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Live from Wendy's apartment in New York, it's The Wendy Williams Show At Home.

♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ Now, here's Wendy! ♪ Woo ♪ Hi.


How you doin'? Hi.

Are you okay? Are you feeling well? Here's what keeps ringing in my head.

And, first of all, I've never cared about sharing my emotions with you.

I cry with you, I laugh with you.

I cry at least once a day.

And I'll tell you when that at least once happens.

Seven o'clock here in New York when we're supposed to raise the roof, open the windows, scream outside with our pots and pans, clap 'em together for our first responders.

Me and my cats, we participate in that.

Like, I dig that.

The cops and the doctors and the nurses and the school teachers and the MTA drivers that are dropping at a rapid rate.

You know? So, that's one time I cry.

Another time usually happens when I see something else that's just chokingly said on the news.

There is this woman who lost her family.

Her husband died one day alone.

Alone, because he has the corona.

And then her son, her only child, died a few days later.

Now, I don't know what kind of brick you're made of, but, Norman, you know this story? I've heard it, I've heard it.

It's really sad, it's terrible.

They died alone and now she's alone.

And it's all because of something that should have never happened.

Do you cry every day? I know you got a heart made of stone.

Do I cry every day? These days my emotions like the anxiety is a lot.


It doesn't take much, like sometimes it's like a commercial or a TV show, and I'm like, oh my god.

You know what I cried at? I was watching The Clark Sisters on Lifetime.

What a great job they did on that movie.

And The Clark Sisters just really came through.

There was not a person I don't know who didn't see it the first airing, where they inform me is something about me, during, a little commercial that played, regarding me, during the movie.

But I fell asleep last night really early, and then I woke up like at midnight, my body clock is all the way off.

And The Clark Sisters movie had just started, and I watched it, Norman, I laughed, I cried.

Then the commercial comes on.

And I'm like, oh my gosh.


It's weird doing TV and then seeing yourself on TV out of nowhere.


Norman, that was a good old tease though, right? It was good.

My mom, Joy, and Andy Cohen.

And they're only a few of the people that will be speaking during the documentary coming soon to you, about my messy life, mess, mess mess.

Anywho, what are we talking about? We are talking about.

Puffy and his big dance-a-thon.

I was invited, I was invited.

You know, I'm not the dancer.

I just didn't wanna be involved.

But I appreciate that people are doing things to keep people's minds off of the mess that we're going through as a country right now.

All right, so they so they were all dancing and having a good time, it was family day at the compound.

Well, first of all, I don't even know why they're out of the house, okay.

But I'm sure Puffy as everything sprayed down and– Yeah, it was fun, mainly him with the kids, but, like on Instagram.

Well, it sounded fun.

So, then I read that Lizzo went into full blown twerking at like four o'clock in the afternoon, and Puffy shut it down, because he said this is not appropriate.

This is not appropriate.

He wasn't fat shaming.

What he was doing is time shaming.

Four o'clock, excuse me, in the afternoon.




Spicy Dori– Draya, he didn't stop her from twerking.

I know, wait, hold on.

Spicy, I'm not gonna eat till we're finished, but spicy Doritos, I love a fancy cutlery.

And, you know I love caviar.

A little caviar and some Doritos.

This brings me up high, this keeps me exactly where I need to be right here, acting a fool.

Anyway, so then, so he stops Lizzo, but then Draya twerks, full blown twerking, at 10 o'clock at night.

So I'm like, okay, this is not fat shaming.

What this is, is time shaming.

You don't twerk in front of kids at four o'clock in the afternoon.

People who don't have children would not know that.

Because you're just living for your, excuse me, Norman, you're living for yourself, and you do it all the time.

Do you want kids? No, I don't.

Do you like kids? I love kids.

I just don't want my own.

But also, I mean, you can't convince me that it wasn't fat shaming.

Sorry, Puffy, I love you.

Well, he covered it real well, 'cause I believe that it was time shaming.

You know, as a mother, I know what happens at four o'clock in the afternoon on family day.

By 10 o'clock at night, all those kids are in the west wing of the mansion compound.

They've got a nanny per kid.

