in disguise.

– Okay Stephen, looking good so far.

Good luck, this is gonnareally transform you.

– I'll be right back.

(upbeat music) – Oh yeah, Miss Karen is almostready to go John, how do I look? – [John] Wow you look amazing.

– This is what I'm talking about, I'm seriously looking like Miss Karen.

Look at this, we're almostidentical twins right now.

I mean I got the scarf and everything.

Now it's time to do a little jewelry so it looks like she has alittle bit of an earring on, right? So we definitely haveto put some earrings on.

Which ones do you think I should do? These ones or these ones? – [John] Definitely these, they're even bigger.

– Yeah you're right, the bigger the better and these are clip on earrings 'cause I don't actuallyhave my ears pierced, so go like this (yelping) that really scared me for a second.

Let me try that onemore time on this side.

They kinda hurt when they clip on.

There we go, how does this look? – Wow.

– These things are heavy oh my goodness.

And then I think we gottado a couple bracelets.

Put this on just like this.

They barely fit look at that.

A little bracelet and thenthe necklace for sure.

She always wears a necklace, I feel like.

What do you think John? – [John] Yeah that's perfect.

– Definitely a necklace.

This looks expensive, itlooks like a pearl necklace.

We'll put this on like this.

Let's see John, whatelse are missing here? We got the bracelet, everything, what else are we missing? – Stephen, the signature glasses and wig.

Come on that's the most important part.

– That's right, Sharersafter I put this on, I'm going to no longerbe referred to as Stephen so John you gotta remember, my name is Miss Karen.

Hi, it's Miss Karen.

– [John] Oh gosh Stephen.

– I'm Miss Karen, who is Stephen? This is what I'm talking about John.

(laughing) – Yeah I mean it does looklike Karen so that's good.

– We are ready John.

Let's get the merch files back, Sharers.

We will do anything to savethe Share the Love merch store.

And Miss Ellen's gonna be here any moment so we gotta get downstairs, come on let's go.

Downstairs, we gotta get cookies, we gotta get tea, we gottaget everything ready.

She's about to ring that doorbell and as soon as she comesin, you're gonna hide but you're gonna be in chargeof getting the hard drive.

As soon as you steal thehard drive, signal me so I know we can end the conversation, send her back out the door and on her way and she'll never knowthat she finally gave back the Share the Love topsecret merch store files.

– Okay Stephen you gotit, I'll be undercover.

You go do that and I'm gonna set up somehidden cameras as well.

We're gonna put one at the entrance so we can get them as theywalk in, just like that.

Hit record, flashingred, we're good to go.

And then next one, we'll put one outside just in case Stephen managesto get her to come out here.

We could put this here, we'llcapture all the footage.

It's recording, okaylet's get back inside.

Like that.

We're gonna have Stephen andEllen sit right at the table just here, one there, onehere and we're gonna get them as they talk.

And then I'll sneak inbehind, grab the hard drive, so we can escape successfully.

– You ready? I have my cookies, okay quick though.

Ellen's gonna be here any minute now John, get in position.

– Okay getting in position.

I'm gonna hide just like this Stephen.

(doorbell ringing) – She's ringing thedoorbell, John you ready? – Yeah just use your Karenvoice, like talk high.

– Oh yes that's right, cookies.

– Okay you got your things to worry about, I'm gonna hide like this.

– [Stephen] You ready? – Yeah.

– Here we go.

These are so hard to walk in John.

– Well you're gonna have to do something.

– I'm trying.

Here we go.


– [Ellen] Oh hi Karen, how you doing? – Hi it's been so long, come on in.

– All right yeah, thanks for having me overat the Sharer's house.

– I see you're, are you V-logging? – Yeah I'm vlogging hereon my camcorder, say hi.

– Do you have your own YouTube channel? – Yeah just started a few weeks ago, have you been watching the videos? – What? She has a channel? You have a channel? – Mm-hmm.

– What is your channel called? – It's Ellen Mystery Neighbor.

– What, I had no idea you had a channel.

What are you posting? – Just some vlogs, I mean goingthroughout the neighborhood, and you know, doing stuff, you know.

