Wet Dry Food vs. Dry Wet Food Taste Test

– Is wet food dry betterthan dry food wet? – Let’s talk about that.

(lively techno music) Good Mythical summer! – We sure are gonna missthese dinking, sinking mugs but we’re done making ’em.

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– A couple of months ago, we made hot foods cold and cold foods hot to see which was better when reversed.

For the most part, we foundthat cold food turned hot was better than hot food turned cold but there’s a whole world of food swaps ready to be food-droppedinto these two food slots.

So today, the food swap isgoing to be wet and dry foods.

It’s time for Wet FoodsDry Versus Dry Foods Wet.

Which one is better? We don’t know yet! – A few weeks ago, we posted a series of wet dry food versus dry wetfood match-ups on Instagram and you voted on which ones youthought we would like better so you should havefollowed us on Instagram if you want in on that type of stuff! And now we’re gonna findout if you were right and the prize at stake is for you.

– Yes, you’ll get a point for each round the majority of you guessed correctly and if you get three or more points, we’ll give personal shout-outs.

– Personal!- To as many of you as possible in Good Mythical MORE.

And if you don’t get three right, we’re going to play all the worst sounds in the world at the sametime and you have to listen! – Hmm, let’s dry it up and wet it down.

(deep bass music) – Let’s get started with Olive Garden and what if the new chef gotevery preparation backwards like a plate of dry Fettuccine Alfredo versus a basket of wetbreadsticks, aka wetsticks.

– Yum! – Unlimited wetsticks! Boy, that really gets me going.

(plates clattering) And we’re gonna place– – Hey!- Our shower that is golden in the one we think isbetter but we have to agree.

– Pay no mind to me.

There’s a little slab for you right there.

I think that’s good right there.

– Oh, that’s some crusty.

So this one, they might left out for– – How did you guys do this?- A long time, right? – Did you dry it? – [Crew Member] Justthrew it in a dehydrator and let it run for 12 to 65 hours.

– Do they have those in Olive Garden? – [Crew Member] I think yougotta special request it.

– Oh, man.

We just undid everythingthat we did to the dish.

– Yeah, we uncooked noodles.

– Oh, man! Well you know what we needto get rid of this taste? – There’s not a lot of taste.

– Wet bread.

(crew members laughing) – Grab one.

– Wet bread is so safe.

Oh gosh! Surprisingly well! You didn’t wet it so much that– – [Crew Member] We wet it a lot.

Water does not penetratethe thick exterior of the Olive Garden breadstick.

– Yeah, it’s so doughy.

– There is this— That is important.

– Okay.

It’s danky and— It smells kinda good.

– I’m gonna go right in the middle.

– Oh, really? – Yeah, really.

You really gotta convinceyourself to continue chewing.

– I’m not really chewingas much as mushing it.

– Think of it not as a wetbreadstick but as a, like, the national dish of acountry you’ve never been to.

– Like Atlantis? – [Rhett] Have you had the bread fish? – Oh look, it’s when in Atlantis! (laughs) Well, the taste is betterthan the fettuccine because it retains some of the bread’s– Oh gosh, it’s running down my hand.

– [Rhett] Suck a little bit of the water out of the end of it.

– Now, if this were like— Oh! Oh gosh! Don’t suck a little water.

No, no, no, no, no! Don’t suck on it! It’s bad!- Bread water? – Don’t suck that bread water, boy.

– See, the thing is thisis horrible consistency but the taste is better.

That, you’re gonna need dental work.

– Let’s have a breadstickfight real quick.

Let me just see if I can, then just hold it out in front of me, let me see if I can break it.

– Oh, like this? Like that? (bread thuds) (crew laughing)- Oh, see? You can have the fun for hours.

– The whole side flopped off.

– But I think we’re on the same page.

I mean, neither of themare good but you know what? Yeah, you put your– – Well, we’ve got to agree.

I don’t know what the pages that we’re on.

– Oh, you seemed like you were gonna say that the breadstick wasbetter and I was gonna agree! – Yeah, ’cause ultimately, I don’t wanna lose a tooth.

– Right.

– So that’s what we’re saying.

Let’s find out what youin Instagram voting said.

– [Crew Member] So 59%of the Mythical Beasts thought you would like thedry Fettuccine Alfredo better.

– I can see why you would think that.

– Because the wet breadstickssound nasty and it is but that’s just flat out dangerous, y’all.

– Yeah, right.

(deep bass music) – Now, we’re going to snack city where we have dried Mountain Dew, we got some Mountain Dry.

– What?- Look at this stuff! It’s freaking rocks!- Crazy.

– [Link] Versus drownedPop-Tarts aka Slop-Tarts.

– Okay, first of all— Oh my goodness.

– I gotta know how you guys made this.

I know Nicole, our Mythical associate food producer made this sowhat was the process here? – [Nicole] I pretty much made a candy out of Mountain Dew, corn syrup, and sugar and I heated it to 290, and then I pulverized it ina blender like a mountain! – Definitely seems likesomething that the astronauts– (Nicole giggling) Yeah, like a mountain.

Ah, yes!- Thank you! – I appreciated that pun.