There's like, you know, 55 kids in there and they are all coloring, spray painting, silly stringing, sleeping, whatever they're doing, the nannies are instructed, lock the door, do not let these kids out.

And then that's when adults turn up.

And that's what Draya was doing.

That's all.

Look, I'm trying to see both sides of the coin, okay.

You know she's not my favorite person.

But, you know, we all fall down and then get up.


You know I was on the phone earlier today with Greg Mathis.

That's all I'm gonna say.

You know our history.

Well, this is what happens when you're quarantined.

You think about people who, like I watch him on TV, I'm like, are me and this man still fighting, you know? Is he still calling me names? Am I still calling him names? Because I'm laughing, I'm like, oh my gosh, the judge is so entertaining on his show.

Like, I need this in my life.

All I do is sit in the house and feel the building rock back and forth.

Yeah, I got one of those buildings.

It rocks four inches to the right and four inches to the left.

Every crystal on every chandelier is moving right now.

Boof is my witness.

So if anything crashes down, just know it's not me, it's the building.

But yeah, me and Greg are back to being, we were never friends, I only knew him, I met him one time and we fought like cats and dogs.

And now we got together.

Norman, remember those days? I mean, etched in my brain.

Good old radio days.

But no, me and Greg, we had a good old conversation.

I've invited him to be on our Special Edition while we're still quarantining.


Yeah, he's gonna, yeah, yeah, he's gonna come on.

He knows the law, he's a judge for goodness sakes.

Plus I like his ways, and his alligator shoes.

You know what I'm saying? Right.

He's a good one.

He's a good one.

Anyway, Blac Chyna is charging people to join her and follow her and FaceTime with her.

The price is $295 or $250, or, and that's on IG, or follow her on FaceTime for $950.

Now, I'm a woman, I'm allowed to change my mind.

No, I'm not following Erykah Badu.

'Cause I never felt Badu.

So, $2, I'm not even paying that for her, sorry.

But I would pay $95 for Tori Spelling 'cause I like that family.

She's got five children, a faulty husband, and a mother who won't give her a dime.

A mother that I love, but won't give her a di.




Now, you'd follow Badu, but you said you've got not a dime for Tori.

I'm not giving $95 to Tori Spelling.

Right, so you and I disagree.

And I'm not giving $250 to Blac Chyna for her to follow me on Instagram, or $950.

How dare her.

To FaceTime her.

Here's my thought on that.

And you know I love Chyna.

I love her, love her, love her.

But she is not worth $950 or $250.

Now, if she comes down to $95, do it.

I'm gonna tell you who needs to do it, 'cause, you know, there is not room at every Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Holyoke, there's not room at these colleges for every girl.

There's some girls who have to resort to what their mama gave 'em.


And if you're one of those girls, and you want first-hand knowledge of how to grab that brass ring of bootydom, who better to go to? Look, Chyna is in that family, not once, but twice.

First she was Tyga's.

Then Kylie accepted her, and they all get along.

Then she got impregnated by Rob.

Rob is dizzy with love over this girl, would love to get back together with her.

She doesn't wanna get back together with him, she wants to move on with her life.

But she's in the first family.

Now, from what I understand, the first family does not like Chyna, but they love her baby girl.

They love that girl.

And to see the girl, you gotta get along with Chyna, see.

Who better to learn from, Norman? $95, did I convince you, if you're one of those girls? Yeah, right, 95.

A master class.

A master class with Blac Chyna, money well spent.

'Cause we're not all gonna be under corona, and there're gonna be some people going back to, you know, do what they do.


And when you get back to it, you just wanna make sure you're not wasting your time on a dud or a liar man.

You wanna make sure you get a good one like Rob.

Good old Rob, hypnotized.

Now, this Gavin Rossdale, you know, he was married to Gwen Stefani.

Gavin and Gwen are divorced and they are trying to co-parent.

And Gavin says that Gwen makes it difficult, because when he drops their two boys off.

Three boys.

Three boys off to Gwen's house, that he doesn't know who the boys are socializing with.

So now he's dealing with corona, maybe, based on who they socialize with.