It's mostly me getting pranked on.

These crazy Sharers keeppranking me you know.

– Is there undercover footageof you spying on the Sharers? – Well of course there'ssome footage like that.

You just gotta watch and subscribe.

– I can't believe that, wellcome on in to the kitchen.

– All right.

– Come on into the kitchen.

– You know, something's a littleoff with you right now.

Something seems a little different.

– What, something's off? (clearing throat) I mean, I'm sorry I have a little cold.

– I don't know, something's off.

You look a little different, a little more muscular? – I've been working out, doing my pilates.

– Okay.

– Here come on over, I have a Reese's for you.

– Oh wow, thank you so much.

– Sit down.

– Do you have any tea or water? – Tea or water? Yeah I'll be right back, I'll grab you something.

– Okay thank you.

– Sorry about that.

– You all right back there? – Yeah I got these new shoes and they're just kinda hardto walk in, that's all.

– Okay.

– I'm gonna get you some water I'll get you some water, I'll be right back.

– Thank you.

– Stephen.

Okay this is actuallygoing really well so far.

– I know.

It's going really good.

– Yeah I can't believeshe brought her computer and everything with the harddrive and the merch files.

We have to grab it as soon as possible.

– Yeah.

– Did you hear she hasher own YouTube channel? – I know, she has her own YouTube channel? – Like what, since when? I wonder what's on it, have you checked it out? – No we have to gocheck it out after this.

– Yeah it could be like secret information that she won't tell us.

– Okay I'm making her some tea right now.

It's just water 'cause Idon't know how to make tea.

But it's lemony water so it should work but John meanwhile, I'mgonna go back out there and when the time is good, I'm gonna give you a signal.

You run in, you sneak into her bag and you steal the hard drive out of it, does that sound good? – You got it, sounds like a plan.

– Okay I'm going backout there, wish me luck.

– Okay good luck.

– Karen you're back.

– I've got your tea.

– Oh thank you.

– It's a little cold, my hotwater heater wasn't working.

– Oh no.

– I know, but I'm housesitting for the Sharers.

– Oh that's all right.

– Yeah I can't believe I'mstill on the Sharer's good side.

They have no idea thatI'm working with you.

They still think I'm part ofthe neighborhood watch program.

– I know, them silly Sharers, you know.

They don't know all thetruths that we know here.

– Yeah so anyways, tell me, about what you've been doing with the Sharers' merchandise store? I heard you stole theirfiles or something like that? – Yeah you know I just have the hard drive with all the data on it.

You know, they've beenpranking me a lot lately so I thought you know, what's getting back, the things there on stephensharer.

com– – Okay this is going well so far.

Gonna sneak over here.

– Files, they justgetting what they deserve.

– Are you putting thison your vlog channel? – Yeah, of course, say hi to my fans.

– Hey Sharers what's going on? It's Karen (laughing) anyways, let me see your camera.

– Yeah sure, take a look at it.

– Put this down here.

Oh yeah that's nice.

– And then meanwhile, while I'm putting that down here, why don't you show me the hard drive that you have?- Oh yeah yeah.

Got it here right here in my bag.

So it's just right in here.

Got a lot of stuff in here.

Gotta make sure I unzip that.

– Okay.

– I got my extra lipstick, always carry that around.

– Yes, love the lipstick.

– Here it is, this hasall the files on there.

– The hard drive.

Oh the Sharers I'm surewould love to have this back.

– Of course they will butif they stop pranking me.

They've been doing sillystring, and confetti, all these pranks recently.

– Well you know what, since I'm house sitting, I can plug this in and leak all the Sharers' upcoming top secret merch so I can just take this.

– No no, I think I'll just hold onto this.

I'm your older sister and I think I shouldbe the one responsible, keep this in my house.

You don't need to, I broughtit over here to show you some designs but I'llkeep holding on to it.

– But Ellen, I asked youto bring me the hard drive and you said you would.

– Yeah I was gonna showyou the files on there, didn't mean I was gonna giveit to you, did you think? Oh Karen, you're so funny.