– Thank you.

(crew laughing) someone did.

– This is how astronauts enjoy all drink.

– And their pee comes out like globules.

– Yeah.

Astronauts don’t consume any water the whole time they’re up there.

It’s all dry.

– Oh, I can’t bite it.

– You’re gonna try to bite it.

– It’s unbite-able.

Ooh, that’s hard! – It is like just bitinginto this out of a mountain.

– It’s a freaking rock! – But no, you don’tbite it, you suck on it.

– It’s rock candy.

It’s absolutely just that.

– It’s just like going tothe Blue Ridge Mountains, just biting into the side of a hill.

– And you know what?- And that’s something I’ve always thought about doing.

– It’s not too sweet, it’snot a overwhelming flavor.

– It’s good! – It’s actually the perfectamount of not too sweetness.

It’s more rock than candy.

It’s more Mountain than Dew.

– Do you remember Gatorade gum? – Yeah.

– I feel like MountainDew should have this.

It’s like a dry version of– – Mountain rocks.

– Yeah and it fits withthe mountain theme? I don’t think that we need to taste that Pop-Tart (laughs) but– – Yeah, we don’t need to taste this.

– No, we should.

– Maybe this is good.

All right, so.

I must spit that out ’cause I’d be– – Save that for later.

– I’d be working on that mountain rock for an hour.

– Okay, so you guys wentwith the pop in Pop-Tarts.

So this is a little bit carbonated.

– [Crew Member] Hmm, indeed.

It should just have alittle pleasant tingle.

(crew giggling) – I like things that giveme a pleasant tingle.

– What flavor Pop-Tartare we working with here? – [Crew Member] Brown Sugar Cinnamon, the only flavor of pop-tart I recognize.

– Oh.

– Oh, you’re right, Matt.

– It smells good.

It smells like Horchata.

– Was that? That’s good too, man! What’s that look?(crew laughing) You don’t like this? – I don’t like the pop part.

Horchata is not fizzy and whenI started going to that zone, smells like Horchata but it’s– – I think it’s really good.

Job well done.

But I will say— It’s got a great taste.

– I will say that I’m still going back to this rock candy though.

This is something out of this world that I legitimately believecould be on the shelves.

– Marketable! – And literally, you justput it on the shelves.

You don’t package it.

You just put it on the shelves and see people come and get it.

– You just put it in a bigbucket and people can dig it.

– Right! – You could mix it in with dirt.

– Sell it by the pound! – And you could do thatthing where people like, oh, they pretend likethey’re mining for it.

– Oh, yes! – And you get a big sack of dirt, a little bit of MountainDew rock in there, and then you’re really just selling dirt.

– Right.

– Making lots of profit, this is what we’re gonna do, don’t even think about it.

Line up, Mythical Mining! – We prefer the Mountain Dew dried up.

– What did the Mythical Beaststhink we were gonna prefer? – [Woman] 63% of the MBsthought you would like dry Mountain Dew better.

(bell rings) – Hey!(Link claps) – You guys are right.

You guys are smart.

– You know us so well.

– And you did an amazing job.

We gotta figure this out now.

– (laughs) Well, I thinkit has been figured out.

– I think with milk, this would have given it a run for its money.

– Oh.

– Just in my world.

– Hmm, okay, all right.

(deep bass music) All right, we’re gonna flipthe best deal you can get at any generic Americandiner, soup and a sandwich! – [Link] Dry soup, wet sandwich.

– Yeah, so this is French onion soup which is one of my top 10 favorite soups.

I really like it.

I like a lot of soups.

– Now, ham is a bit wet, lettuce can get a little wet, I think cheese can be a little impervious, but the problem is the bread.

You don’t want your bread wet.

– Well, unless you do.

– When? – Well, right now.

– Especially when it’swet with hot ham water.

– Yeah, they used ham water which is the only typeof water I recognize.

– And it’s not hot, it’s just room temp.

All right.

That’s gonna be more palatable.

Can we start over here? That’s just my prediction.

– You wanna work your way this way? – Yeah.

– Okay.

I’ll just come over here in this.

(bread crunching) – [Link] Nice little ham.

– You could just– – Again, it’s like– – You could just– – If you have a sandwichand you drop it in a puddle or in your drink, it’s over.

– It sounds like you’reprejudging it though.

– It’s over!- Listen, it’s not– – It’s over at that point!- Maybe it’s just beginning! Maybe it’s just beginning, Link! – When you smell waterin your freaking plate, you tell the waiter to start over! – I’m gonna get— Hey guys, that’s actually how the FrenchDip sandwich was invented and now it’s a national treasure invented right here in Los Angeles so.

– Well, maybe we’re gonna do an American dip.

– Yeah, that’s right.

– Philippe’s! – Yeah, hey! You can put all that in your mouth? – No, I’m just gonna put a bit of it.

– Dink it? – I’m not dinking.

– Sink it.

Mm-mm! Mm-mm, that’s not a good texture.

– No, no, but that ham wateris really coming through.

– The bread is just tough, guys.

– It just feels juicy.

I mean, to me, it feelslike it’s just juicier and I like a juicy sandwich, okay? – It doesn’t alter the taste any.