And I'm like, well, how old are these boys? Aren't they old enough to be able to talk for themselves? Like dad, mom had a playdate for us, there were eight kids there, we colored and, you know, we swam, we rode horses, or even the animals are, other than my two, 'cause they don't leave the house.

So, they've got three sons, and, you know, the youngest was born back in 2016.

And they're not together anymore.

And I just feel like, at least the oldest, is old enough to speak for the other two and him, to say, this is what happened.

But here's Gavin, and I don't really know what to think.

Tell me what you think, take a look.

That is the real big dilemma for parents with kids with a, you know, split custody.

Because you don't wanna, I don't wanna, you know what I mean? You're more mindful of like, I know who's around me, no one, and I know who's bringing me the corona, no one.

And does he send your kids out somewhere else and they come back to you like, now you're prone to whoever they're with.

So it's a bit, it's a tricky one, you know, for all divorced parents.

I mean, you know, first of all, he lives in LA and she lives in Oklahoma.

I already checked, it's a four hour flight from LA to Oklahoma.

It's a 19 hour drive from LA to Oklahoma.

If you really wanna know how your kids are doing, then you drop them off at the top of the ranch, and you stay down the street at the motel.

And you drive them with a bunch of spray, you know, you spray the car down, and you drive them and wipe and wipe and wipe.

You know, and check their temperature before they even get in the car.

You know, you have an honest conversation with Gwen.

My thing is I had no idea that they were still fighting like this.

There's part of me, even though I love Gwen and Blake together, part of me feels that Gwen and Blake are a selfish, still in their newlywed time together, you know, even though they're not married married, but I feel like they might as well be married.

And they're selfish, you know, posting selfies and doing stuff, like oh my gosh, look at us, we're totally single and free.

But no, they're not.

They gotta take responsibility for these kids.

And Gavin, you need to pipe down and go along with what your wife says.

And if you're really an unselfish, man, you'd let your wife have the kids for this entire quarantine, 'cause we love dads, but moms are the number one parent.

So why wouldn't you have just dropped the kids off at the house? And then the other part of me says, Gwen doesn't wanna any part to that, not full time, not right now.

She's still busy, you know, loving up on Blake.

I've got one of my favorite guests.

Do you who that is? The fabulous.



You know I love you Mario Cantone.

I love you too.

I cannot believe you're eating caviar, which is my favorite thing, I could eat it morning, noon and night.

That's hilarious.

That would, I actually, Jerry, my husband and I, had some of the other night, on Good Friday, because it's fish.

Any excuse, any fish excuse to have caviar.

We had some caviar the other night, it was lovely.

I love it.

Do you make quarantinis? Do you and Jerry have quarnatinis? First of all, you know, this is perfect for me, 'cause I don't love leaving the house.

I am a recluse, I love being home.

I like the choice of going out, which is, it's been, it sucks.

As much as I'm a recluse, this really sucks.

But yeah, we've been out, we put our little masks on, and our gloves.

I have these gloves that I got that are too small.

They look like the Playtex commercial from the 1960s with the woman in the yellow glove cleaning the counter, that's what it looks like.

So, they look, it looks like I have nails under them.

It looks ridiculous.

So, we go out with the masks and those gloves, and I'm like a ninja shopper.

I'm in there, I get what I gotta get, I fly around corners, I almost bump into people, and I scream in their faces.

I mean, this is, it's horrifying, the whole thing.

I get what I get, and then I get home.

And that's it.

And then we get home, my routine, basically is, I'm up at two in the afternoon, which is perfect for me.

Getting up today, early for you, was like getting up at 4:00 a.


But I did it for you, 'cause why, I love you.

I love that you're just in a bathrobe and eating caviar on a Dorito! I have it on potato chips.

You have it on a Dorito! How fantastic is that? So, we do that and then we shop, we cook, we cooked every night, I make him breakfast every day.

I make, people go, Barbara Walters said to me one time, “You make him breakfast every day?” I'm like, yes, I do.

What do you think, I just throw a row of Oreos on the table and say, here, eat, I'm going back to bed? No, I make a breakfast every day, when he's home or when I don't have to work.

But we cook every night.

We have a large tequila cocktail at 7:00 p.


There you go.