– Ellen.

I'll be right back, meet me in the kitchen.

– What was that, in the kitchen? – Not you sorry, I was talking to myself.

Meet me in the kitchen (coughing) John meet me in the kitchen.

She's not giving me the hard drive.

You really gotta swoop inand steal the hard drive as soon as you can, she's not giving it up.

– I know but Stephenyou're gonna have to like, distract her or somethingso I can grab it.

– How, what am I supposed to do? – Send her outside, go outside with her.

She'll leave her bagand I can just grab it.

– Okay, I'm gonna try for it.

Sharers, smash the likebutton, give me good luck.

– Perfect.

– I'm going back undercover.

– Okay good luck.

– Here we go.

I'm back, sorry about that.

I had to think and clearmy head for a little bit.

– Are you okay over there? – Yeah so anyways, I was thinking, have you been out to the backyard yet? – I mean I have with the Sharers but I haven't been back there by myself.

– Well I can take you outside, let me show you what it looks like.

– All right, that sounds great.

– Perfect.

– Let me just put my harddrive back here in my backpack real quick just for safekeeping.

You know, can't be toocareful with this thing.

I'm gonna put that there.

– Yeah yeah yeah.

Take your backpack.

– And perfect, we're back in business.

Let's go to the backyard of the Sharers.

Can't forget my lipstick, hold on, there we go.

– You sure you wanna bring your backpack? – Yeah yeah you got your purse on you too, I'm bringing my purse.

– Okay.

This is crazy.

This is crazy.

– What was that, whatwere you doing over there? – Nothing, nothing.

– Just adjusting your hair? – Yeah.

– All right.

– Let me show you the backyard.

– Stephen Stephen Stephen.

– John what am I supposed to do? – I don't know, just gonna have to distract— She has her backpack.

– Her holding.

You have to get her drop herbackpack, I can just grab it.

– I'll get her to bounceon the trampoline.

– Okay perfect, she can'tbounce with a backpack.

– And when she puts it down, try to grab the backpack.

– Maybe you can teach her how to do a back flip or something.

And then I'll grab theback pack, this is perfect.

– Okay I'm going out thereJohn, it's time to retrieve the hard drive, let's do this.

– Good luck.

– So let me show you the backyard.

– All right.

– We can, do you wanna go swimming? – Maybe not right now, Idon't have swim trunks on.

– All right.

You know what? Let's go onto the trampoline.

– All right, that sounds good.

– I love the trampoline.

– Yeah trampolines are fun.

– Have you been on one recently? – Yeah I've been on a few times recently.

I've been spying on the Sharers, you can see it in my vlog.

– Oh cool well hop on.

You go first, you probablyknow this better than me, I'm just house sitting.

– Barely made it.

– Oh no, you know I'm wearing a dress too.

You go on first Karen.

– Oh Ellen, you're so silly.

Let me show you how it's done.

So what you do first step, is you take your bag.

Your backpack, you'regonna wanna put it down.

– Sure okay.

– You can put it down here, yeah.

Put it right there.

– All right.

– Right there, there you go.

– Okay.

– And then you can hop up on here to get on the trampoline.

– All right.

– Shoes off, shoes off.

– Yeah, shoes off that's a good idea.

Let me take off my shoes as well.

– And then you just hopup onto the trampoline and you can do your own thing.

Come on, you gotta bounce.

– All right, all right, I'll come up.

Karen help me vlog here.

– Yeah here I'll hold your vlog camera.

– Thank you.

– All right.

– Okay so Sharers this is my only chance.

I'm gonna get that hard driveback, it's gotta be now.

She put her backpack down, it's the only chance I'm gonna have.

All right, seems a little crazy but it looks like this is theonly way we're gonna do it.

While they're bouncing on the trampoline, I'm gonna have to do the dirty work.

Just grab the bag.

Here I go.

– [Stephen] Look this way.

– [Ellen] There's more water.

– Yeah look at the, hereif you look at the water, you can grab some stuff.

We'll play hide and seek on thetrampoline, close your eyes.

– Okay.