– So that’s a piece ofbread, some cheese on top.

– [Link] Now, you can buya French onion powder.

– [Crew Member] Mm-hmm.

– Is that just what’s in here or did you? – [Crew Member] Mm-hmm.

– (laughs) Mm-hmm, wejust didn’t add water.


(chuckles) Okay, so I’m just gonna get– – [Link] Oh, gosh.

Look at all that stuff.

It’s just brown.

– It’s for when you wanna turn just to make the soup in your mouth.

– That’s a good slogan.

♪ Soup in your mouth, soup in your mouth ♪ ♪ Soup in your mouth, soup in your mouth ♪ – Dig in.

– It could be as popular as the baby back ribs jingle.

(bread crunching)- Oh! – The flavor’s a little concentrated.

– (groans) Very salty.

– I think I just replenishedall my electrolytes with that one bite.

– We gotta stab one of these, man.

Here’s the thing– – But I gotta be honest with you, I think I like the wet ham sandwich more.

– Because what happens is after a while, it’s like you’re eating.

Oh (clears throat).

It’s like you’re just eating a sandwich.

But that is still so pungent.

– There we go, a wet hamsandwich is our preference.

What’d the Mythical Beasts think? – Did the Mythical Beasts think so? I bet not.

– Link, you have the foam thing in the back.

(crew laughing) – What?- I think he’s putting the foam thing in the dish when there’s a cord bythere but it’s fine.

– [Woman] Okay.

54% of the MBs thought you would like the dry French onion soup better.

(buzzer buzzes) – Yep.

– It was very close though, 54 to 46.

– This one’s hard to predict.

That means you guys have already lost.

– You’re gonna be punished.

– Yeah, you’re gonna be punished for this, but you know what? You’ve got one more chance to just gain back a little bit of pride.

(deep bass music) – Potatoes, they can beenjoyed wet, mashed potatoes, or dry, chips, so maybethis swap is a tossup? – Yeah, I mean, look at this again! This is what it’s like to be on the International Space Station and you’re like what’s for dinner? – A pile of pre-water addedmashed potatoes and the gravy.

It’s hard to tell the difference between the gravy and the potatoes.

– Yeah, the gravy is the slightly less, slightly darker littlecircle in the middle there.

– And these Pringles aresoaking in gelatinized water which we’ll talk about in asecond but let’s go ahead.

I don’t wanna go with too much gravy ’cause I want a 10% ratio.

– [Rhett] Hey, be careful.

Here we go.

– [Link] Now, don’t breatheheavily in front it.

– I already did and it went away.

Here we go.

Make the potatoes in your mouth! – Wow, mouths potatoes.

– How did they get so much taste? So much flavor into such a small package! – All right, so I like that.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is not just straight-up water that these Pringles have been soaking in.

The goal is to make jello Pringles.

– Something that’s gotsome structure to it.

(Rhett laughs) You just birthed and entire— Oh, gosh! – That’s what everyone wants to do when they pour out a thing of Pringles is them to come out just smooth as butter! – Somehow, because it’s not just water, they stayed intact.

– Oh, that one’s having trouble.

– So we have succee- – They’re like little tortillas! – It brings out the Pringle aroma.

– Ooh! It does smell good.

– I’m just gonna lay this onmy tongue like a sunbather.

Mm, this is like a wetpork loin over here.

I think I can just, just go.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

– [Link] I get that.

– The worst part aboutPringles is the crunch.

– So yeah, you could cut this and you can eat it like a slab but Josh also preparedsome individual ones if you wanna get really meticulous so that you get the rightratio of gelatinous water and look at this! That is a floppy chip.

– [Rhett] So that’s totally intact.

It’s a chip without the crisp.

– It’s a crunchless chip! Just lay it on.

(Link slurping) – It’s like what happens to a chip right before you swallow it but it’s that from the beginning.

– Skipping right to it.

– If you’re into that.

– If you wanted to just focuson the taste of a Pringle but you didn’t wanna havethe crunch of a Pringle.

– It isn’t as strong of a flavor.

I tell you right now, it’sno dried potatoes.

(laughs) – You’re gonna be so bloated, man.

You’re gonna be calling me tonight, saying, oh gosh, I’m hurting! – Do you know how manymashed potatoes I can eat? – Well, you just say ate eight bowls worth in those three spoonfuls.

– No, it doesn’t expand that much, my friend.

– It’s very buttery.

I think the most fun about this is the way it just (blows raspberries) kinda all comes out ofthe canister at once.

– I gotta say that’s a pretty cool concept but for me, the experiencethat I’m having over here with these dry mashed potatoesbeing made in my stomach, it’s something I wannashare with the world.

– Yeah, did the Mythical Beast agree? – [Woman] 73% of the Mythical Beasts thought that you would like dry mashed potatoes and gravy better.

(bell rings) – Yeah.

– All right! So you guys were two for four.

– That’s not good enough, guys.

– You’re gonna be punishedin Good Mythical MORE.

– And you are gonna click through.

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– You know what time it is.

– I’m Alex.

– I’m Jessie.

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