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, a large, not like a two ounce, like a four ounce tequila cocktail, and that's just the tequila, then the rest of the stuff, juice or whatever you put it in.

Let me ask you something, because you're a recluse, like I am.

Like I like to elect to be in.

I don't like to be told stay in.

There's something very horrible about all of this.

And we're all in it together.

But you and Jerry have never had a traditional marriage where you actually live together.

So now–Well actually, yeah, well, we live together, well, we still live together, but he is bi-coastal, but he, that's not true, 'cause mostly we live together, up until the last two years, we've been living together.

It's two years ago that he got this job in Seattle in the theater and he was going back and forth.

But I'm gonna tell you something.

How are things going? Well he, let me tell you, he did, he was, he directs one show a season, he was in the middle of directing that, he kept the show, they did two previews, he packed his stuff and he came home, 'cause that's what my husband is.

He came home.

He was like, I will be home.

I'm like, good.

So he's home, that's it.

And he's here indefinitely.

I mean, he's still working for the theater.

They have conference calls every day.

He's like working full time.

So, believe me, they're trying to figure it all out.

'Cause the last thing that's gonna happen is theaters, concerts, discotheques, do they still have them? I don't know, I'm 90.

I mean– What do you do? Until there's a vaccine, where are people going? Where?To Sex and the City on TV to see you and the girls in the repeats.

I've been getting a lot of that too.

There's been a lot of that.

I know, it's so devastating to see me.

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me see myself 15 years ago, every day, it's horrifying.

You look exactly the same.

I look at myself and I go, a tear comes down my eye and I go, “I was beautiful then.

” The other day when you told Samantha that she had a roll coming over her sexy outfit.

Oh, that was the movie, yeah.

It made me it made me cry.

Yeah, did it really? Yeah.

You weep at the drop of a dime, don't you? You like–Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that's okay.

I do too.

Things, by the way, so our Easter day, Easter was, we got up, watched The Clark Sisters, which was magnificent.

Right?Ah, ah.

First of all, Aunjanue Ellis, playing the mother, who I did The Tempest with on Broadway years ago.

Really? I mean, I know her a little, but I've just, I mean, I haven't seen her in years, but she was always so talented.

She was magnificent.

And all those girls singing– All of them.

This is what I love.

I love when you seize a biopic like that, where you find these actresses or actors, you find them, you have them audition, and you make sure they can act and they can sing.

I don't wanna see you lip synching.

The New Edition movie on BET, I love that.

Those boys were magnificent.

They were singing, they were acting, that's what I wanna see.

I wanna see, that's what I wanna see.

I don't wanna see you lip synching, I'm sorry.

Don't make the picture.

There is some good stuff on TV.

Let me ask you, because you always say how you don't like kids for yourself.

Oh, I am so grateful I don't have children.

And I'm getting a lot, I do cameos.

Speaking of Blac Chyna and her $800, I charge $100 for a cameo, I should up my price.

But I get a lot, I'm here with my children, please say hello my wife, she's being driven crazy by my son who's running around like a Tasmanian devil.

And I, you know, I goof on that and rank on them having children, which they love, because when you rank on people that have children, they know what it is, it's difficult.

That's the one thing Jerry and I, amongst many other things, agreed on, was didn't want children.

And I am so happy I don't have children.


You know, we're were here, we have our drinks, we watch movies, we look at the Empire State Building every night, which is right outside our window, we see it dance for us every night, that stuff dances and it's just, it brings light and pleasure to us.

And seven o'clock, Jerry's there with his little foghorn that he has.

Me too! I do the hands.

Yeah, and he has a, what is that thing called? It's a horn, that you go– An air horn.

Yeah, an air horn.

Yeah, out the window and, you know, we got our cocktails, and we go up on our roof deck, we have a beautiful roof deck, you know.

We live, like I told you, I have no doorman, it's very kind of a, you know, private, cool building.

I love this building.

But you live nice.

We love you so much here at the show.

You be safe, okay, Mario.

I will, I'm having water and I'm switching to tequila.

Thank you for showing up.

Have a nice day.

Bye bye.

And you be careful.

All right, bye bye.

Up next, it's Kenya Moore.

♪ Feel feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, woo ♪.

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