– Don't look.

No cheating Ellen, Iknow you liked to cheat when we were kids.

– [Ellen] How are wegonna play hide and seek on the trampoline— John John.

– There's nowhere to hide.

– What? – Her eyes are closed right now.

– Okay.

– Grab the bag.

– Okay.

– Grab the hard drive out of it.

– Okay.

– 10 seconds, quick.

– Oh no where is it? – A little slower, start at 10 again.

There you go.

– All right I got it.

I'm gonna run.



We made it.

I don't know how I'mgonna get out of here.

– Karen? – Oh no okay well, we gotthe merch files Sharers.

This is the most important part.

Now we just gotta figure outhow Stephen's gonna escape.

Just put this down.

Now we're gonna have to figure out how we're gonna send her home without her noticing thisis Stephen and not Karen.

I don't know.

– Karen? Where are you? – Oh.

– Karen.

– You found me.

– There you are.

Are you still vloggingwith my camera there? – Yeah.

Well that was fun.

I have everything I need soI think I gotta get going.

– What do you mean youhave everything you need? – You know what, let's just do one moreround of hide and seek.

– All right one more game.

– Uh oh Sharers, looks likethey're doing another round.

She might be gettingsuspicious or something.

Come on Stephen, wehave everything we need.

We have the merch files right there.

We don't need anything else, let's just get out of here.

Let's call it quits while we can.

– All right yeah I'll start vlogging.

All right well why don'tyou stand over there and– – I'll stay here, I'll count to 10.

– All right, start counting.

– Okay here she comes to hide.

Oh no she's getting close.

Grab the merch files, we'regoing back through here.

I've got the merch files.

I hear her, she's right where I just was.

Stephen, she almost found me.

She almost me.

I have the merch files.

– Go hide.

– Okay.

– Take the hard drive and run back inside, Idon't know what to do.

– I'm gonna go inside while she's hiding.

– Okay.

– Come on come on comeon, we have everything.

– And 10.

10, ready or not here I come.

I'm coming for you, here we go.

– I'm not even worriedabout being quiet anymore.

We got the merch files, put it here.

We'll worry about that later.

Now I have to hide while they're playing theirlast game of hide and seek.

I have to make sure thatStephen's able to get out.

The only problem is, they're still playing and she could still realizethat Stephen's Stephen and not Karen.

– Ellen? Ellen, where'd you go? – Moving forward, here we go.

– I found you.

I mean, found you.

– Karen, what are you doing over there? You scared me.

– I found you, that was too easy.

– What are you doing withthe GoPro over there? – Oh the GoPro, right.

Sharers must have left it in the backyard.

I'm just cleaning it up for them.

– All right then.

– Anyway, speaking of clean up– – Mm-hmm.

– Okay we're hidingagain, let's go over here.

Can they see me? I don't think so, I think we're good.

– I'm going to put my shoes back on and I'm gonna show you the way out.

– Okay that sounds good, let me get my shoes on.

– Yeah Sharers could be home any moment, so hurry hurry hurry.

John and I gotta get these merch files up so hurry hurry hurry hurry.

– I should follow them more, let's go down this way.

– This bag feels a little lighter.

Maybe I've been working out, you know? – Okay moving forwardagain, they're right there.

Going over here.

– Come inside.

– [Ellen] I'm coming right behind you.

– All right, come on now.

– I think we're good, they went inside.

Now we just gotta followthem and keep sneaking.

– You know what Ellen? It's been great.

– Yeah, it was a great time.

– They're right there.

– Next time you see me, I won't be here but I've got everything I need so just know that youryounger sister is doing well.

– [Ellen] All right see you around Karen, have a good one.

– All right bye bye now Ellen.

– Bye.

– Take care.

Lots of love from your older sister, that's what I'm talking about.

(laughing) – Stephen.

– You got the hard drive John? – Oh we got it, it's in the kitchen.

– Oh we got her Sharers.

– Little crazy but, wow okay.

– Get ready because we'reabout to put that merch store back online.

– Oh yeah.

– Stephensharer.


(dramatic music).

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